Black Lace

Black Lace

by Christy Poff
Chelsea Strawbridge lives on the outside of "proper society" and doesn't care. She's happy with her life—in every way. Reed Carrington hides his true identity in order to do what he truly loves—fight fire. When he meets Chelsea, his life seems complete, save for one thing. One mistake with the wrong woman and Reed finds he and Chelsea paying for someone


Chelsea Strawbridge lives on the outside of "proper society" and doesn't care. She's happy with her life—in every way. Reed Carrington hides his true identity in order to do what he truly loves—fight fire. When he meets Chelsea, his life seems complete, save for one thing. One mistake with the wrong woman and Reed finds he and Chelsea paying for someone else's insane obsession. Can the heat of his lady in black lace be enough to keep them alive or will their world fall in on them in more ways than one?

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Internet Bonds , #7
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Two women sat in a booth on the first floor of Engine 46, a restaurant where firefighters--both city and from the surrounding counties--hung out. They had a clear view of the bar and the front door, both women definitely on the prowl.

They spent the evening sizing up the guys. Do you think he's good in bed? Would he be good to hit on?

"I think he'd be good," Jocilynne Sommersby observed, pointing at a guy leaning against the bar talking with several others.

"He's married, Lynne," Penny Dixon, her girlfriend, told her.


"No! Marrieds are off-limits! Remember? Your rule..."

"I can think about it." Lynne pouted.

"How about the guy next to him? He's kinda cute."

"Ugh, I don't like his moustache."

"You're way too picky."

"I am not," Lynne protested.

"Yes, you are," Penny argued. They'd been friends for years. Both grew up on the affluent Philadelphia Main Line, had gone to the same private school and then Bryn Mawr College. While Lynne had the looks, Penny had the common sense. Lynne's father had given her credit for keeping his daughter out of trouble over the years.

"Okay, I dare you."

"What?" Penny warily asked.

"We find a guy..."

"Unmarried," Penny reminded her.

"Okay, we find an unmarried guy--no, fireman--and..."

"And what?"

"Whoever's successful tonight wins."

"Wins what?"

"Lunch atMorimoto's."

"You're on," Penny said enthusiastically.

"Start saving your money because you know I'll win."

"Probably but it's something different to do."

They laughed, ordered an appetizer and drinks then waited. Several groups came and went with no prospects before they ordered dinner and settled in for a long night. Jocilynne tipped the waiter to make sure they wouldn't be bothered for their table, the restaurant extremely popular. Their bet waged near seven, they'd yet to find anyone interesting by ten.

"This could prove to be..." Penny began.

"No, we're fine," Jocilynne assured her.

Half an hour later, three guys entered the restaurant and headed straight for the bar. Jocilynne smiled.

"He's here."

"Who? Where?"

"My date for the night," Jocilynne said. "New group, center bar--he's got the cute ass and he's on the right."

"I like his eyes."

"He's hot."

"His friends aren't too bad either. I see possibilities."

They watched the men for a bit before Jocilynne made her move. Penny watched, shaking her head. Moments later, Jocilynne led two of the firefighters over to their table. With them came another round of drinks.

"What about your friend?" Penny asked.

"Married," the one sitting next to her said. "He gets one on the way home and calls it an early night."

"Ah," Penny said.

"Well," Jocilynne said, raising her drink. "Here's to tonight's fun."

* * * *

Reed Carrington, Dan Wheldon and Larry Fisher usually stopped by Engine 46 on their way home after their shifts at a nearby fire station. They liked the ambiance of the bar/restaurant and the opportunity to talk shop with other firefighters from the area.

Reed and Dan enjoyed downtime with Larry Fisher, the only married guy on their shift.

"Did you hear about the test results, Reed?" Fisher asked.


"Congrats," Fisher said, raising his glass to his friend. "Fourth's not too shabby."

"Thanks," Reed acknowledged, their glasses clinking. "How'd you do?"

"Didn't take it--remember? With the wife pregnant, I..."

"Congrats to you, Dad," Dan said. "Captain's pay would go a long way to..."

"Yeah, but I'm happy where I am and so is she."

"I guess as long as you both agree on it..."

"We do. She's happy with where I am. We heard one of the openings is up in the North East. She doesn't want me at that station."

"I see--she likes cushy Center City."

"You got it."

"Well, unless one of the top three turns it down, I'll be waiting for the next round."

"I heard Hornish might turn it down."

"What? Why?" Reed asked.

"From what I understand, he took the test on a dare. He didn't study at all and swears he's not ready for a station command."

"Damn!" Reed cursed.

"Here's to our new captain," Dan saluted.

"Hear, hear," Fisher said.

They laughed then downed their drinks. Fisher ordered the next round.

"Yo, you're past your limit."

"Special occasion," Fisher said, grinning.

"Hey, guys."

"Hi," Dan said to the leggy blonde who'd joined them.

"My girlfriend and I wanted to know if you'd like to join us."

"I can't," Larry said, quickly begging out then finishing his drink and paying the tab. "Got the little woman waiting." He stood up, shook Reed's hand then Dan's and left.

"Well?" she asked, running her hand along Reed's shoulder.

"Sure, why not?" Reed said, Dan agreeing. They picked up their drinks plus the next round and followed her to the booth where her girlfriend waited, both getting an eyeful of long legs and a short skirt. Dan slid in next to the one seated at the table while the blonde made sure Reed sat down and slid over to make room for her on the banquette seat. She slid in beside him, making sure to sit as close to him as possible. Reed began to wonder if this was a good idea but it seemed a little late for any hesitation.

After first name introductions, Reed and Dan ordered dinner while Penny and Jocilynne ordered dessert. Light conversation and laughter highlighted the evening.

"Last call," the bartender announced shortly before two.

"I'd better get going," Dan said. "I'm covering for Carver this afternoon and need some sleep."

"I should get home, too," Penny said. "Lynne?"

"If you need a ride, can I drop you?" Dan asked her.

"Sure," Penny enthused.

"I'll see you Monday morning."

"You got it," Reed said then finished his drink. He watched his friend leave with the other woman and gulped. With quiet speed, Jocilynne had moved her hand from where she'd rested it on his thigh to where his shaft felt trapped in his jeans. The sudden grip on him took him by surprise, especially in a public restaurant.

He looked at her seeing a devilish smile on her face.

"Can I take you home?" he asked.

"I hoped we could spend more time together, maybe go to your place?"

"My place is out."

"Oh? Why?"

"Never take any girl home until I'm sure of the relationship."

"Interesting," she said, pulling out her cell phone. She made a quick phone call then they left. Her limo driver held the door for them to get in then closed it.

"What about my car?"

"You can come back for it in the morning," she informed him.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see," she said, her lips meeting his.

Overwhelmed, Reed knew he was making a mistake but he couldn't help continuing. Before he could think, he felt her lips on his cock and heard the privacy screen settling into place.

"Lynne, I..."

"Shh," she said, before taking his cock deeper into her throat. Reed gripped the armrest, enjoying a mind-blowing blow job. Never had any woman taken him the way Jocilynne Sommersby just did.

"Oh, baby," he said after he felt the last drop of his soul release into her mouth. Licking her lips, Lynne sat next to him, taking another extended kiss from him.

"There's more where that came from," she told him. Half an hour later and in the middle of another long kiss, the limo driver informed her they'd reached their destination. She thanked him then went back to kissing Reed.

"You're something, Lynne."

"Like I said, there's more," she assured him.

Reed groaned, Jocilynne Sommersby sin personified. He didn't comprehend why he couldn't resist her, why he didn't want to even though he knew better.

When he emerged from the limo, he saw they'd gone to The Radnor Hotel out in Delaware County. He knew it by reputation and the fact it sat out of his price range plus he'd never known anyone with the hotel's phone number on speed dial.

The driver pulled an overnight bag from the trunk and gave it to the bellman.

"I see you came prepared," he observed.

"You can't seriously expect me to leave in the same clothes I got here wearing?"

"I guess not," he said. Amazing...

He followed her inside where she checked in at the desk. The bellman took them to their room on the top floor where Jocilynne gave him a good-sized tip before locking the door behind the man when he left. She turned, leaning against the door.

"Okay, Hot Shot, strip!"

Her command took him by surprise. While he wondered if he'd heard her right, his body reacted to the order in an unfamiliar way--his cock swelled and every nerve ending tingled.

"I said strip," she said, crossing the room to where her overnight bag sat on a bench at the foot of the bed.

"I heard you," he said warily.

"Then what's the hold up?" she asked sweetly. "I'm used to getting what I want when I want it."

"I bet you are," he came back, quickly considering her family's wealth and society status. The Sommersbys made their money in banking, originally in England before moving to the fledgling colonies and settling in Philadelphia on what was known as the Main Line. Her parents had been known to host some spectacular parties--ones he'd received invitations to and didn't accept. Now their daughter stood across the room with a riding crop in her hand and no idea who she was spending the night with.


"I said strip and I meant it," she said seconds before she cracked the crop across his ass. Instead of resenting it, he found it arousing. "Do I have to use it again?"

Slowly Reed stripped out of his clothes while she circled him as if she was inspecting the goods or a new mount. She ran her hand over his back, sending chills through him. My God, I want more of this. Why? The slight pressure of her hand on his shoulder brought him back to reality for a moment.

She stood in front of him, removing her clothes. Naked with her legs parted and still brandishing the crop, she pushed him to his knees.

"Hands behind your back, Hot Shot," she commanded, Reed blindly obeying.

What the hell is going on here? He got his answer when she moved closer then pulled his face to her clean-shaven mons.

"I want you to lick my pussy so I cry out when I come for you."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, his lips covering her nether lips. His tongue played over her clit before he drove it into her, tongue fucking the Main Line heiress. In a daze from the fact he shared a hotel room with her while sucking her pussy, the sting from the crop on his bare skin excited him. The more she used it, the more he wanted her.

"Oh, yes, Hot Shot! Oh..." she cried out.

Reed drank from her, her essence drowning him though he refused to stop. If I die...

"Play with me, Hot Shot."

He nodded, unable to stop feasting on her. One hand went to her breast while the other teased her clit as he drove his tongue deeper into her wet heat.

She climaxed again, pressing his head closer to her body. Somehow, she turned around without Reed stopping then bent over. He played with her nipples, holding tight when she fed him again.

"I want to fuck you," he gasped.

"Then take control and do it right now."

Without realizing what drove him, he pushed her to her hands and knees. He drove his hungry cock home, pounding her pussy without mercy. He felt her release coming, his strokes speeding up. Another sting and he filled her.

The moment she gasped, he reached over grabbing a handful of her hair.

"Oh, Reed!" she cried once he'd exploded into her.


"Do it again."

* * * *

After several hours of raw sex, they'd fallen asleep in the huge king-sized bed. Reed woke around eight, quickly taking stock of what had occurred since he and Lynne met at the bar. He quickly relived it, his body reacting and wanting her again. He saw the crop, his enjoyment of it being used on him shocking him.

Quietly, he slipped from the bed, grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom, locking himself in. He took a shower, dressed then, like a coward, he left her. Questions about everything ran rampant in his mind, Reed unsure of himself.

Downstairs, the concierge ordered him a taxi. Once on the road back to where he'd parked his car near Engine 46, he tried to sort things out but found it impossible.

Reed Carrington had always been sure about every aspect of his life--all the Carrington men shared the same trait. He never questioned any decision he ever made until he met Jocilynne Sommersby--a piranha in disguise. She'd eaten him up, spit him out and he wanted more.

One notion remained obvious--thank God it had been a one-nighter. He knew he could never handle her on a daily basis. He tried the forbidden fruit and ... Shit! We never discussed precautions. Fuck!

He paid the cabbie, got into his car and drove home, grateful he hadn't taken her there. He'd always been very private about where he'd grown up and now lived and refused to take any woman there until he felt sure she'd be the right one. The house had its own secrets which didn't need to become public or used against him. One of the secrets he planned to look into once he got inside the stately mansion.

It would wait though. Once he parked his '69 Chevelle in the garage, he took a walk along one of the smaller branches stemming off the Wissahickon Creek. One of his favorite places, it usually calmed him but not this morning, his mind in upheaval. He cursed, hating the fact she'd gotten under his skin the way she had.

"Well, I guess now is as good a time as any," he said, talking to himself as he entered the huge Revolutionary-era home. Built in the early 1700's while the fledgling country fought to build itself into an independent entity, it had weathered a lot over the centuries. Could it handle the outcome of an errant night of sexual bliss out in the county?

"We shall see," he said, his voice echoing in the quiet home. Wanting the place to himself once in a while, he gave the staff weekends off unless he needed them for rare special occasions. They left Friday night and returned Sunday night. He still had a few hours.

Once inside the door, he stopped and waited. No matter where he entered the house, he kept to this one ritual. A few moments later, his Siamese cat Ming-toi came running to see him, his distinctive howl echoing through the house. He picked the cat up, stroking his neck.

"Thank God for you," he said. "At least I can trust you to be here for me."

The cat purred loudly, banging his head into Reed's chin. At fourteen years young, the cat had always been close to him. My trusted friend...

After Reed fed Ming-toi, he went upstairs to his father's study. Though his father had died when Reed was eleven, he'd made sure the room remained as his father left it, an easy task since his mother had stopped caring long before his father's death. With no love lost between Reed and his mother, he successfully paid her off to quietly leave, giving her enough to live a good life as long as she didn't squander the money.

"I don't want to hear from you again and I especially do not want to hear from your damned lawyers. You wanted to divorce my father long before he died, his death giving you what you wanted except his money. I know for a fact you didn't want me so the feeling's mutual."


"No buts," he exclaimed. "Get out and never set foot in this house or my life again."

Twenty years passed, Reed not hearing a thing from her. He'd heard through the family grapevine that she married a guy with the same first name as his father.

At least she won't call out the wrong name in bed, had been his first reaction.

He stood in the center of the room and let his mind go back to the day when he'd come to see his father and found him emerging from a secret panel. When Reed asked about it, the elder Carrington told him to forget ever seeing it or having any knowledge of it.

"Well, Dad, now's the time. I think twenty years is long enough to hide the skeletons."

He went over to the bookshelf and pressed a hidden button he'd located several years after his father's death. Even though he knew where it was, he'd never had any reason to investigate his father's hidden room or to learn his secrets--until now.

Reed had always had an idea what Gavin Carrington hid about his life. His mother had let it slip once during an argument then again on her way out the door about his father's fetishes and habits. If Dad ... Taking a deep breath, he pressed the button and stepped aside to let the door swing into the room. He felt inside the opening and found a light switch. Flicking the switch up, the lights dimly lit a darkly decorated room. His first impression of the room didn't begin to make a dent into the Gothic reality of it.

"Good God, Dad," he said, his voice echoing in the room's silence. He stepped further into his father's playroom and looked around at the various racks, toys, cabinets and other things. A bed waited off to his side and on a table in the center of the room sat an envelope, brown with age and addressed to him. He carefully picked it up and pulled out the letter his father had written to him just before his death.

Dear Reed,

I hope when you discover this, you are old enough to understand. I have always dabbled in the darker side of sex and dominated the women I spent time with. One even dominated me, a unique and very pleasurable experience. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you choose this lifestyle as long as you keep it discreet as I did.

Your mother suspected but could never get the proof she wanted in order to use it against me in a divorce action. If she had, she would have taken everything away from us and I could not let that happen.

Do not think badly of me. I never let this side of my life touch you and I am still the man who loved you more than you'll ever know. If you choose to partake in the pleasures my toys have to offer, enjoy them with my blessings.

Forever your devoted father,

G. Carrington

PS The road to learning is a very pleasurable one and one you should try before you make any judgments.

Reed looked around the room again then went over to one of the glass cabinets lining the wall. The oak base had several drawers and when he opened one, his heart skipped a beat. Slowly he pulled out the flogger, the previous night coming back to him followed by his father's words.

"Well, Dad--like father, like son," he mused while looking around. "Thank you for telling me it's not wrong to enjoy what happened last night."

He replaced the flogger in its place, leaving the letter safely in the drawer with it and left the room.

"Time to go to school," he said, leaving the room and closing the door on what could be his future.

* * * *

Meet the Author

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep respect for the Civil War and has done extensive research into the times. This love and research have resulted in several Civil war novels including CHASE FOR AN ANGEL which was born from this love and released in March, 2006. Others will follow. She loves old cities with and history like Charleston and New Orleans, the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and the Dakotas plus seeing the rest of the U.S. and western Canada. A volunteer firefighter for over twenty-five years, she’s been able to use her experience in several published works for others and even in some of her own work. People wonder what she writes to – Brooks and Dunn, Gary Allan, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Harry Connick or whoever strikes her mood at the time. She loves to watch Iron Chef on the Food Network, CSI:Miami and reruns of Nash Bridges, Miami Vice, Night Court and JAG.

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