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Biomechanics: Basic and Applied Research: Selected Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics, September 8-10, 1986, Berlin, F.R.G. / Edition 1

Biomechanics: Basic and Applied Research: Selected Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics, September 8-10, 1986, Berlin, F.R.G. / Edition 1

by Georg Bergmann, R. Kolbel, A. Rohlmann

ISBN-10: 0898389615

ISBN-13: 9780898389616

Pub. Date: 09/30/1987

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Developments in Biomechanics Series , #3
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.63(d)

Table of Contents

Invited Lectures.- Biomechanics in Orthopaedics.- Biomechanics of Total Knee Replacement.- Gait Analysis: A Survey.- Biomechanics of Sports - Current Problems.- Biomechanics of Tendons and Other Soft Connective Tissues. Testing Methods and Structure-Function Interdependence.- Cardiovascular Biomechanics.- Fluid Mechanics in Cardiovascular Research. Cardiac Valve Flow Dynamics.- The Development of Technology in Medicine and Biology.- Methodology in Biomechanical Research.- The Accuracy of Criteria for Automatic 3-D Graphics Reconstruction of Bone from Computer Tomography.- Comparison of Optoelectronic and Film Based Kinematic Data in Dynamic Biomechanical Evaluation of Back Muscle Tension.- Instantaneous Helical Axis Estimation Via Natural, Cross-Validated Splines.- Estimation of Gait Cycle Duration and Stride Length from One Marker Kinematic Data.- Speckle Interferometry: A Technique to Investigate Deformations in the Femoral Bone.- Speckle Interferometry for Investigation of the Rigidity of External Fracture Fixation - A Preliminary Study.- An Automatic Method to Evaluate Goodness of Muscular Work During Human Locomotion.- Quantitative Evaluation of the Walking Performance of the Horse Using Force Plate Data Analysis.- Quantification of Skin Displacement in the Walking Horse.- Biomechanics of Soft Tissue.- Medial Collateral Ligament Healing: A Biomechanical Assessment.- The Determination of Ligament Strain by a Computer Controlled Knee Loading Apparatus.- Redesign and Development of a Force Transducer of the Buckle Type.- The Wrinkling of Thin Membrane-Like Connective Tissue Structures.- Stress Relaxation, Used as a Tool for Diagnosis of Incompetence of Human Cervix in Terms of a Mixture Model of Tissue.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Bone.- A Study of Haversian Systems.- The Elastic Modulus of Cancellous Bone: Dependence on Trabecular Orientation.- Mechanical Properties of Subchondral Bone from Normal and Osteoarthrotic Human Femoral Heads.- Control of Chondro-Osseous Skeletal Biology by Mechanical Energy.- Mechanisms of Crack Propagation in Cortical Bone.- A Biomechanical Analysis at Lamellar Level of Femoral Shafts Deformed in Bending.- Bending Strength of Operatively Stabilized Fractures Under the Influence of Bisphosphonates.- Holographic Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Tibia Fixed with Internal Fixation Plate.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Joints.- Biomechanics of the Shoulder and Elbow.- Ligament Strains in Wrist-Joint Motions.- Experimental Study of the Hip Biomechanics Using Pre-Scale Films.- The Significance of the Torque Loading of the Total Hip Prosthesis.- The Lubrication of the Natural Joint: Viscosity of Hyaluronic Acid and Friction in the Human Hip.- Mechanical Properties of the Articular Cartilage.- Mathematical Simulations of Passive Knee Joint Motions.- Direct Measurement of Dynamic Contact Pressure on the Tibial Plateau of the Knee.- A Dynamical Model of the Knee Joint.- Gear Properties of the Human Knee Joint.- Moire Fringe Contourographic Determination of the Three-Dimensional Geometry of the Posterior Articular Surface of the Calcaneum.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Joint Prostheses.- Long Term Animal Tests with Instrumented Hip Implants.- A Hypothesis Concerning the Effect of Implant Rigidity on Adaptive Cortical Bone Remodelling in the Femur.- Stress Transfer Across the Hip Joint in Reconstructed Acetabuli.- Stress Analysis of the Uncemented Dsl Hip Prosthesis.- Influence of Porous Coating Thickness and Elastic Modulus on Stress Distribution in Hip Prostheses.- A Method for the Comparative Evaluation of the Initial Stability of Cementless Hip Prostheses.- Cad/Cam Production of Customer Made Bone Titanium Alloy Implants by Means of Ct Images.- On Laboratory Experiences in Endurance Testing of Anchorage Stems of Hip Joint Endoprostheses.- Structural Safety and Stress Distributions in Ceramic Hip-Joint-Heads for Different Neck Lengths.- A Mathematical Model of Human Knee-Motion and Evaluation of Knee Endoprostheses.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Implants and Fracture Fixation.- Parametric Analysis of the Stress Protection in Bone after Plating.- Limits of Plate on Bone Friction in Internal Fixation of Fractures.