Blair Handbook with E-Book and 2003 MLA Update / Edition 4

Blair Handbook with E-Book and 2003 MLA Update / Edition 4

by Toby Fulwiler, Alan Hayakawa

ISBN-10: 0131069594

ISBN-13: 9780131069596

Pub. Date: 08/28/2003

Publisher: Pearson

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

I. WRITING IN COLLEGE. 1. Questions and Answers About Writing.
2. Reading Critically to Think Critically.
3. The Writing Process.

II. PLANNING. 4. Keeping a Journal.
5. Inventing and Discovering.
6. Assuming a Rhetorical Stance.

III. DRAFTING. 7. Reflecting on Experience.
8. Explaining Things.
9. Arguing Positons.
10. Interpreting Texts.

IV. RESEARCHING. 11. Writing Research Essays.
12. Conducting Library Research.
13. Conducting Internet Research.
14. Conducting Field Research.
15. Evaluating Research Sources.
16. Using Sources.
17. A Sampler of Research Essays.

V. REVISING. 18. The Revising Process.
19. Focused Revising.
20. Responding to Writing.
21. Creative Nonfiction.

VI. EDITING. 22. The Editing Process.
Editing for Effectiveness.
23. Shaping Strong Paragraphs. 24. Improving Openings and Conclusions. 25. Strengthening Sentence Structure. 26. Creating Emphasis and Variety. 27. Building Vital Sentences. 28. Being Concise. 29. Adjusting Tone. 30. Choosing the Right Word. 31. Eliminating Biased Language. Editing Grammar.
32. Eliminating Sentence Fragments. 33. Correcting Fused Sentences and Comma Splices. 34. Using Verbs Correctly. 35. Using Modifiers Correclty. 36. Using Pronouns Correctly. 37. Making Sentences Consistent and Complete. Editing Punctuation.
38. End Punctuation. 39.Commas. 40. Semicolons. 41. Colons. 42. Apostrophes. 43. Quotation Marks. 44. Other Punctuation. Editing Mechanics.
45. Spelling 46. Capitalization. 47. Hyphenation. 48. Italics. 49. Numbers and Abbreviations.

VII. PRESENTING YOUR WORK. 50. Designing Documents.
51. Portfolios and Publishing.
52. Writing for the World Wide Web.
53. Making Oral Presentations.

VIII. WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM. 54. Understanding the College Curriculum.
55. Writing in Languages and Literature.
56. Writing in the Humanities.
57. Writing in the Social Sciences.
58. Writing in the Physical Sciences.
59. Writing in Business.
60. Columbia Online Style.
61. Writing Essay Examinations.

IX. A GRAMMAR REFERENCE. 62. Parts of Speech.
63. The Elements of a Sentence.
64. Sentence Classification and Sentence Patterns.
Glossary of Usage.
Glossary of Terms.
ESL Index.

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