Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers / Edition 1

Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers / Edition 1

by Charles E. Carraher Jr.

ISBN-10: 0306446294

ISBN-13: 9780306446290

Pub. Date: 02/28/1994

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

Factors Affecting the Bacterial Activity of Saccharides and Polysaccharides Modified Through Reaction With Organostannanes1
Acetan - A New Bacterial Polysaccharide9
Coagulation Properties of Chemically Modified Heparins17
Hylan Gel for Soft Tissue Augmentation25
Adsorption of Metal Ions on Chitosan and Chemically Modified Chitosan and Their Application to Hydrometallurgy35
Chitin and Chitosan: Ecologically Bioactive Polymers43
Recovery of Proteins From Whey Using Chitosan As a Coagulant55
Use of Lignin-Based Materials in the Selective Inhibition of Microorganisms71
Living Polymerization of Proteins: Actin and Tubulin. A Review79
Cell Adhesive Properties of Bioelastic Materials Containing Cell Attachment Sequences95
Expression of a Synthetic Mussel Adhesive Protein in Escherichia coli115
Experiences With Collagen-Derived Biomaterials in Research and Treatment of Humans
Modulation of Phosphocholine Bilayer Structures135
Special Functional Group Triglyceride Oil Based Interpenetrating Polymer Networks147
Biodegradable Polymers in the Environment: Are They Really Biodegradable?161
Four Year Absorption Study of Three Morphologically Different Forms of Poly-L-Lactide in Rabbits169
Non-Aqueous Polymeric Systems (NAPS) for Diagnostic Applications177
Protein Purification by Selective Adsorption on Immobilized Pyridinium Ligands185
Moldable Dry Chemistry195
Preparation of Bacterial Adsorption Polymer and Its Application to Biosensors201
Immobilization of Adenosines on Silica Gel and Specific Separation of Thymidine Oligomers207
Advances in Antimicrobial Polymers and Materials225
Development of Polymeric Beta-Lactam Systems - Synthetic Study and Characterization239
Biodegradable Polymers for the Controlled Delivery of Vaccines249
Strategies for Treating Arterial Restenosis Using Polymeric Controlled Release Implants259
The Use of PolyICLC in the Treatment of AIDS269
The Release of 5-Fluorouracil From Dextran and Xylan Systems277
Release Behavior of 5-Fluorouracil From Chitosan-Gel Microspheres Modified Chemically and Their Antitumor Activities289
Biologically Active Polyphosphate and Polyphosphonate Esters - Nucleic Acid Analogs297
The Controlled Release of a 5-Fluorouracil Prodrug From a Biodegradable Matrix309
Novel Antiinfective Biomaterials by Polymer Modification317

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