Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm

Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm

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by Buck Stienke, Ken Farmer

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BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm
Better - Tighter - More Thrilling - We Have the Technology

Black Eagle Force - Military Techno-Thrillers - Secret Special Ops team created for missions that are not-and cannot-be officially approved. You never saw us. This never happened. We don't exist. We are the Black Eagle Force.

"Comparable to Tom


BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm
Better - Tighter - More Thrilling - We Have the Technology

Black Eagle Force - Military Techno-Thrillers - Secret Special Ops team created for missions that are not-and cannot-be officially approved. You never saw us. This never happened. We don't exist. We are the Black Eagle Force.

"Comparable to Tom Clancy at his best" - Dwight J. Zimmerman
"Action Packed" - Phil Ward
"Sings with authenticity and action" - Jim DeFelice "Rivoting" - Marshall Teague

BLACK EAGLE FORCE explodes out of the current day violence now occurring on the US border with Mexico. President Annette Henry Thompson calls on the shadow force known as the BEF to intercept 'suitcase nuclear devices' planned for detonation in the US. The nukes and twenty female sex slaves are being held by a notorious terrorist arms dealer and human trafficker on his heavily defended island in the Gulf of Mexico. The Black Eagle Force attacks and is directly in the path of Hurricane Ellen.

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Ken Farmer - After proudly serving his country as a US Marine (call sign 'Tarzan'), Ken attended Stephen F. Austin State University on a full football scholarship, receiving his Bachelors Degree in Business and Speech & Drama. Ken quickly discovered his love for acting when he starred as a cowboy in a Dairy Queen commercial when he was raising Beefmaster cattle and Quarter Horses at his ranch in East Texas. Ken has over 39 years as a professional actor, with memorable roles Silverado, Friday Night Lights and Uncommon Valor. He was the OC and VO spokesman for Wolf Brand Chili for eight years. Ken now lives near Gainesville, TX, where he continues to write novels. Ken wrote a screenplay back in the '80s, The Tumbleweed Wagon. Ken and Buck's new historical fiction western, THE NATIONS was an adaptation of that screenplay. They are currently writing a sequel, HAUNTED FALLS.

Buck Stienke - Captain - Fighter Pilot - United States Air Force, has an extensive background in military aviation and weaponry. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Buck (call sign 'Shoehorn') was a member of the undefeated Rugby team and was on the Dean's List. After leaving the Air Force, Buck was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over twenty-five years. He has vast knowledge of weapons, tactics and survival techniques. Buck is the owner of Lone Star Shooting Supply, Gainesville, TX. As a successful actor, writer and businessman, Buck lives in Gainesville with his wife, Carolyn. Buck was Executive Producer for the award winning film, Rockabilly Baby.

Buck and Ken have completed four novels to date. The first was BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm, BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Sacred Mountain is the second Return of the Starfighter, the third. A historical fiction western, The Nations, the fourth and we released our fifth novel, Jan. 27, 2013, this time back to the Black Eagle Force series: BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Blood Ivory.

