Biological Consequences of the European Expansion, 1450-1800

Biological Consequences of the European Expansion, 1450-1800

by Kenneth F. Kiple

ISBN-10: 0860785181

ISBN-13: 9780860785187

Pub. Date: 10/01/1997

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Expanding World Series
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Table of Contents

General Editor's Preface
1The Origin and Antiquity of Syphilis: Paleopathological Diagnosis and Interpretation1
2Disease and the Depopulation of Hispaniola, 1492-151837
3New World Depopulation and the Case of Disease71
4Conquistador y Pestilencia: The First New World Pandemic and the Fall of the Great Indian Empires91
5An Outline of Andean Epidemic History to 1720109
6Epidemiology and the Slave Trade133
7The Influence of Disease on Race, Logistics and Colonization in the Antilles161
8Fear of Hot Climates in the Anglo-American Colonial Experience175
9Of Agues and Fevers: Malaria in the Early Chesapeake203
10Smallpox and the Indians in the American Colonies233
11The Significance of Disease in the Extinction of the New England Indians251
12Smallpox in Aboriginal Australia, 1829-1831275
13Disease and Infertility: A New Look at the Demographic Collapse of Native Populations in the Wake of Western Contact297
14Creative Disruptions in American Agriculture, 1620-1820323
15Europe's Initial Population Explosion343

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