Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology

by S. Marc Breedlove, Neil V. Watson, Mark R. Rosenzweig

ISBN-10: 0878935576

ISBN-13: 9780878935574

Pub. Date: 03/10/2010

Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated

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Sinauer Associates, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Biological Psychology3
Ch. 2Neuroanatomical Bases of Behavior33
Ch. 3Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives on the Nervous System and Behavior71
Ch. 4Development of the Nervous System over the Life Span99
Ch. 5Neural Conduction, Synaptic Transmission, and Neural Circuits139
Ch. 6Psychopharmacology175
Ch. 7Hormones: A Chemical System for Communication and Regulation209
Ch. 8Principles of Sensory Processing and Experience: Touch and Pain245
Ch. 9Hearing, Vestibular Perception, Taste, and Smell283
Ch. 10Vision: From Retinal Processes to Perception325
Ch. 11Movements and Actions369
Ch. 12Sex411
Ch. 13Regulation of Internal States449
Ch. 14Biological Rhythms and Sleep487
Ch. 15Psychobiology of Emotions529
Ch. 16Psychobiology of Mental Disorders565
Ch. 17Learning and Memory: Biological Perspectives611
Ch. 18Neural Mechanisms of Learning and Memory645
Ch. 19Language and Cognition691
Ch. 20A Final Word735

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