Black Man's Cry: The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti

Black Man's Cry: The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti


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Now Again

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Fela Kuti   Inspiration
Cut Chemist   Inspiration,Information
B+   Inspiration,Information
Neal Sugarman   Inspiration,Information
Max Weissenfeldt   Inspiration,Information
Trevor Gendron   Art Direction
Laolu Akins   Inspiration,Information
Madlib   Inspiration,Information
Miles Cleret   Inspiration,Information
Kayode Samuel   Inspiration,Information
Jan Weissenfeldt   Inspiration,Information
Samy Ben Redjeb   Inspiration,Information
Gabe Roth   Inspiration,Information
Windisch Rainer   Inspiration,Information
Richard Leckie AKA Heavy Fuzz   Inspiration,Information
Jamie Strong   Inspiration,Information

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