Big Tunes 2008

Big Tunes 2008


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Hard 2 Beat

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Disc 1

  1. Now You're Gone  -  Basshunter
  2. Miracle  -  Cascada
  3. Some Kinda Rush
  4. Waiting 4
  5. Lose Me Forever  -  Henna
  6. Under the Stars
  7. Let Me Think About It  - Ida Corr
  8. 24-7  -  Angel City
  9. In This Silence  -  Jamesie
  10. Yeardrops
  11. Keep Warm
  12. I Can Feel It (Lovin' Me)
  13. What a Great Drug
  14. Surrender
  15. Move Your Love
  16. Medicine
  17. Nothing Really Matters
  18. Cisko Disco  - Deejay Bonito
  19. The Way I Feel About You  -  Europop Alliance
  20. Raindrops  -  Stunt

Disc 2

  1. Love Has Gone  -  H-Boogie
  2. Dance  -  Chanél
  3. Do It Yourself (Go out and Get It)  -  Uniting Nations
  4. Cry for You  -  September
  5. Promised Milkshake  -  Skreatch
  6. Bel Amour 2007, Pt. 1  -  Bel Amour
  7. Shake It
  8. Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent  - Katherine Ellis
  9. Freed from Desire
  10. Back to Hawaii  -  Picco
  11. Theme from Shout
  12. I Need a Miracle
  13. Don't Stop Believing
  14. There's Nothing I Won't Do
  15. Love You More  -  Speakerz!
  16. Still the One  -  Butterfly
  17. I Hear My Heart
  18. You Wanted Love  -  Zvibez
  19. Richt Here Writing
  20. Space  - Micha Moor

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Summers   Sampling
Wideboys   Keyboards
Craig   Keyboards
J. Sullivan   Keyboards
Rita Campbell   Vocals
Tim Sandiford   Guitar
Hal Ritson   Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Sebastian Westwood   Vocals
Nadia Shepherd   Vocals

Technical Credits

Max Romeo   Composer
Jon Bon Jovi   Composer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
Mike Post   Composer
Jack Robinson   Composer
Dave Armstrong   Producer
Pete Carpenter   Composer
Ian Curnow   Composer
John Frusciante   Composer
Rhys Fulber   Composer
Gary "Gazza" Johnson   Producer
Bill Leeb   Composer
Richard Marx   Composer
Peter Pritchard   Producer
Matt Schwartz   Engineer
Gwen Gutherie   Composer
Jinny   Composer
John Dixon   Producer
CZR   Producer
Victor Imbres   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Michael Mixx'in Moor   Producer
Paul Clarke   Composer,Producer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Michael Balzary   Composer
Shalamon Baskin   Composer
Robert Uhlmann   Producer,Remixing
Giacomo Maiolini   Executive Producer
Wideboys   Producer,Remixing
Craig   Producer,Remixing
Tony Salter   Engineer
J. Sullivan   Producer,Remixing
Edouard de Tricasse   Composer
Axel Konrad   Composer,Producer
Christophe Chantzis   Composer
Jens Kindervater   Producer
Franck Keller   Composer,Producer
Sarita Borge   Executive Producer
JC Sindress   Composer
David Vervoort   Composer
Rachel Loy   Composer,Producer
B. Grobler   Producer
Jerry Ropero   Producer,Remixing
Annemie Coenen   Composer
Simon Wills   Producer
Bart Wierzbicki   Composer
Michel Pollen   Composer
Bonito Julio   Producer
Carl Ryden   Composer,Programming,Producer,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation
Johnny Crockett   Producer
Scott Simons   Remixing
Rico Bass   Producer
Stephen Singer   Composer,Producer
Scott Chester   Producer
Mark Dowling   Producer
Dave Valler   Producer
Reinhard Lankes   Producer
Hal Ritson   Composer
Torsten Katzschner   Producer
Arnold Seif   Producer
Jens O.   Producer
Peter Gelderblom   Producer
Jens Gimborn   Producer
Molly Smithen-Downes   Composer
Daz Sampson   Composer,Producer
Pete Goodrich   Producer
Robin Brandes   Producer
Ida Corr   Composer,Producer
Paul Emanuel   Producer
David Louca   Producer
Dirk Waldt   Producer
Nadia Shepherd   Composer
Bass Slammers   Producer,Remixing
Michael Simon   Producer,Remixing
Fish & Chips   Producer,Remixing
Jonas Altberg   Composer,Producer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer

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