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by Michele Martin Bossley

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Trevor, Robyn and Nick decide they have a mystery to solve when Trevor discovers a suspicious looking young man snooping around. They learn about missing research involving the use of carob beans to aid in cancer treatment-potentially valuable information. With a shady looking grad student, a bitter activist and an employee of a medical research firm to deal with, our


Trevor, Robyn and Nick decide they have a mystery to solve when Trevor discovers a suspicious looking young man snooping around. They learn about missing research involving the use of carob beans to aid in cancer treatment-potentially valuable information. With a shady looking grad student, a bitter activist and an employee of a medical research firm to deal with, our amateur sleuths are faced with their greatest challenge yet.

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Children's Literature - Elizabeth D. Schafer
While participating in a University of Calgary summer science camp, Trevor, his cousin Nick, and their friend Robyn encounter Nola, a bossy camper; Meredith, a camp instructor; and a mysterious tattooed man. The teenagers become aware of pharmaceutical research at that university, especially efforts by scientists, including Nola's father Dr. Pierce, to create medicines from plants and organic substances to combat cancer. They learn secrecy is often associated with medical research because scientists can acquire wealth by selling legal rights for drugs they have designed, to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Nola emphasizes how some greedy researchers steal ideas from scientists and resources from indigenous people gifted with herbal remedies without compensating them for their knowledge. Dr. Pierce reveals that a graduate student's research notes describing his botanical investigations for health applications have disappeared. Intrigued, the characters decide to find the notes, pursuing clues on campus and in the community and confronting suspicious persons, including the person they call Tattoo Guy. Medical and scientific information, such as how carob beans are pharmaceutically beneficial, provide details which help the characters identify the research thief and the motives for that crime. This title in the "Orca Currents" series presents a compact mystery with an intriguing premise and technological sleuthing techniques that might appeal to reluctant readers. Pair with Rob Thomas's Green Thumb (1999), which also features a protagonist who outwits unethical researchers. Reviewer: Elizabeth D. Schafer
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"This is a fast-paced novel useful in a reading-tutor class...great for a grade 9 or 10 student in such a class." [Rated Excellent.]
Tucson Unified School District
"Highly recommended."
CM Magazine
"This mystery involving a shady graduate student and a vengeful activist is right up the alley for the amateur sleuths…and the ending makes the reader realize that right and wrong frequently have shades of grey. Recommended."
The Bookmark (BCTLA)
*no details*
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
*no details*

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Orca Book Publishers
Publication date:
Orca Currents Series
Edition description:
Library Edition
Product dimensions:
4.50(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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It had only been seconds, but I glanced up and realized that I was alone in the office. The rest of the class had already reached the stairwell.

A pair of eyeballs peered over the edge of the desk. I froze in shock.

They were human eyeballs...that were still attached to a human head.

I suppressed the urge to yell as a guy popped up from behind a desk and started toward me. Something metal gleamed in one hand. He had a scruffy goatee, a nose ring and a tattoo on his upper arm.

The spit in my mouth dried instantly. My feet were moving before my brain gave the command to run. I sped out of the office and down the stairs, slamming the door behind me.

Meet the Author

Michele Martin Bossley is the author of numerous novels for young people. A frequent speaker at writing conferences and schools, Michele divides her time between writing and parenting her four sons. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.

