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Big Tunes: Back to the 90s, Vol. 2

Big Tunes: Back to the 90s, Vol. 2

Big Tunes: Back to the 90s, Vol. 2 features 60 dancefloor hits, including "Rhythm Is a Dancer" (SNAP!), "Dreamer" (Livin' Joy), "Two Can Play That Game" (Bobby Brown), and "Killer" (Adamski). This triple-disc budget-priced collection does not include glow sticks.


Big Tunes: Back to the 90s, Vol. 2 features 60 dancefloor hits, including "Rhythm Is a Dancer" (SNAP!), "Dreamer" (Livin' Joy), "Two Can Play That Game" (Bobby Brown), and "Killer" (Adamski). This triple-disc budget-priced collection does not include glow sticks.

Product Details

Release Date:
Ministry Of Sound Uk


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Martha Wash   Vocals
Jocelyn Brown   Vocals
Peter Pritchard   Keyboards
Antoinette Roberson   Background Vocals
Johan Brunkvist   Keyboards
Stu Allan   Keyboards
Gaelle   Vocals
Inaya   Vocals

Technical Credits

Mory Kanté   Composer
Ronnie Laws   Composer
Ce Ce Peniston   Composer
Stereo MC's   Producer
Tracey Thorn   Composer
Bizarre Inc.   Composer,Producer
Shamen   Producer
Todd Terry   Composer,Producer
Bobby Brown   Composer
Dice   Producer
David Morales   Producer
Brothers in Rhythm   Producer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer
Alban   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Thea Austin   Composer
Basement Boys   Producer
Bernard Belle   Composer
Benito Benites   Composer,Producer
Gianfranco Bortolotti   Composer,Producer
Durron Butler   Composer
Crystal Waters   Composer
Sly Dunbar   Composer,Producer
Future Sound of London   Producer
Harold Faltermeyer   Composer
Steve Forest   Remixing,Additional Production
John "Virgo" Garrett   Composer,Producer
Dee Dee Halligan   Composer
William Jeffrey   Composer
Bill Klatt   Engineer
Jeffrey Lams   Composer
Manuela Kamosi   Composer
Richard Marshall   Composer,Producer
Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick   Composer,Producer
M. Persona   Composer
Denniz Pop   Composer,Producer
Peter Pritchard   Engineer
Teddy Riley   Composer,Producer
Dave Seaman   Composer
Dave Sears   Producer,Additional Production
Robbie Shakespeare   Composer,Producer
Sonique   Composer
Junior Torello   Composer
Liam Howlett   Composer,Producer
Klein   Producer
Alan Scott   Producer
Sub Sub   Producer
Nush   Producer
Patrick Prins   Composer,Producer
Josh Wink   Composer,Producer
Nico   Producer
Slipmatt   Composer,Producer
Engine   Artwork
Kenny Dope   Producer
Walter Cremonini   Composer,Producer
Sash!   Producer
Garry Cobain   Composer
Visnadi   Composer,Producer
Robin Albers   Composer,Producer
Linus Burdick   Composer
Brian Dougans   Composer
A. Grimwood   Composer,Producer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Alex Natale   Producer
Graeme Pleeth   Composer,Producer
Pat Reiniz   Composer,Producer
J. Viney   Composer,Producer
Klubbheads   Producer
Danny Harrison   Composer
Lovestation   Producer
Marcus Thomas   Composer
Mousse T   Composer,Producer
Mauro Picotto   Composer
Chris Brann   Composer,Producer
René Dif   Composer
Stu Allan   Producer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Simon Ratcliffe   Composer,Producer
Adam Tinley   Composer
George Torpey   Composer
Johnny Jam   Producer
Blair Wells   Pro-Tools
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Boozy Woozy   Composer
Felix Buxton   Composer,Producer
Antonio Nunzio Catania   Composer
Janne Ericsson   Composer
Rohan Heath   Composer
Andrew Remondini   Composer
Claus Norreen   Composer,Producer
Søren Rasted   Composer,Producer
Errol Rennalls   Composer
Will Mount   Composer,Producer
Big Time   Producer
Danny Matlock   Composer
Greatski   Composer
Red Jerry   Remixing,Additional Production
Nicholas Hallam   Composer
JX   Remixing,Additional Production
Jake Williams   Composer,Producer
Chris Allen   Producer
Simon Belofsky   Composer,Producer
John Larkin   Composer
M. Chiticonti   Composer
Everton Bonner   Composer
Moussa Clarke   Composer,Producer
Jamie White   Composer,Producer
Lorenzo Carpella   Composer
Lex VanCoeverden   Composer
Rodney Kay Jackson   Composer,Producer
Chris King   Producer
Stone   Producer
Nicola Fasano   Remixing,Additional Production
David Wesr   Composer
Mason   Composer
Natale   Composer
Lime   Composer,Producer
Souled Out   Arranger,Producer
IttyBitty   Composer
Moratto   Composer
E.L. Linnear   Composer
Neal Brian Conway   Composer
Felipe Delgado   Composer,Producer
Anders Oland   Composer
James Edward Warren   Composer
Henry Olusegun   Composer
Adeola Samuel   Composer
D. Stokes   Composer,Producer
Zekkariyas   Composer
Angus   Composer
Varola   Composer
Joseph Bonner   Composer
Calvello   Composer
Oban   Composer
R. Rosario   Composer
K. Thornton   Composer
K. Gonzalez   Composer
Dawhite   Composer
David Lowe   Composer,Producer
D. Wolinski   Composer
Jo "Thomas De Quincey" Bogaert   Composer
E. Greene   Composer
Sharma   Composer
Benjamin Brian Watt   Composer
Alice Schofield   Concept
Lloyd "Gitsy" Oliver Willis   Composer,Producer
Winston Solomon   Composer
Robert Birch   Composer
Harry Byart   Composer
David "Redhead" Guppy   Composer
Thomas Reyes   Composer
Michael Small   Composer
Steve Anderson   Composer
Persi   Composer
Susan Janet Ballion   Composer
Donny Seraphine   Composer
Gary Bakoe   Composer
Z. and Z   Composer
Dakota I'neill   Composer
D. Weyde   Composer
Rizzatti   Composer
Nathaniel Phillip Hall   Composer
Winston 'Winnie' Williams   Producer
Spreafischi   Composer
Sammy Burwell   Composer

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