Biochemistry / Edition 2

Biochemistry / Edition 2

by Chris Matthews, Kensal E. Van Holde, Christopher K. Mathews

ISBN-10: 0805339310

ISBN-13: 9780805339314

Pub. Date: 10/28/1995

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

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Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company
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Older Edition
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8.86(w) x 11.20(h) x 1.75(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. IThe Realm of Biochemistry1
Ch. 1The Scope of Biochemistry2
Ch. 2The Matrix of Life: Weak Interactions in an Aqueous Environment25
Ch. 3The Energetics of Life55
Pt. IIMolecular Architecture of Living Matter85
Ch. 4Nucleic Acids86
Ch. 5Introduction to Proteins: The Primary Level of Protein Structure129
Ch. 6The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins165
Ch. 7Protein Function and Evolution214
Ch. 8Proteins in Motion: Contractile and Motile Systems258
Ch. 9Carbohydrates278
Ch. 10Lipids, Membranes, and Cellular Transport316
Pt. IIIDynamics of Life: Catalysis and Control of Biochemical Reactions359
Ch. 11Enzymes: Biological Catalysts360
Ch. 12Introduction to Metabolism415
Pt. IVDynamics of Life: Energy, Biosynthesis, and Utilization of Precursors445
Ch. 13Carbohydrate Metabolism I: Anaerobic Processes in Generating Metabolic Energy446
Ch. 14Oxidative Processes: Citric Acid Cycle and Pentose Phosphate Pathway480
Ch. 15Biological Oxidations, Electron Transport, and Oxidative Phosphorylation520
Ch. 16Carbohydrate Metabolism II: Biosynthesis554
Ch. 17Photosynthesis588
Ch. 18Lipid Metabolism I: Fatty Acids, Triacylglycerols, and Lipoproteins619
Ch. 19Lipid Metabolism II: Membrane Lipids, Steroids, Isoprenoids, and Eicosanoids659
Ch. 20Metabolism of Nitrogenous Compounds: Principles of Biosynthesis, Utilization, and Turnover698
Ch. 21Metabolism of Nitrogenous Compounds: Amino Acids, Porphyrins, and Neurotransmitters737
Ch. 22Nucleotide Metabolism784
Ch. 23Metabolic Coordination, Metabolic Control, and Signal Transduction819
Pt. VInformation861
Ch. 24Information Copying: Replication862
Ch. 25Information Restructuring: Restriction, Repair, Recombination, Rearrangement, and Amplification906
Ch. 26Information Transfer: Transcription956
Ch. 27Information Decoding: Translation1002
Ch. 28Eukaryotic Genes and Their Expression1043
Answers to Problems1089

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