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Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Blades of Glory [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]


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Lakeshore Records

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Richard Todd   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Richard Altenbach   Violin,Performing Ensemble
James Ashhurst   Guitar,Performing Ensemble
Timm Boatman   Percussion,Performing Ensemble
William Booth   Trombone,Performing Ensemble
Kim Bullard   Keyboards
Darius Campo   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Judy Chilnick   Percussion,Performing Ensemble
Mathew Cooker   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Wade Culbreath   Percussion,Performing Ensemble
Joel Derouin   Violin,Performing Ensemble
George Doering   Guitar,Performing Ensemble
Richard Feves   Bass,Cello,Performing Ensemble
Daniel Greco   Percussion,Performing Ensemble
Alan Grunfeld   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Paula Hochhalter   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Roland Kato   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Randy Kerber   Piano,Performing Ensemble
Miran Kojian   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Janet Lakatos   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Victor Lawrence   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Dimitrie Leivici   Violin
Dane Little   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Rene Mandel   Violin,Performing Ensemble,Concert Master
Edward Meares   Bass,Performing Ensemble
Keith Nelson   Guitar
Dan Neufeld   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Barbara Northcutt   Oboe,Performing Ensemble
Tom Ranier   Piano,Performing Ensemble
Geri Rotella   Flute,Performing Ensemble
David Shostac   Flute,Performing Ensemble
George Thatcher   Trombone,Performing Ensemble
Doug Tornquist   Tuba,Performing Ensemble
Marcia Dickstein   Harp,Performing Ensemble
Andrew Shulman   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Sebastian Toettcher   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
John Walz   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Wayne Bergeron   Trumpet,Performing Ensemble
Natalie Leggett   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Timothy Landauer   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Rafael Rishik   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Jimmy Ashhurst   Bass,Drums
Armen Anassian   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Agnes Gottschewski   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Hershberger   Violin,Performing Ensemble
David Washburn   Trumpet,Performing Ensemble
David Parmeter   Bass,Cello,Performing Ensemble
Keith Greene   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Robert Berg   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Steven Gordon   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Irina Voloshina   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Eun Mee Ahn   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Rose Corrigan   Bassoon,Performing Ensemble
Oscar Hidalgo   Bass,Cello,Performing Ensemble
Liane Mautner   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Galina Golovin   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Piotr Jandula   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Ralph Williams   Clarinet,Performing Ensemble
Allen Savedoff   Bassoon,Performing Ensemble
Ishani Bhoola   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Phillip Yao   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Sungil Lee   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Jennifer Gordon Levin   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Marina Manukian   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Andrew Malloy   Trombone,Performing Ensemble
Kristy Morrell   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Leanne Becknell   Oboe,Performing Ensemble
Christine E. Frank   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Songa Lee   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Henry Gronnier   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Donald Foster   Clarinet,Performing Ensemble
Scott Hosfeld   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Lorand Lokuszta   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Michele Richards   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Malcolm McNab   Trumpet,Performing Ensemble
Radu Pieptea   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Xavier Muriel   Drums
Mark Adams   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Robert Brophy   Violin,Viola,Performing Ensemble
Josh Schwartz   Guitar,Performing Ensemble
Thomas Diener   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Karen Van Sant   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Donald Ferrone   Bass,Performing Ensemble
Phillip Teele   Trombone,Performing Ensemble
Michael Nowak   Conductor
Tomas Raney   Percussion,Performing Ensemble
Paul Cohen   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Chris Ermacoff   Cello,Performing Ensemble,Celli
Steven Edelman   Bass,Performing Ensemble
Steven Becknell   Horn,Performing Ensemble
Tamara Hatwan   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Mario de León   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Matthew Funes   Viola,Performing Ensemble
Jon Lewis   Trumpet,Performing Ensemble
Sarah Parkins   Violin,Performing Ensemble
Timothy Eckert   Bass,Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Marvin Gaye   Composer
Lou Gramm   Composer
Dan Hartman   Composer
Jeff Lynne   Composer
Billy Squier   Composer
Herman Rarebell   Composer
Joe Barresi   Engineer
David Bianco   Engineer
Doug DeAngelis   Composer
George Drakoulias   Producer
Josh Gordon   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Richard Grant   Auricle Programming
Klaus Meine   Composer
Melissa Ritter   Composer
Ed Townsend   Composer
Donnie Wahlberg   Composer
Mark Wahlberg   Composer
Brad Dechter   Orchestration
Greg Fidelman   Engineer
Chris Fogel   Engineer,Score Mixer
Bruce Babcock   Orchestration
Pete Anthony   Orchestration
Ben Stiller   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Jon Kull   Orchestration
Skip Williamson   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Theodore Shapiro   Score
Gregory Jamrok   Auricle Programming
Brian McNelis   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Stephanie Mente   Art Direction
Aaron Kasdorf   Engineer
Stuart Cornfeld   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Will Speck   Executive Soundtrack Producer
David Bianoc   Engineer
John Ashton Thomas   Orchestration
Rudolf Schenker   Composer

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