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Black Ice

Black Ice

4.7 4
by Linda Hall

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They said she came in with the ice…

Lenore Featherjohn found the girl, frozen against a snow bank behind Lenore’s bed-and-breakfast. Some said she was a ghost, others said an angel.

Lenore knows better. Fearing that the police might look to her sons as murderers, she hires Jake Rikker and his crusty business partner, May, to


They said she came in with the ice…

Lenore Featherjohn found the girl, frozen against a snow bank behind Lenore’s bed-and-breakfast. Some said she was a ghost, others said an angel.

Lenore knows better. Fearing that the police might look to her sons as murderers, she hires Jake Rikker and his crusty business partner, May, to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding her undesirable discovery. Their search leads them not to the strange girl–or to Earth’s final days, as many in the town suspect–but to Amy McLaren, the wife of a local minister. As Jake and May get closer to the truth, the tension between Lenore and Amy rises, forcing each woman to face the secrets they’ve hidden far too long.

Return to Fog Point in Black Ice, a gripping novel that asks, is any faith strong enough to survive the coldest seasons of life?

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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When a young girl is found dead, frozen in the backyard of local busybody Lenore Featherjohn's B&B, many presume her an angel because her body looked to be "praying." This tragedy throws the mostly Christian town of Fog Point into shock, fear and endless gossip about who might have committed the terrible murder. Longtime novelist Hall (Dark Water) offers readers an intense mystery against the wintry backdrop of a town cloaked in ice and snow, among Fog Pointers who have long-buried secrets of their own. Unfortunately, she leaves readers not only with the task of figuring out a murder, but also keeping track of what seems an endless cast of characters—business partners Jake and May of the Purple Church; the local minister Ben and his unhappy wife, Amy; Lenore Featherstone and her deadbeat sons, Earl and Carl, to name just a few. Each ultra-short chapter switches point of view and even abruptly jumps to the first person, present tense occasionally. But if audiences can weather the task of flipping back and forth to remember who's who, they will be rewarded with an engaging mystery set in a town experiencing a crisis of faith in more ways than one. (Mar.)

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Fog Point Series
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Meet the Author

Linda Hall is the award-winning author of seven nonfiction books and twelve novels, including Dark Water. When she’s not writing, Linda and her husband, Rik, enjoy sailing the St. John River system and the coast of Maine. Linda and Rik have two children and three grandchildren and live in New Brunswick.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Black Ice 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This novel is classified as a mystery but it's as much about personalities as about solving a murder case. It includes many tender moments. For example, Rose Nation kneels in a snow-bank where an angel is said to have appeared, and her arthritis is apparently cured. She no longer feels 'a shred of pain.' A neighbor of Rose's, pastor's wife Amy McLaren, can't sleep because of worry about her faltering marriage and Christian faith. In the dark she picks up her husband's bathrobe by mistake. She puts it on and smells 'the smell of him, a smell she knew like her own skin.' Private investigator Jake Rikker¿another resident of the little community of Fog Point¿is humbly grateful for any progress he makes in reestablishing a relationship with his estranged daughter. All of these people's lives are touched and changed by the tragic death of a teenaged girl named Tully Shenk. As Jake and his crusty business partner, May, unravel the mystery, the words 'tender moments' take on a new meaning, a meaning as chilling as the novel's icy title.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't rave enough about Linda Hall's latest novel! In my opinion, it ties with Island of Refuge as the best that Linda has ever written, since both of them kept me guessing till the end, and I loved the unpredictable unravelling of each mystery. Linda fills Black Ice with realistic characters and an intricate and intriguing whodunit, as well as a setting that brings it all to life. The pace of the story was perfect, and the answer to each question came along at just the right time. I enjoyed the pairing of detectives Jake and May, since I felt like I was reuniting with old friends. (Book 1 in the Fog Point Series is Dark Water, another great novel.) There was no risk of tiring of the familiar folks, however, because Linda brings in an excellent cast of characters to become entangled in the events she envisioned. Enough talk ¿ go get the book and have fun!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Fog Point, Lenore Featherjohn welcomes guests to her B&B not caring whether the visitor is alive or otherwise. She simply cares about anyone who passes through her door. She especially goes out of her way when a child regardless of whether the youngster still breathes enters her inn.--------------------- A young female ghost receives the royal treatment from Lenore who finds her corpse in a praying like position. While the townsfolk of Fog Point adopt the child as an angel, Lenore hires Jake Rikker to investigate who Jane Doe was when she lived and what happened to her that led to her death. While Minister Ben McLaren fears that the person who killed an apparent innocent lamb could murder again if anyone like the owner-hostess of the B&B gets to close to the truth, his wife Amy is unhappy.--------------------- The latest Fog Point thriller (see DARK WATER) is a fascinating tale of fear and belief though the multitude of players with the changing perspectives can be difficult to follow. The story line is action-packed as everyone reacts differently to the deceased ¿angel¿. Readers will enjoy Linda Hall¿s return to Fog Point with this fine Christian thriller.----------------- Harriet Klausner