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Bio-pirate 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Chu an idiot? No? Ok. It's Fox. Just Fox. <p> Gender: Well, I am a discustingly ugly boy, but a really pretty girl. You answer that for me. <p> Age: Wow. Just wow. <p> Looks: I have dark dark dark brown hair that is straight until it reaches the middle. It is to my midback and i usually have it up in a mess ponytail. I have topaz blue eyes and freckles on my nose. My lips are full e.e and my nose ish nornal. <p> Persona: I'm awesome. Meet me. <p> Weapons: I hate knives... I like Ak-47's though. O.o <p> Freinds: Lets see... Husheh, Ghost, Rose, Raven, &hearts Crypteh &hearts , Canada o-o, America 0-0, and... Well, I'll think of more soon. <p> Status: Dating Crypt. I think I'm engaged, if not now, then one day O-o Just something for you girls to remember: You look, touch, or think about my Crypt in any way that's more than a friend, Adios. I snap your neck. <p> Likes: Crypt, Videos games, movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Crypt, Martin Freeman, Sherlock, Swimming, soccer, Crypt, Mah fraaands, oh, and did I mention Crypt? <p> Dislikes: Your face. Thats it. O.o no jk. I dont like a lot of things. <p> Pets: ... <p> Bye stalker! Have a good stalkin' day!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name{} Shea Evelyn Hawk, or, just Shea <br> Gender{} Female, I'm IronMan, Dude. Fe-Iron, Male-Man...o-o Therefore, I'm IronMan <br> Age{} Meh. 17 <br> Height{} 5'6" <br> Weight{} 109 Pounds <br> Birthdate{} That's classified..<br> Friends{} Logan, Raylen, McKenzie(Sorta), Mason, Ryan..., And Nobody Else that I remember..<br> Family{} Dice River Hawk-Brother, Amanda Greece-Cousin, Caleb Greece-Cousin, Emma Morgan-Cousin, Espiritu Morgan-Cousin, Valiente Morgan-Cousin, Randall Morgan-Cousin, Excaliber Martin-Emma's Brother, Cousin, Lives in Switzerland <p> Description{} Tall, Tan Female with long Raven-black hair. Her skin is tanned, and eyes are a glowing Blue. Heartshaped face, soft plump lips..blah...Wears skinny jeans, a white tanktop, a one sleeved long-sleeved tee, and a necklace. With Jordans <p> Realationship Status: I'm currently dating Logan, xD After months of losing Ryan, and still liking Log, it finally happened. ^~^
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name~ Duh look up xP Age~ 17 rp. rl, you don't need to know! Looks~ Jet black hair that's straight with waves at the bottom. Goes down to her waist and is usually down or in a braid. Always has bangs that cover half of her eye. Tannish skin and green eyes. 5 ft 10 inches tall. 160 pounds. Wears leather jackets, Tee-shirts, skinny jeans, leggings, hoodies, boots and sneakers. Likes and dislikes~ Too many to list. Friends~ Anyone and everyone as long as you're not an as<_>s! Relationship~ Blazer Crush~ Wouldn't you like to know? Too bad! Personality~ Fun, outgoing, friendly, caring and supportive, protective of friends and very harsh if I don't like you. Species~ human. But was given claws by my friend Scarlet and cloning and shifting powers from Neko. Anything else just ask! Maybe I'll tell you..... you can now press that amazing little x
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name~ Nyu! <br> Age~ 17, believe it or not. o.o <br> Crush~ Kohta. <br> Relationship~ Nope. <br> Personality~ Childish, sweet, smart (despite what you've seen), caring, oblivious, ignorant, innocent, naive, curious. <br> Race~ Diclonius <br> Appearance~ Tall and thin, with straight magenta hair ending at around her hips and long choppy bangs that hang right over her eyes. Large red eyes framed by thick black lashes, a button nose, and small puckered lips. She has a pale complexion and is often seen with a smile on her face. On her head, she has two white horns that somewhat resemble cat ears. <br>
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Tacoman or Paco / Age: 17 / Gender: male / Appearance: tall with sleek black hair brown eyes and a great smile / Personality: carefull with tacos.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name|&bull; Charlie Dixon <br> Age|&bull; 17 <br> Gender|&bull; Male; Not a Girl <> <br> Residence|&bull; Charlie Sage Dixon; Homestate, Australia; Now America <br> Crush|&bull; Impending..<br> Status|&bull; Single; Not really the flirtatious type <br> Farmiliars/Pets|&bull; Philly-A Chocolate Brown Welsh Corgi with White specks; Bright Blue eyes.--- White Knight-A Grand Pure White Quarter Horse; National Jumper--- Mable-A Gentle American National Show-Horse; Sorrel-Bay Mare, Tan mane and tail; Expecting White Knight's Foal <br> Friends|&bull; Bree, only one so far <p> ~Description~ <br> Height|&bull;| 5'9" <br> Weight|&bull;| 137 pounds; Mostly muscle <br> Hair/Facial/Bodily Features|&bull;| Lanky, yet Muscular male with Sandy brown Bangs; Icy Blue Eyes, and Tanned skin. Look up 'Boone, LOST,' for a better picture if what I look like...But Slightly different from that. I look more like Charlie from LOST; just not a He<_>roin Addict. <br> Clothing|&bull;| Black Shorts, A White 'Pierce The Veil,' Graphic Tee, Black fingerless Leather gloves, and Jordans. <br> Persona|&bull;| Gentle, Friendly, Calm; Can be protective, Cold and Ruthless. Genuinely a Loving soul. <p> ~Charlie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NAME: Allianne Rose Kirov.