Bitten (A Reflections Bundle)

Bitten (A Reflections Bundle)

3.6 5
by Dean Murray
Some stories are too big for one timeline.

Continue the action-packed love story started in Dean Murray's first two Reflections novels, Broken and Torn. Bitten is a boxed set of the next 6 titles in the Reflections universe plus Longing, a bonus short story.

Combined, the titles in this boxed set have more than 270 five-star reviews and now


Some stories are too big for one timeline.

Continue the action-packed love story started in Dean Murray's first two Reflections novels, Broken and Torn. Bitten is a boxed set of the next 6 titles in the Reflections universe plus Longing, a bonus short story.

Combined, the titles in this boxed set have more than 270 five-star reviews and now for the first time ever they are available in one volume with a special price that is 37% off of the normal cost.

In Bitten you'll get:

Splintered (Reflections 3)
Most girls would have killed to be in Adri�s shoes, in fact several people think that�s exactly what she did. Of course life with a pack of shape shifters isn�t quite what she expected. The time with Alec is great, but now that the rival pack is out of the picture, Alec�s wolves are all starting to turn on each other, and Adri is finding there is less and less she can do to help hold the pack together.

Alec�s determination to keep her at arm�s length physically is just as frustrating as always, but his ongoing refusal to explain the larger world the pack is operating in is starting to become more than just something that keeps Adri up at night. It�s starting to look like something that could get them all killed.

Intrusion (Reflection Volume 4)
Jess awoke to a world she doesn�t really understand, hounded by impulses that are quite literally more than any human could be expected to control.

It�s painfully evident that her friends and family are doing everything they can to help her regain her footing, but she can�t help resenting the fact that none of them lost as deeply as she lost in their last confrontation with the Coun�hij.

More than anything she wants to turn to Alec for help. The alpha of the pack should be a constant source of strength and reassurance, but in his own way he�s nearly as damaged as she is. What�s worse, a new threat has just arrived in Sanctuary and Jess is starting to wonder if Alec will sacrifice her as the weakest link in a crippled pack.

Numb (Reflections Volume 4.5)
Adriana Paige didn't see her breakup with Alec Graves coming any more than he did, but at the time she couldn't see any other way to stop him from turning into some kind of monster. For weeks now she's been haunted by the worry that she made a terrible mistake, but she's thousands of miles away from Sanctuary now and there's nothing left but to try and soldier on.

Alec Graves had just finished standing off the single most dangerous group of shape shifters in the world when Adri told him she was moving away. He'd always known that being the alpha of his small pack would come with costs, but he never imagined that losing Adri would be one of them.
Alec and Adri are two damaged hearts with one thing in common. They would both give almost anything to be free of their pain. They just want to be numb.

Trapped (Reflections Volume 5)
Kristin has always been firmly grounded in reality. Trading in small-town Idaho for an Ivy-League school wasn't going to be an easy proposition and making it happen wasn't going to leave her time for unnecessary things like crushes on boys.

Kristin is about to find out that all of the creatures she thought were nothing more than myth are actually quite real. One of the worst of them is after her, an unstoppable killing machine that will chase her across a continent.

Kristin is completely out of her depth. Her one hope is a mysterious guy with dangerous skills and a dark past. He's the kind of guy that Kristin knows she shouldn't get involved with, but as their attraction grows it becomes apparent that being with him is going to require an even bigger sacrifice than she realized.

Forsaken (Reflections Volume 6)
The power he needs to protect his friends and family is just outside of Alec Graves' reach. The dominant shape shifter pack in North America is circling like vultures and there are other, more savage opponents approaching in the distance.

Given the danger he's in, Alec doesn't have time for a broken heart, but Adri's departure has left him barely able to function. The pressures inside his pack are building to lethal levels and for the first time in his life, he's not sure he can walk the path that honor demands of him.

Walking out on Alec was the hardest thing Adri had ever done, but she didn't bargain for the long-term impacts that would be involved. She hasn't been able to get past her feelings for him yet and it's starting to impact nearly every aspect of her life.

Even more concerning, she now knows what the darkness really hides. Dangers that she thought she'd left behind in Sanctuary are stalking her again, but this time Alec's pack isn't in a position to protect her.

Also includes:
Scent of Tears (Reflections)

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Meet the Author

Dean Murray is a prolific author with more than 25 titles across multiple pen names and more than 350,000 copies of his work currently in circulation.

Dean started reading seriously in the second grade due to a competition and has spent most of the subsequent three decades lost in other people's worlds.

Things worsened, or improved depending on your point of view, when he first started experimenting with writing while finishing up his accounting degree. These days Dean has a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters to keep him rather more grounded, but the idea of bringing others along with him as he meets interesting new people in universes nobody else has ever seen tends to drag him back to his computer on a fairly regular basis.

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Bitten (A Reflections Bundle) 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first book torn was pretty good,the rest not so much.very disjointed and Numb is less than 20 pages. Their story is spread out like a wild womans $#!t and their reunion kind of fizzled. Don't spend the 10$ . Not worth it. The author lacks focus. The story line has great potential though. I think the author maybe needs experience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series of books i have to appreciate very much that it was put together as to gibe us a chamce to continue reading .At first i was compelled to skip thru some but im such and avid reader and a fan of the previous books that i was compelled to read one by one . Needpess to say i so happy i did . Even the short storys make complete sense the further u get into the series . Im glad i didnt miss out on this opportunity. Thank u Dean :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
earthangelJM More than 1 year ago
A very sloooooooooooooooooooow book that didn't really make me love the charictors. If I didn't have a you start it, you finish it rule, iI would've stopped reading it by the end of the 3rd chapter. :( Writer has potential.