Black Holes

Black Holes

by Don Nardo

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Consider an object with such gravitational pull that even light cannot escape it and where most natural laws do not hold true—a "hole that curves space and warps time." Though there are potentially large numbers of black holes, these mysterious objects are not easy to observe since their darkness hides them from view. Interestingly, it may never be possible to discover what is hidden inside as long as we remain in our present physical form. Yet they continue to intrigue us and fire our imaginations. Evidence hints these wonders may be "intimately connected to many of the most fundamental processes of the universe" such as gravity, stellar evolution, formation of galaxies, and effects of time on space. In other words, understanding black holes might tell us where and how our universe began. Author Don Nardo explains that a black hole is not simply an "empty hole, or void, in space, but instead a cosmic entity having very substantial mass." He journeys through discovery beginning with Isaac Newton's 1666 theory of universal gravitation and Albert Einstein's vision of space and time in the early 1900's. Nardo reveals a complicated subject in a detailed, but straightforward manner. He poses questions to spark exciting challenges for the mind. Can black holes be used as cosmic gateways? Do they have implications for the fate of the universe? While the black and white illustrations add much, color would further enhance the drama of this nonfiction work. Bibliographic information is included for additional study. 2004, Lucent Books, Ages 8 to 12.
—Francine Thomas

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The Lucent Science and Technology Library
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11 - 17 Years

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