Biggest vs. Smallest Amazing Mammals

Biggest vs. Smallest Amazing Mammals

by Susan K. Mitchell

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Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
Large Siberian tigers are contrasted with small black-footed cats in the space of six colorful pages. Although the introductory photographs do not show the difference in size, the text informs the reader that Siberian tigers can be ten feet long and weigh over 600 pounds, while the black-footed cat measures less than two feet and weighs less than three pounds. Additional photographs with informative captions show the animals in their natural habitats and a map shows where they live. Inset boxes provide Fast Facts, such as "No two tigers have the same stripe pattern." The next two sections follow the same format. The giant anteater from South America, which grows to seven feet in length is compared to the fifteen inch silky anteater found in Mexico. The last pairing contrasts African lowland gorillas with pygmy mouse lemurs from Madagascar. Adult gorillas can be five and a half feet tall while pygmy lemurs measure only two or three inches. The book begins with a table of contents and a short glossary. It closes with a page about prehistoric giant sloths, a bibliography, a list of internet addresses, and an index. An appropriate introductory information book for young children. Part of the "Biggest vs. Smallest Animals" series. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.

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Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
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Biggest vs. Smallest Animals Series
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7.86(w) x 9.22(h) x 0.26(d)
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6 - 8 Years

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