Biomechanics and Neural Control of Posture and Movement / Edition 1

Biomechanics and Neural Control of Posture and Movement / Edition 1

by Jack M. Winters, Patrick E. Crago

ISBN-10: 0387949747

ISBN-13: 9780387949741

Pub. Date: 08/04/2000

Publisher: Springer New York

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Springer New York
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Table of Contents

From the contents: Terminology and Foundations of Movement Science.- Neural and Muscular Properties: Current Views and Controversies.- Intraoperative Sarcomere Length Measurements Reveal Musculoskeletal Design Principles, Murray/Delp: Commentary.- Comparison of Effective Synaptic Currents Generated in Spinal Motoneurons by Activating Different Input Systems, Hamm/Maltenfort: Commentary: Nonlinear interactions between multiple synaptic inputs.- Length, shortening velocity, activation and fatigue are not independent factors determining muscle force exerted, Lehman: Commentary: What's the Use of Models that Aren't Even True.- Modelling of homogeneous muscle: Is it realistic to consider skeletal muscle as a lumped sarcomere or fiber?, Slawnych: Commentary: The Role of Distributed Properties in Muscle Mechanics.

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