- The Bending of the Screw in the Osteosynthesis with Auompression Plates.- Microcomputer Aided Finite Element Analysis in Fractured Long Bones Fixed by External Plate.- The Incorporation of Friction Interfaces in a Nonlinear, Finite Element Model of a Plated Long Bone.- The Surgical Expansion Dowel: A Proven Principle of Mechanical Fastening and Fixing Technology to Osteo-Synthetic Uses.- Anatomical Curvature of the Femoral Medullary Canal for Intramedullary Rodding.- Comparative Investigation on the Biomechanical Properties of the Circular and Other Three-Dimensional External Fixators.- Evaluation of Increasing Stiffness of Healing Bone Using External Fixation.- The Effect of Different Regimes of Axial Micromovement on the Healing of Experimental Tibial Fractures.- The Influence of Intermittent Change of Mechanical Environment Upon the Healing of Tibial Fractures.- Experimental Investigation about the Stability of the Greater Trochanter.- Bending Fatigue Characteristics of Artificial Knee Ligaments.- Biomechanics of the Acromioclavicular Stabilisation.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Spine.- Determination of Spinal Stress by Biomechanical Model Calculations and Comparison with Spinal Mechanical Strength.- Effect of Tension Preload on Lumbar Spine Kinematics and its Clinical Implication.- Regional Lumbar Sagittal Mobility and Back Trouble.- Electromyographic Activity as an Indicator of Back Load at Work.- An Attempt at Determining the Effort of the Lumbar Part of the Spine on the Basis of Model Investigations.- Experimental Study on the Torsional Rigidity of Various Dorsal Stabilization Procedures on Lumbar Spines.- Possibilities and Results of Total Lumbar Disk Replacement.- The Role of the Alar and Transverse Ligaments for the Stability of the Cranio-Cervical Joint.- 3-D Automatic Posture Analysis for Evaluation of Brace Effects on Spinal Deformity.- Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Clinical Aspects and Rehabilitation.- Stripping of Thread in Bone by Commercial Cortical Self-Tapping and Pretapped Screws.- Could Koehler-Freiberg’s Disease Be Caused by Biomecha-Nical Factors?.- Measurement of Pressure Distribution on Curved and Soft Surfaces.- Crutch, Staircase Railing and Foot-Floor Reaction Forces During Paraplegic’s Stair Climbing.- Slow Walking in Normal Subjects on a Track and a Motor Driven Treadmill.- Comparison of Subjective Gait Observation with Measured Gait Asymmetry.- Impulse Characteristics in Aided Gait and Walking Aid Design.- Upon the Mechanical Load of Elbow Crutches.- Significance of the Mechanical Power at the Lower Limb Joints During Walking by Hemiplegic Subjects.- The Role of Muscle Forces in the Instable Human Knee Joint in Vitro.- Dynamics of the Musculoskeletal System.- Relation Between Mechanical Load and Emg-Activity of Selected Muscles of the Trunk Under Isometric Conditions.- Minimization Strategies for Arm Movement.- Characteristics of the Gait Induced by a Fall.- Muscle Fibre Composition, Isometric Leg Strength, and Endurance in Man.- In-Vivo Viscoelasticity of the Human Soleus Muscle.- Sports Biomechanics.- A New Method to Measure Lateral Bow Accelerations During Shooting in Archery.- Reduction of Lateral Bow Displacement Using Different Torque Flight Compensators and Stabilizers in Archery.- An Improved Archery Simulator for Objective Dynamic Tests of Bows and Arrows.- Optimization of Rowing Motion Technique by Use of Interactive Computer Simulation.- An Improved Model and Computer Simulation of Cycling Motion Technique.- Pressure Measurements Inside Shoes and Application in Alpine Skiing.- An Analysis of Human Maximal Isometric Voluntary Plantar Flexion as a Function of Ankle and Knee Joint Angle.- An Attempt at Evaluation of Strength/Speed Abilities of Lower Extremities for Athletes.- Complex Investigation of Track Start.- 4 × 100 M Relay: Modelling by Permutation Techniques and Ultrasound Velocity Measurement on Curved Tracks.- Model of the Lateral Yacht Shell Displacements Used in Yachtsmen Body Motion Coordination Studies.- Cardiovascular Biomechanics.- Hydrodynamic Comparison of Duromedics Prostheses and St. Jude Medical Prostheses of Various Sizes.- In Vitro Kinematic Study of the Occluder Motion in an Artificial Tilting Disc Heart Valve.- Numerical Study of Peristaltic Pumping in Circular Cylindrical Tubes.- Mechanical Properties of Intact Arterial Segments.- Assessment of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Bovine Pericardium.- Miscellaneous Subjects.- Elastic Properties of the Hydroxyapatite-Bone Compound in Rabbits.- Fatigue Behavior of Composite Bone Cement.- Biomechanical Analysis of Coupling Between Mandible and Removable Partial Dentures.- On the Existence of the Orthodontic Center of Resistance.- Cyclic Groups of Non-Linear Biological Automorphisms and Theory of Cyclogenesis in Biomechanics.- Authors Index.

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