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Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Picto More than 1 year ago
This is a novel with the power of seduction rivaled only by lust itself. Be warned that it may gently draw you in until you can't let go, whether you want to or not. A uniquely-rich, military-action adventure novel, one of its most striking qualities is its incessant ability to deceive you into thinking you're reading some sort of factual account from the annals of American crime history. Several underpinning stories of international conflict are told in order to provide a foundational underbelly for the existence of a US Delta Force-style of tier one, special counter-terrorists team known as Black Eagle Force whose ultimate mission is to take down Javier Cojone, a Pablo Escobar-esque Mexican arms dealer, white slaver and drug lord. The story develops with all the requisite objectives, conflicts and antagonistic forces one would expect from a military action novel, but does so with such rich development of characters that you may ask yourself how fiction can be so convincing when it is by its very nature devoid of facts. Black Eagle Force is written with such aplomb (and never gratuitously) that you may also find yourself believing that everything written between the covers surely happened to somebody, somewhere, at sometime (or perhaps should). "Black Eagle Force: Eye Of The Storm" is a masterpiece of storytelling and may become the surprise elite of American military novels. You don't read this book, you experience it and if you're concerned about your imaginational capacity to absorb it, don't be. Any deficit in your imagination is negated by the sheer storytelling brilliance of writers, Farmer and Stienke. Black Eagle Force is a must-read for all those who are fascinated by (or even remotely curious about) the amaranthine conflict between the international powers of good and evil within the deep, dark underworld that remains omnipresent in our every day lives.
deanharmse More than 1 year ago
I am very picky about what I read. I won't just pick up any book and start reading, so it was a bit out of character for me to buy this book when I came across it by accident while surfing the net. When my parcel arrived I let the book lay on the bedside table for a few days before picking it up. The "picking it up" was nothing, the problem came in when I tried putting it down. Black Eagle Force: Eye of the storm, is a thrill from the word go! The action is intense. You literally feel the G-forces, smell the gunpowder and taste the blood. The contents are extremely well researched and the fact that the authors know what the are talking about comes across very strong. The characters are well written and you easely come to love and hate them. This book is a must for all military/aviation action adventure thrillers. These guys are in the same league as Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts (Flight of the Intruder), Dale Brown (Flight of the Old Dog) and Craig Thomas(Fire Fox).
wilmajaye More than 1 year ago
Move over Tom Clancy. I am a big fan of Tom Clancy but found this to be even better. I really liked the way the history lesson at the first laid the foundation for the rest of the story. A great story of a family coming back from a horrible loss to rebuild & carry on. I like the way the women were strong & how the men respected them for it. It also gave us a look at what could happen to our country if we don't do something to protect our borders better. This is a great book for young & old, male or female. I am a 78 year old women & I loved it as much as my 49 year old son. I would highly recommend it to family & friends.
BillB1944 More than 1 year ago
This is the 2nd book in the series and like the first one it was easy to read and follow. I read half way thru the book in a day and half, and finished it before the week was out. I strongly recommend this book if you like suspense, action and a surprise ending. GO BUY THIS BOOK... Bill Briggs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Black Eagle Force, a fast-paced series of military techno-thrillers about a top secret Special Ops team created for missions that are not—and cannot—be officially approved. An outstanding series!
JEPendleton More than 1 year ago
If you like Tom Clancy or Dale Brown, then you will love the duo of Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke and their action packed Black Eagle Force. Eye of the Storm begins with the punitive expedition of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna as he crosses the Rio Grande River on his way to San Antonio de Bexar and the crumbling mission known forever as The Alamo. The route and the action taken by Santa Anna against the anglo citizenry is true to history and written in a graphic and engrossing style. The action quickly shifts from frontier Texas to present day and another armed incursion crossing the same river and taking the same route, but this time by drug cartels. In short order the ultra secret black ops group known as Black Eagle Force is called to action to engage the invaders and save American citizens. The small group using cutting edge technology and weaponry, much of it developed in house, is soon in action. Missles, bullets, and even sixteen-penny nails are flying in all directions. This is a very well written action thriller that never lacks for page turning appeal. Be careful, you may lose some sleep with this one! The characters are well developed, dialogue is believable, and the details are perfectly researched. And to add the cherry on top, this is the first book in the series. Military thriller fans prepare to be wowed!
Katherineb More than 1 year ago
Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke have teamed up to write an exciting, adventure-riddled, subtly romantic book entitled Black Eagle Force; Eye of the Storm. They begin the story with a history lesson – how Santa Anna came across the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the Alamo. This short lesson is actually personalized by naming the owners of a large ranch that the Mexicans had to go through to reach that part of Texas in the fight for Texas Independence. Fast forward to modern times. The family of the 1836 ancestors still lives on the ranch. Gunter Hermann, the patriarch and father of Mike and Blaze, keep the ranch operating with the help of several employees. Another war is in the making. This war is still with Mexicans, but there is a different reason for it. “Michael Otto Hermann had had it. He had damn well had it with all the BS in the new war on terror. He had had it with all the illegal aliens, liberal politicians and pontificators, violent drug gangs, sleazy Mexican politicians, and corrupt members of the army.” The reader is carried along with the characters, both good and bad, as they become embroiled in a spine tingling adventure that will keep the reader wanting more. Some readers will be put off by the pages of technical information about vehicles, airplanes and guns, but the information gives the reader insight into how intense the situation is. Will the ranch family get help to protect their ranch? Tune in to find out. I liked the plot and the characters. The plot is well thought out and executed and the characters are well defined and interesting. I believe that the novel is written so that it could be adapted to a movie or TV miniseries. Let’s hope that if that is the case, they will keep the character of the book. Buck Stienke is a retired captain and fighter pilot for the United States Air Force and a graduate from the Air Force Academy. He was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over 25 years and also executive producer of the award winning film Rockabilly Baby. Ken Farmer served in the Marine Corps and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University. Ken has been a professional actor, writer and director with memorable roles in Silverado, Friday Night Lights and Uncommon Valor. He continues to write and direct award-winning films, including Rockabilly Baby.
LoreeALough More than 1 year ago
If you enjoy edge-of-your-seat stories that deliver a "you are there" feeling, you'll love this first installment in the Black Eagle Force series. Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke have done a stellar job of crafting good guy characters you'll root for...and bad guys who'll tempt you to grind your molars to dust. Better make room on your "keepers" shelf for this one, folks, because you won't want to loan out this page-turner!
SBNewfman More than 1 year ago
Ken Farmer and Buck Steinke have produced an outstanding Action Adventure novel titled, “Black Eagle Force - Eye of the Storm”. It is a fast, fun and exiting story that takes the reader on an action packed journey into a world of clandestine quick strike operations in a setting that hits very close to home. Based on the history of conflict along the U.S./Mexican Border, they combine real world combat experience and the high tech savvy of their military backgrounds to create a story that demonstrates the reality of war with an eye on compassion and romance. At times the Authors are very direct in their description of weapons effects and when that is combined with the application of future technologies they create scenes that will absolutely blow you away. With a sequel already in the works (Black Eagle Force – Sacred Mountain), I highly recommend this book to all my readers. S. B. Newman, Author “The Night Eagles Soared” and “Burnt Yellow and Red”
G-H More than 1 year ago
If you like fast paced action, a surprise on every page, twists and turns in the plot, and good old fashioned "Salute the flag and get the job done" story line, then this book is for you. Be sure and buy the first Black Eagle Force book too. I can't wait for the next book! Gary Hancock,Pinkerton Special Agent
LLLVIS More than 1 year ago
From the first page, I was hooked! It is easy to be drawn into the story, and the Black Eagle Force will take you for quite a ride. Once I got started, this book was very hard to put down until it was done!