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; GENDER: &female &bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; NICK-NAMES: Alli, Anne.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; AGE: 17, almost 18.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; LOOKS: Allianne is a petite girl, standing about 5'2, amd she's lean. She has strawberry-blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She has a sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks and high cheekbones.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; PERSONALITY: Fun, Friendly, Sweet, Kind, sometimes Shy and Protective.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; FIANCEE: Elijah Salas.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; FRIENDS: Lyne, Lily, Elijah, Beth, Kaitlynn.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; LIKES: Doctor Who, Eli, friends.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; DISLIKES: People who mess with Eli, desperates and such.&bull;&bull;&bull;&bull; OTHER: Allianne's sister is Lyne.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:*gasp* how can you not know my name? Well for the people who dont know it its Amilia,Amy for short aka Rupunzel(you will get the joke later)&bull;&bull;&bull;Age:It is extremely rude to ask a women her age hmph&bull;&bull;&bull;Gender:Well to tell you the truth im a transvestite........NO! Im a girl 100%&bull;&bull;&bull;Personality:well if you meet me you will find out&bull;&bull;&bull;Looks:oh my i almost forgot this part,Long red hair,Gray eyes,eh about 5'2,freckles,a dimple on the left cheek,yep people i am a ginger there is only a few of my kind hehe jk&bull;&bull;&bull;Friends:Raven,Blazer,Leda,Chezden,Bex,and last but certainly not least Pear(my bff in other words)&bull;&bull;&bull;Likes:Cheering,Singing,Reading,Writing,Watching sunsets,Water falls,Jolly Ranchers,Puppies,Piggy back rides,Water ballon fights(hehe Pear),SKITTLES!!&bull;&bull;&bull;Dislikes:Math,my english teacher,vegitarian pizza,sugar free frosted flakes(how can you take sugar out of frosted flakes??),sluts,manhores,homophobes,desperates,achohalics,rapists,clowns,drowning(i cant swim),bugs,heres a warning:DONT.MESS.WITH.MEH.SKITTLES if you dont nobody gets hurt:)&bull;&bull;&bull;Weapon:pepper spray for those creepos&bull;&bull;&bull;Crush:Flyn Rider(do you get the rupunzel joke now?hehe)&bull;&bull;&bull;Boyfriend:sadly undetermined&bull;&bull;&bull;Siblings:jeesh i almost forgot this my sister Dess,if you try to harm her in any way i will shoot a cunfetti gun down your throat&bull;&bull;&bull;Other:hmm cant think of anything,you can press the x now creepos
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heh. I actually made a bio. <br> Name: Salem or Tobias Eaton. <br> Age: 18 <br> Gender: I'm not a boy.........I'm a man! <br> Faction: Dauntless <br> Looks: I'm pretty se<_>xy. I have black hair that hangs in my eyes, which are green, in a se<_>xy way. I'm 6'3". I'm se<_>xily muscular. I'm not pale, but I'm not tan. I wear Dauntless clothes. Black clothes, I have tattoos like Tobias's...So, Yeah. <br> Relationship: It's not Raylen. I just kiss her, tell her I love her, and call her My Love for no reason. <br> Likes: Um...Raylen, My Beatrice Prior, knives, just you know stuff. Why don't you observe me you da<_>mn Erudite? <br> Dislikes: Erudite, Desperate women, When people steal my Dauntless Cake, Marcus O.o <br> Hm.....Wellll......Raylen inspired me to put quotes... <br> "I'm gonna shoot a muffin of Marlene's head." -Uriah, "Why so serious?"-The Joker, "If you ain't flapped before, you ain't flapped before."-PewDiePie. <br> Those were the only ones I could think of right away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name- Um you know I forgot. No it's Summer Ryanna Lucas. Age- I am 16. Looks- Wavy strawberry blonde hair that comes to my shoulders. A small nose. Pale pink lips. Soft brown eyes. Faint freckles scatttered across my face. Siblings- Jaxon ((18)) Andrew ((17)) and Braylei Jo ((15)). Likes- The Summer Set. Zac Efron. LOST. Her kitty. Dislikes- Bullies. When people are mean. LIARS!!!. Pets- Mr Whiskers- a tabby kitty. Len- a goldfish. Status- Single and not crushing on anyone. Actually i am but its a secret. Well thats all for now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Alisha Nykole West Age: 17 Gender: Female Description: Standing about 5"8' she is a very pretty girl. She has long brown curly hair with light brown highlights. Her eyes are a really dark shade of blue and she is skinny and tan. Likes: FOOOOOOOOD. Crush: Mason Dating: Masssssooon &hearts Friends: Everyone. Best friend is Raylen.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name-- Evan Sebastian Hall <p> Age-- 18 years <p> Siblings-- Adrianna Hall <p> Cousins-- Logan & Jade Hall <p> Pets-- Coconut, a small female calico kitten <p> Description-- At 5' 10", Evan has intense cerulean blue eyes. His hair is dark brown, with natural blonde highlights blended well in. His nose slightly curves at the very tip, but not too much so. Along with being slightly tan, his lightly muscled body gives him an overall 'hot' appearance. <p> Personality-- Evan is one of those people that will please everyone before himself. He is kind hearted and always looks for the best in people. It's a rare sight to see him brag or put someone down, unless they are hurting another. Also being creative, he usually draws and writes. All in all, Evan's a fun, positive person to be around. <p> Crush-- Marrissa, of course. <p> Status-- Dating Marrissa. <p> ~Evan Hall
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well, now that I have a little more time on my hands, I'll give this another shot. I don't know why I'm never satisfied with my bios, but eh... Anyway. <br> Name - My full name is Oscar Alejandro Michaias Jairo-Velasquez Elder. I go by Alejandro; you can call me Ale ((pronounced Ali or Al-ay, not ale as in the alcoholic beverage)). <br> Age - Nineteen in real-life and RP. <br> Appearance - Unlike Plague, this is my least favorite section... Firstly, I'm Hispanic. I'm exactly six feet tall and broad-shouldered; fit and somewhat muscular. My skin is a darkish tan, and my hair is black and wavy. I have pale hazel eyes. I have a black tribal sleeve on my right arm that extends across my chest and down my torso. I also have the word Vive tattooed on the inside of my left wrist, and the Roman Numerals I-XVII-XIV tattooed in a band around my ring finger, which is only seen during the rare moments I'm not wearing my wedding ring. <br> Status - Happily married to my sweet girl, Plague. Yes, I suppose we are newlyweds. We're expecting a son, Keenin. <br> Personality - This'll be my second least favorite section. Hm. As always, blunt, calm and rather brutally honest. That aside, I can be friendly and even downright nice on rare occasions. I have a pretty bad temper, but I usually don't show it, unless someone is bothering my baby girl. For anything else, just meet me, I guess. <br> Weapons - First time I've done a weapons section. Huh. I have a bone-hilted dagger, compliments of Plague, and a scythe, which I've never actually used... <br> Likes: - Plague, of course! Hm... I like the band NeedtoBreathe and the Lord of the Rings movies. I like mango pico de gallo, cause I'm Mexican and stuff... Um, let's see. Donkeys! And guitars and theatre and Brandon Sanderson. <br> Dislikes - My dislikes are hard to name since they change so often. I really hate soy sauce. And small cars. And cash registers. And polo shirts. <br> Friends - Plague, of course. Also Fang, Greece, Julien, and possibly Orba. <br> Other - Hm. I work at Target and spend my evenings in community college, majoring in Physical Therapy with a specialty in disabled children. Oh, I suppose this could have gone in Appearance, but I have a scar from my lower left cheek up into my hair, compliments of my second encounter with a drunk driver. Julien is my younger step-brother in real life. And... I can't think of anything else, so I guess I'm done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I felt my last biography was sh<_>it. And l'm bored.<br>Name: x.x Raylen Harley Quinn. Or Beatrice Prior. o.o<br>Gender: Female...l'm not Raylan Givens...<br>Faction: Dauntless.<br>Clan: WindClan.<br>District: Seven.<br>House: Ravenclaw.<br>Looksies: Don't change. I still look the same as l did when l first joined last year. T.T Clothing is usually leggings and an oversized hoodie.<br>Fandoms: Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Sherlock, Hunger Games, Divergent, Supernatural, Invader Zim. <br>Status: Taken forever, always, and infinity. :D<br> Favorite Bands: lmagine Dragons, Civil Wars, Evanescene, etc.<br>Favorite Quotes: "Da<_>mmit Gilmore, give them back their ba<_>lls." ~Finn; "He's a produce man! They'll never find the body, but the squash will be especially chatty that year!" ~Lorilai; "Flashy thing! Flashy things have my name written all over them! Not really, ofcourse. Just give me time. And a crayon." -- "I don't like guns. Nasty, bang-y things that hurt people." ~The Doctor; "Never touch a man's Snugglebear." ~Salem<br>Likes: Thieves. But they have to be se<_>xy.<br>Dislikes: Everything else.<br>Pets: Mario le dog, Pancake the zebracorn, and Locket the cat. <br>Other: May the favor be ever your odds, never forget your towel, time can be re-written, and steer clear of Eric. :3<br>Side Note: Nu touching Salem, desperates. O.e Unless you feel like meeting Mr. Fluffypants.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Alisha Nykole West <br> Age: 17 <br> Looks: Alisha has long, brown curly hair with light brown highlights. She stands about 5"8'. Her eyes change colors depending on her mood. When shes with Mason, they are a crystal blue color. When shes not they are dark blue. <br> Crush: Mason <br> Dating: The Amazing And Perfect Mason James Chalreston <br> Likes: Her boyfriend, music, playing her guitar and singing <br> Dislikes: When girls flirt with Mason <br> Friends: Everyone. Her closer friends are Raylen and Malcom. <br> Other: Hands off my Mason-Jar &hearts
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't feel like typing out the whole thing again. But my hair has been dyed completely rainbow from roots to ends. That's all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago