Black Hull (The Complete Novel)

Black Hull (The Complete Novel)

3.6 5
by Joseph Turkot
Imagine a distant future where technology�s inexorable advance has halted for all but the richest .1% of humanity. Indigents who still have it fly spaceships that are hundreds of years old, and entreat the help of robots that are relics of the past.

The wealthy, having achieved immortality through science, and secured total power through purchase of all


Imagine a distant future where technology�s inexorable advance has halted for all but the richest .1% of humanity. Indigents who still have it fly spaceships that are hundreds of years old, and entreat the help of robots that are relics of the past.

The wealthy, having achieved immortality through science, and secured total power through purchase of all government seats, spread and consume the last resources of the cosmos. The unlucky majority pursue one goal: The generational commitment to buying a ticket into Utopia�the virtual reality program that simulates what in antiquity was known as heaven. Little do they question the mysterious origin and purpose of their gloried destination.

For those who can�t afford to upload their consciousnesses into Utopia, and leave their physical bodies forever behind, there are few options but to live the life of an outlaw.

Eight hundred years in the past, Mick Compton is ripped away through a wormhole into the dystopian future of the Messier 82 galaxy. In a place where the only thing that matters is getting into paradise, he wants only to get back home to his proper place and time, to his wife and family, so that he can right the wrongs of his past. But Sera, a battle-hardened smuggler with plans of her own for him, won�t make it so easy.

And a darker agenda is at play in M82�the terrorist known as The Force of Darkness has reached a terrifying conclusion: Humanity is a virus, whose chance at equilibrium with its environment long ago failed. The only solution is complete extermination of mankind. After decades of surreptitious construction, FOD is nearly ready to detonate a quantum black hole with the power to consume the entire spread of the human race.

Will Mick succumb to the draw of Utopia and forsake his desire to return to a real family? Will FOD pull off the ultimate terrorist act and destroy humanity once and for all? Find out in Black Hull.

Editorial Reviews

Amazon - CB Smith
Tossed into a non-descriptive domain with insufficient data is enough to send most in search of GPS. But to Mick, a FRINGE operative, this is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). What follows this abrupt and explosive beginning are enough nuggets of plausibility to send a hound dog in multiple directions simultaneously. On a New York City bus one hears a cacophony of voices speaking and trilling rapid-fire tonalities in multifarious languages.
Amazon - Scifi Fanatic
Mr. Turkot takes a turn into science fiction after his successful Darkin fantasy series. In this book you'll find Turkot's crisp and descriptive writing style, without the heavy-handedness so common of other works in this genre. While this book is the first in a series, I found myself satisfied upon the conclusion of the book, with just enough loose ends to build anticipation for the next episode. As a long-time lover of classic science fiction series by the likes of Isaac Asimov, I am very glad

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Joseph Turkot grew up and lives in New Jersey. He began writing and drawing at a young age. In school, Joseph was zoned out, daydreaming that he was A) Luke Skywalker, B) A hobbit, or C) Goku/Bruce Lee, depending upon what day it was. Today, he has crafted his own worlds, filled them with characters, and painted their stories. He writes in a variety of genres including realistic fiction, science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Subscribe to the mailing list, found on his blog for notification of new books.


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Black Hull 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Mick has awakes to find he is alone in space with no knowledge of what happened. He is saved and finds he is in the future. A future that is full of robots and never knowing who to trust. He ends up in the hands of Sera who just wants to get into Utopia. She promises to help Mick get back to his time but there is something else out there with it's own plans. The Force of Darkness wants to reset everything and end humanity. FOD sees it as the virus that has screwed up the universe. Mick will have to decide if he wants to go back to his family or if he wants to stay in Utopia. FOD may just change his plans for good. Mick was an interesting character to get to know. He has a past and did things he can't take back. He has always lived for exploring space and put his family to the side to get his goals. He faces many challenges when he wakes up including looking at all he did. You see the way he acted wasn't all his fault but I still didn't care for how he treated his family. You also get to see where Sera comes from and how she became the smuggler she is. She has her own guilt eating away at her and what she believes she did. This is an action packed interesting book. You see the universe in the future through the authors eyes. It is a dangerous and complex world you find yourself in. Action is always going full speed and you are never sure what will happen next. It's a place everyone does what they can to get what they want. You get flashes back to Mick when he was around his family and you see how much he regrets what he did. He has big choices to make in this book and seems to change for the better. If you love sci-fi or dystopian book you may want to try this book out.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As a sci-fi fan I was drawn to the premise of this story and its thought-provoking implications. The author crafted a story that was fast-paced and full of twist and turns that ultimately left me with my jaw on the floor in a last minute shocker that I had a foreboding feeling about. Along the way the author introduced us to an eclectic cast of characters with backgrounds hinted at through flashbacks scattered throughout the latter half of the story especially. These characters range from a human to lifelike bots to androids reminiscent of those found in Star Wars. Much of this story had a Star Wars feel in fact, from the cocky pilot to the droids to an older individual dispensing sage advice to an exotic bar full of dangerous individuals. It was a non-stop journey full of pulse-pounding moments that led to one man seeking forgiveness and discovering it in an unexpected way. The ultimate meaning of the story was religious based with a sci-fi slant. For the most part this is not an uplifting story. It repeatedly points out how bad humanity has fallen in the future with only the rich finding peace. Most of the characters have done bad deeds that they don't feel guilty about as the ends justify the means. The only person with a modicum of guilt is the main protagonist Mick and his realizations come at his lowest point with death staring him in the face. The harshness of the characters made them hard to like and even harder to relate to. The only characters I found sympathetic were the androids GR and XJ and even they took on too comedic of a role to be likable at times. The storyline was undoubtedly unique and memorable with its exotic and vividly depicted other worlds. The characters were equally unique but hard to relate to as not much time was dealt in the here and now getting to know them beyond the mission. The tone is gritty and keeps you thinking and with more stated to come I'm left wanting more. I ultimately applaud what the author created though the execution was a bit lacking. Fans of sci-fi will find this appealing though for its thought-provoking ideas and for that I recommend it.
LostSailorNY More than 1 year ago
A Solid Novel of the Near and Far Future, Tackling Big Ideas. I read this as part of A Taste of Tomorrow: The Dystopian Boxed Set ebook. Warning: Mild Spoilers. A solid book that does what I like best about science ficiton: explore big themes, whether scientific, technological, or social by creating realistic characters in unrealistic settings and situations. The writing, too, is solid, and, with some odd lapses in diction aside, often moving, especially toward the end. One thing I would have liked to have seen a little more of was a little more description of places and settings, which were often left a little vague. I did find some of the plotting a bit haphazard--though the "flashback" sections interspersed throughout were effective in giving the story some needed grounding--especially at the start, but readers who persevere will be rewarded. I was relieved that the author's Veganism and the related themes promised by the forward in the version I read were thankfully more muted than I expected. Minor flaws and all, still a definite recommendation for readers who like their SF to go big...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good sci fi book with a very stupid ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago