Biography of Crevecoeur: The Life of an American Farmer

Biography of Crevecoeur: The Life of an American Farmer

by Gay Wilson Allen, Roger Asselineau

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
French-born, well-bred and educated Crevecoeur, author of Letters of an American Farmera fictional and idealized account of 18th century American life as viewed from his Orange County, N.Y., farmis the subject of a lively biography by New York University professor Allen (Waldo Emerson, etc.) and Asselineau, who teaches at the Sorbonne. In his adventurous life, beset by divided national loyalties, Crevecoeur served in the French Colonial Army in Canada before settling on his New York farm, which he eventually was forced to abandon because of his Loyalist sympathies. Imprisoned by the British in New York on false charges of spying, he escaped to England where he published his Letters. When he returned to Paris, he was lionized by the literati and appointed the first French consul to New York where he became a friend of the new nation's leaders. He and his children survived both the revolutionary and Napoleonic eras in France where he retired. (September 15)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Crevecoeur's (1735-1813) fame rests on his Letters from an American Farmer (1782), a masterpiece of 18th-century American literature. His life is replete with incidents, difficulties, and personal tragedy. All this is rendered in excellent fashion. Though often relying on conjecture due to lack of documentation, the authors clearly bring into focus Crevecoeur and his role as the ``shaper of the American dream.'' They are especially effective in dealing with Crevecoeur's French background, his forced departure from America during the Revolution, his difficulties during the French Revolution and years as French Consul to New York City, his abiding family concerns, and the various editions of his Letters. This will be the standard biography; highly recommended for academic and larger public libraries. Roy H. Tryon, Delaware State Archives, Dover

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