Bioethics: Volume 19, Part 2

Bioethics: Volume 19, Part 2

by Ellen Frankel Paul

ISBN-10: 0521525268

ISBN-13: 9780521525268

Pub. Date: 01/02/2003

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Assesses the methodology of bioethics and examines a variety of moral and political issues.  See more details below


Assesses the methodology of bioethics and examines a variety of moral and political issues.

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Cambridge University Press
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Social Philosophy and Policy Series
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New Edition
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6.06(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

1. Bioethics and the problem of pluralism; 2. Pragmatism in bioethics: been there, done that; 3. The ordination of bioethicists as secular moral experts; 4. Information(al) matters: bioethics and the boundaries of the public and the private; 5. Bioethics as social philosophy; 6. Social moral epistemology; 7. Why health is not special: errors in evolved bioethics intuitions; 8. Power, integrity, and trust in the managed practice of medicine: lessons from the history of medical ethics; 9. The distribution of life-saving medical resources: equality, life expectancy, and choice behind the veil; 10. Pharmacogenetic interventions, orphan drugs, and distributive justice: the role of cost-benefit analysis; 11. The ubiquity and utility of the therapeutic misconception; 12. Indifference of subjects: an alternative to equipoise in randomized clinical trials; 13. The biophilosophical basis of whole-brain death; 14. Freedom and responsibility in genetic testing; 15. Genes, justice, and obligations to future people.

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