The Biology of Traditions: Models and Evidence

The Biology of Traditions: Models and Evidence

by Dorothy M. Fragaszy, Susan Perry

Biology of Traditions explores socially maintained traditions in a broad range of non-human animals.See more details below


Biology of Traditions explores socially maintained traditions in a broad range of non-human animals.

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Preface Dorothy Fragaszy and Susan Perry; 1. Towards a biology of traditions Dorothy Fragaszy and Susan Perry; 2. What the models say about social learning Kevin N. Laland and Jeremy R. Kendal; 3. Relative brain size and the distribution of innovation and social learning across the non-human primates Simon M. Reader; 4. Social learning about food in birds Louis Lefebvre and Julie Bouchard; 5. The cue reliability approach to social transmission: designing tests for adaptive traditions Gwen Dewar; 6. 'Traditional' foraging behaviors of Brown and Black rats (Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus) Bennett G. Galef Jr.; 7. Food for thought: social learning and feeding behavior in Capuchin monkeys: insights from the laboratory Elisabetta Visalberghi and Elsa Addessi; 8. Traditions in mammalian and avian vocal communication Vincent M. Janik and Peter J. B. Slater; 9. Like mother, like calf: the ontogeny of foraging traditions in wild Indian Ocean Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) Janet Mann and Brooke Sargeant; 10. Biological and ecological foundations of primate behavioral tradition Michael A. Huffman and Satoshi Hirata; 11. Local traditions in orangutans and chimpanzees: social learning and social tolerance Carel P. van Schaik; 12. Developmental perspectives on Great Ape tradition Anne E. Russon; 13. Skilled foraging actions by Brown Capuchins in Suriname: are these socially supported and transmitted behaviors? Sue Boinski, Robert P. Quatrone, Karen Sughrue, Lara Selvaggi, MaLinda Henry, Claudia M. Stickler and Lisa M. Rose; 14. Traditions in wild White-faced Capuchin monkeys Susan Perry, Melissa Panger, Lisa Rose, Mary Baker, Julie Gros-Louis, Katherine Jack, Katherine C. MacKinnon, Joseph Manson, Linda Fedigan and Kendra Pyle; 15. Conclusions and research agendas Susan Perry; Further reading; Index.

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