Biology for the IB Diploma: Study Guide / Edition 2

Biology for the IB Diploma: Study Guide / Edition 2

by Andrew Allott

ISBN-10: 0199151431

ISBN-13: 9780199151431

Pub. Date: 11/23/2007

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

The IB Biology study guide has been updated to meet the needs of students taking the IB Diploma Programme Biology from 2007. It is highly illustrated and concepts are precisely and clearly described. Higher level material is clearly indicated. All option material is covered. Students can use this book not only as a revision and practice guide for the exam but for


The IB Biology study guide has been updated to meet the needs of students taking the IB Diploma Programme Biology from 2007. It is highly illustrated and concepts are precisely and clearly described. Higher level material is clearly indicated. All option material is covered. Students can use this book not only as a revision and practice guide for the exam but for learning and reinforcing concepts throughout the course.

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Oxford University Press, USA
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International Baccalaureate Course Companions Series
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2nd edition
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11.60(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Statistical Analysis (IB Topic 1)
Mean and standard deviation     1
Relationships - significance and cause     2
Cells (IB Topic 2)
Cell theory     3
Stem cells and differentiation     4
Size in cell biology     5
Prokaryotic cells     6
Eukaryotic cells     7
Membrane structure and membrane proteins     8
Passive transport across membranes     9
Active transport across membranes     10
Cell division     11
Exam questions on Topics 1 and 2     12
The Chemistry of Life (IB Topic 3)
Water     13
Elements and compounds in living organisms     14
Building macromolecules     15
Introducing DNA     16
Transcription and translation     17
Genes, polypeptides and enzymes     18
Enzymes in action     19
Cell respiration and energy     20
Photosynthesis     21
Exam questions on Topic 3     22
Genetics (IB Topic 4)
Genes and chromosomes     23
Meiosis     24
Karyotypes     25
Monohybrid crosses     26
Inheritance of blood groups     27
Genes andgender     28
Deducing genotypes     29
DNA profiling     30
Genetic modification     31
Cloning     32
Exam questions on Topic 4     33
Ecology and Evolution (IB Topic 5)
Identifying living organisms     34
Classification of plants and animals     35
Population dynamics     36
Evidence for evolution     37
Natural selection     38
Evolution in action     39
Trophic levels     40
Energy flow     41
Food webs and energy pyramids     42
Nutrient recycling     43
Global warming and the greenhouse effect     44
Responses to global warming     45
Exam questions on Topic 5     46
Human Health and Physiology (IB Topic 6)
Digestion     47
The cardiovascular system     48
Blood, transport and infections     49
Antibodies and AIDS     50
Gas exchange     51
Neurons and synapses     52
Nerve impulses     53
Maintaining the internal environment     54
Body temperature and blood glucose     55
Reproductive systems      56
The menstrual cycle     57
In vitro fertilization     58
Exam questions on Topic 6     59
Nucleic Acids and Proteins (IB Topic 7)
DNA structure and replication     60
Organization of DNA in eukaryotes     61
Transcription of DNA     62
Ribosomes and transfer RNA     63
Polysomes and polypeptide elongation     64
Starting and stopping translation     65
Intramolecular bonding in proteins     66
Protein structure     67
Protein functions     68
Enzymes and activation energy     69
Enzyme inhibition     70
Controlling metabolic pathways     71
Exam questions on Topic 7     72
Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis (IB Topic 8)
Glycolysis     73
Krebs cycle     74
Oxidative phosphorylation     75
Mitochondria     76
Light and photosynthesis     77
Light-dependent reactions     78
Light-independent reactions     79
Chloroplasts     80
Limiting factors in photosynthesis     81
Exam questions on Topic 8     82
Plant Science (IB Topic 9)
Leaf structure and function      83
Transport and support     84
Reproduction of flowering plants     85
Diversity in plant structure     86
Growth and development in plants     87
Exam questions on Topic 9     88
Genetics (IB Topic 10)
Mendel's law of independent assortment     89
Dihybrid crosses     90
Polygenic inheritance     91
Genes - linked and unlinked     92
Crossing-over     93
Phases of meiosis     94
Exam questions on Topic 10     95
Human Health and Physiology (IB Topic 11)
Antibody production     96
Immunity and vaccination     97
Monoclonal antibodies and blood clotting     98
Muscles and joints     99
Muscle contraction     100
Kidney structure and ultrafiltration     101
Urine production and osmoregulation     102
Spermatogenesis     103
Oogenesis     104
Gametes     105
Fertilization     106
Pregnancy and childbirth     107
Structure and function of the placenta     108
Exam questions on Topic 11     109
Human Nutrition and Health (IB Option A)
Components of the diet     110
Amino acids and fatty acids     111
Energy in human diets     112
Issues in nutrition (1)     113
Issues in nutrition (2)     114
Exam questions on Option A     115
Physiology of Exercise (IB Option B)
Muscles and fitness     116
Exercise and cell respiration     117
Training and the pulmonary system     118
Training and the cardiovascular system     119
Exam questions on Option B     120
Cells and Energy (IB Option C)
Exam questions on Option C     121
Evolution (IB Option D)
Origin of life on Earth     122
Origin of prokaryotes and eukaryotes     123
Species and speciation     124
Trends in evolution     125
Human origins     126
Human evolution     127
The Hardy-Weinberg principle     128
Classification and phylogeny     129
Cladistics     130
Exam questions on Option D     131
Neurobiology and Behaviour (IB Option E)
Stimulus and response     132
Perception of stimuli     133
Vision in humans     134
Innate and learned behaviour     135
Neurotransmitters and synapses     136
Psychoactive drugs     137
The human brain     138
Brain and behaviour     139
Evolution of animal behaviour     140
Exam questions on Option E     141
Microbes and Biotechnology (IB Option F)
Classification of microbes     142
Diversity of microbes     143
The nitrogen cycle     144
Sewage treatment and methane generation     145
Microbes and biotechnology     146
Microbes and food production     147
Metabolism of microbes     148
Microbes and disease     149
Epidemiology     150
Exam questions on Option F     151
Ecology and Conservation (IB Option G)
Distribution of plants and animals     152
Niches and interactions     153
Biomass and trophic levels     154
Succession and biomes     155
Biodiversity and rainforests     156
Impacts of humans on ecosystems     157
Conservation     158
Population ecology     159
Fish conservation and species extinctions     160
Exam questions on Option G     161
Further Human Physiology (IB Option H)
Hormonal control     162
Secretion of digestive juices     163
Digestive enzymes     164
Absorption of digested foods     165
Liver     166
Cardiac cycle     167
Coronary heart disease     168
Oxygen transport     169
Carbon dioxide transport     170
Exam questions on Option H     171
Guidance for Students Working on Internal Assessment     172
Guidance for Students Working on Extended Essays in Biology     174
Guidance for Students Preparing for Final Exams     176
Answers to Questions     177
Index to Assessment Statements     181
Index     182

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