Black Belt Healing: A Martial Artist's Guide to Pain Management and Injury Recovery

Black Belt Healing: A Martial Artist's Guide to Pain Management and Injury Recovery

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by David Nelson Ph.D.

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Harnessing the Power of the MindSee more details below


Harnessing the Power of the Mind

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"This book, Black Belt Healing, is like water, when it needs to address your thirst, it is cool and satisfying, when you need the cold hard facts it is like ice, and when you need those silent moments, it is as gentle as a low lying mist...simply an extraordinary work."—Kris Wilder, Martial Artist and Co-author of The Way of the Kata

"In his clinical practice, David Nelson, PhD helps many people suffering with chronic pain. After years of experience, as a martial artist and psychotherapist, he wrote this outstanding book to share his healing secrets with you. I recommend this book to any martial artist who is interested in helping others."—Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D., Founder of Pinewood Karate and Black Belt Healers

"Conversational, thoughtful text which proposes a sensible and 'martial-artist friendly' approach to the mind and healing. Recommend it to all thoughtful readers. A must read for all instructors especially those who train in the more vigorous martial arts styles."—Dr. Philip Sweet, M.D., Psychiatrist and Martial Arts Practitioner

"In my years as a clinical herbalist, I've seen the tremendous benefits hypnosis brought to my clients. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson's book."—Miles Coleman, Master of Goh Family Kung Fu and Master Herbalist

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