Bill Griffith: Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003

Bill Griffith: Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003

by Bill Griffith

Pre-Zippy underground classics from Bill Griffith.See more details below


Pre-Zippy underground classics from Bill Griffith.

Editorial Reviews

Steven Heller - The Atlantic
“Lost and Found is a milestone book...”
Ray Olson - Booklist
“Prefaced by Griffith’s long, anecdotal accounting of his work and including stories featuring other characters who’d eventually join the strip’s cast as well as 48 pages in full color..., this collection attests the perdurable wit, style, and smarts of one of the greatest of the 1960s San Francisco underground cartoonists. [Starred Review]”
Noel Murray - The A.V. Club
“While other colleagues[']. . .graphic novels draw serious attention in literary circles, Griffith remains the 'Are we having fun yet?' guy to many.. . Lost and Found: Comics 1969­-2003 [might] change that. . . Lost and Found shows off more facets of Griffith, putting his obsessions with Hollywood, suburbia, and a certain type of corporate cockiness into a larger context.”
Matthew Thurber & Rebecca Bird - The Comics Journal
“Lost and Found... testifies to Griffith’s heroic output of underground comics, and his commitment to a lifetime of making work that is challenging, inventive, and beautifully drawn. His signature narrative discombobulation and linguistic elasticity unite all these disparate pieces into a cohesive statement of surprise and protest...”
Paul Buhle - The Jewish Daily Forward
“Bill Griffith, the one prominent figure of underground comix to reach the daily comic page mainstream, has delivered again . . . Day by day,week by week, year by year, Zippy reveals the oddness of post-­modernity . . . Not even Griffophiles (or is it Zippophiles?) like this reviewer knew most of the details offered here...”

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