Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers / Edition 1

Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers / Edition 1

by Charles Gebelein, F. Koblitz

ISBN-10: 0306406322

ISBN-13: 9780306406324

Pub. Date: 07/02/2008

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC

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Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date:
Polymer Science and Technology Series, #14
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1.13(w) x 7.00(h) x 10.00(d)

Table of Contents

Section I General Biomaterial Applications of Polymers.- Biomedical Polymers in Theory and Practice.- Selected Examples of Pathologic Processes Associated with Human Polymeric Implants.- The Status of Olefin-SO2 Copolymers as Biomaterials.- Temporary Skin Substitute from Non-Antigenic Dextran Hydrogel.- Biomedical Applications of Poly(Amido-Amines).- Covalent Bonding of Collagen and Acrylic Polymers.- Glow Discharge Polymer Coated Oxygen Sensors.- Section II Cardiovascular Applications of Polymers.- Progress and Problems in Blood-Compatible Polymers.- Biolized Material for Cardiac Prosthesis.- Plastic Materials Used for Fabrication of Blood Pumps.- Tissue Cultured Cells: Potential Blood Compatible Linings for Cardiovascular Prostheses.- Elastomeric Vascular Prostheses.- Morphology of Block Copolyurethanes. II. FTIR and ESCA Techniques for Studying Surface Morphology.- Section III Applications of Polymers in Medication.- Polymeric Drugs Containing 5-Fluorouracil and/or 6-Methylthiopurine. Chemotherapeutic Polymers. XI.- Polymeric Drugs: Effects of Polyvinyl Analogs of Nucleic Acids on Cells, Animals and Their Viral Infections.- Organometallic Polymers as Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems.- Polythiosemicarbazides as Antimicrobial Polymers.- The Biochemical Properties of Carrier-Bound Methotrexate.- Esterolytic Action of Water-Soluble Imidazole Containing Polymers.- Hydrolytic Degradation of Poly DL-(Lactide).- Applications of Polymers in Rate-Controlled Drug Delivery.- Section IV Dental Materials Applications of Polymers.- Dental Polymers.- Polymer Developments in Organic Dental Materials.- Limiting Hardness of Polymer/Ceramic Composites.- New Monomers for Use in Dentistry.- The Synthesis of Fluorinated Acrylics Via Fluoro Tertiary Alcohols.- The Nature of the Crosslinking Matrix Found in Dental Composite Filling Materials and Sealants.- The Dental Plastics in the Future of Fixed Prosthodontics.- Initiator-Accelerator Systems for Acrylic Resins and Composites.- The Application of Phohemistry to Dental Materials.- Ionic Polymer Gels in Dentistry.- Adsorption and Ionic Crosslinking of Polyelectrolytes.- Effects of Microstructure on Compressive Fatigue of Composite Restorative Materials.- Wear of Dental Restorative Resins.- Friction and Wear of Dental Polymeric Composite Restoratives.- List of Contributors.

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