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Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum And The Mounty Unit Choir Live [CD/DVD]

Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum And The Mounty Unit Choir Live [CD/DVD]

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by The Mount Unity Choir

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Release Date:
Habakkuk Music


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mount Unity Choir   Primary Artist
James Cotton   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Saunders   Tenor (Vocal)
Connie Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Gregory Roberts   Tenor (Vocal)
Janet Thompson   Soprano (Vocal)
Cheryl Freeman   Alto (Vocal)
Shannon Johnson   Alto (Vocal)
Nancy Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Kathy Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Valerie Mitchell   Alto (Vocal)
Teresa Ford   Soprano (Vocal)
Patricia Hodge   Tenor (Vocal)
Thomas Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Kentric Morris   Drums
Chris Booker   Drums
Carla Lewis   Soprano (Vocal)
Lisa Walden   Alto (Vocal)
Janice Moore   Soprano (Vocal)
Roy Cotton   Strings,Horn
Brandon Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
BJ Brown   Keyboards,Musical Direction
Charvis Mills   Tenor (Vocal)
Chenequa Avelino   Alto (Vocal)
Elaina Blanks   Alto (Vocal)
April Gidders   Soprano (Vocal)
Andrea Edwards   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Lyons   Alto (Vocal)
Andrea Chambers   Alto (Vocal)
Andra Morris   Soprano (Vocal)
Alvin Knight   Bass
Allen Reese   Bass
Alisha Ford   Alto (Vocal)
Alicia Rodgers   Alto (Vocal)
Karinna Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Judy Sizemore   Soprano (Vocal)
Josh Cuffee   Guitar
Joann Godfrey   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeryl McLeod   Soprano (Vocal)
Juliet Morales   Alto (Vocal)
Janine Pierce   Alto (Vocal)
Jane Boykins   Soprano (Vocal)
Jacquileene Pierce   Alto (Vocal)
Iris Nance   Soprano (Vocal)
Nija Lewis-Means   Alto (Vocal)
Gina O'Neal   Soprano (Vocal)
Dorothy Way   Soprano (Vocal)
Zack Brunson   Keyboards
Faye Wescott   Soprano (Vocal)
Faye Simmons   Alto (Vocal)
Denise Gallop   Alto (Vocal)
Deanna Barnard   Soprano (Vocal)
DeAndre Muchison   Tenor (Vocal)
Cynthia Beckwith   Alto (Vocal)
Cynthia Sivells   Soprano (Vocal)
Chrisandra Munroe   Tenor (Vocal)
Cedric Rouson   Organ,Keyboards
Carolyn Butts   Alto (Vocal)
Bunny Scoggins   Alto (Vocal)
Brenda Ferebee   Alto (Vocal)
Valmond Hughes   Tenor (Vocal)
Trevonne Cuffee   Soprano (Vocal)
Traci Georges   Alto (Vocal)
Tonya Carr   Soprano (Vocal)
Toya Lamb   Alto (Vocal)
Towanda Bailey   Alto (Vocal)
Teresa Norman   Alto (Vocal)
Mount "Karar" Dancers   Dancer
Stephanie Harrold   Alto (Vocal)
Steffini Parker   Alto (Vocal)
Shirley Broom   Alto (Vocal)
Robyn Champ   Alto (Vocal)
Paulette Riddick   Alto (Vocal)
Naija Powell   Alto (Vocal)
Montrell Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Mitchell Hail   Tenor (Vocal)
Michelle Carter   Alto (Vocal)
Micaela Morris   Soprano (Vocal)
Marcell Hall   Tenor (Vocal)
Theodore Durham   Tenor (Vocal)
Resa Reaves   Soprano (Vocal)
Renee Coker-Griffin   Tenor (Vocal)
Regina Leassear   Alto (Vocal)
Ray Barrow   Tenor (Vocal)
Lori Studivant   Tenor (Vocal)
Lori Jackson   Soprano (Vocal)
Leona Parker   Soprano (Vocal)
LaToya McGlone   Soprano (Vocal)
LaMonica Munford   Soprano (Vocal)
LaKesha Jobe   Alto (Vocal)
LaFenna Farrow   Soprano (Vocal)
Shaunda Vinson   Soprano (Vocal)
Kristan Sivells   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Grant   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly Crowder   Tenor (Vocal)
Kellie Sivells   Alto (Vocal)
Keith Crowe   Tenor (Vocal)
Sony Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Sharon Spells   Alto (Vocal)
Tiffany Haynes   Soprano (Vocal)
Tiffany Norman   Soprano (Vocal)
Wanda Evans   Soprano (Vocal)
Velma Thornton   Alto (Vocal)
Weldon Powell   Tenor (Vocal)
Wanda Jenkins   Soprano (Vocal)
Robin Henley   Alto (Vocal)
Paulette Ryans   Alto (Vocal)
Sherrie Wayne   Tenor (Vocal)
Shelette Carlisle   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Rev. Gerald Thompson   Engineer
Clyde E. Gamble   Composer
Judith Christie McAllister   Composer
Minister Earl Bynum   Producer
Chris House   Composer
Michael White   Composer
Greg Roberts   Composer
Tifani Wilson   Composer
Christopher Watkins   Composer
Earl Bynum   Composer
Bishop Kim Brown   Executive Producer
Elder Valerie Brown   Executive Producer
Cora Armstrong   Composer
Cedric Rouson   Composer
Theodore Durham   Composer
Krystle Lee   Videography
Kelvin Chappell   Graphic Design,Packaging
Rob Ellis   Composer
Ricky Burchell   Video Editor

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Bishop K.W. Brown Presents Earl Bynum And The Mounty Unit Choir Live [CD/DVD] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You will simply LOVE this CD. It is awesome!