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Bikini World


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  1. Sloth in Molasses  -  Phantom Surfers
  2. Aphrodesia  -  Trashwomen
  3. Tube City  -  Untamed Youth
  4. Rumors of Surf  -  Southern Culture on the Skids
  5. It's a Bikini World  -  Boardwalkers
  6. Surfs You Right  -  Laika & the Cosmonauts
  7. The Hipster  -  Royal Knightmares
  8. Scalping Party  -  Jackie & the Cedrics
  9. Xke!  -  Boss Martians
  10. Surfer's Deal  -  Daytonas
  11. Renegade  -  Hillbilly Soul Surfers
  12. Fathomless  -  Fathoms
  13. Calhoun Surf  -  Straitjackets
  14. Time Bomb  -  Bomboras
  15. Chaeto  -  Bald Diddley & His Honourable Big Wigs

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Untamed Youth   Track Performer
Southern Culture on the Skids   Track Performer
Jeff Bakos   Bass
Fred Griffin   Guitar
Janne Haavisto   Drums
Mikko Lankinen   Guitar
Mike Lucas   Bass
Rick Miller   Guitar
Tom Nyman   Bass
Matti Pitsinki   Organ,Guitar
David Sholl   Saxophone
Laika & the Cosmonauts   Track Performer
Straitjackets   Track Performer
Danny Amis   Guitar
Peter Curry   Bass,Drums
Eddie Angel   Guitar
Mary Huff   Bass,Vocals
Trashwomen   Track Performer
Deke Dickerson   Guitar
Dave Stuckey   Drums
Daytonas   Track Performer
Boss Martians   Track Performer
Phantom Surfers   Track Performer
Bomboras   Track Performer
Fathoms   Track Performer
Dan Valentie   Guitar
Dave Hartman   Drums
Brain   Guitar
Scott Betts   Bass
Nick Contento   Organ
Evan Foster   Guitar
Johnny Bartlett   Guitar
E. Scott Esbeck   Bass
Stan Kozlowski   Drums
Johnny Sciascia   Bass
Jackie T-Bird   Drums
Dave Klein   Drums
Dan Israel   Drums
Carlo Marx   Bass
Bruno Apostoli   Drums
Mel Bergman   Guitar
Boardwalkers   Track Performer
Elka Zolot   Guitar
Andy Rasmussen   Bass
Red Baron   Guitar
Jake Cavaliere   Organ
Hillbilly Soul Surfers   Track Performer
Gregg Hunt   Guitar

Technical Credits

Ben Vaughn   Producer
Southern Culture on the Skids   Producer
Wally Hersom   Producer
Maz   Producer
Tom Moulton   Mastering
Laika & the Cosmonauts   Producer
Steve Hill   Producer
Johnny Whiteside   Liner Notes
Greg Vaughn   Engineer
Daytonas   Producer
Phantom Surfers   Producer
Bomboras   Producer
Dave Schmitt   Producer
Evan Foster   Producer
Domenic Priore   Liner Notes
Johnny Sciascia   Producer
Frank Blandino   Producer
Sherman LeRoi   Composer
Mel Bergman   Composer
Patrik Hammarsten   Composer

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