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The Blessed (Gifted Series #3)

The Blessed (Gifted Series #3)

4.4 5
by Lisa T. Bergren

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?A glorious finish? (Midwest Book Review) to the acclaimed trilogy of the Gifted.

In The Begotten and The Betrayed, Lisa T. Bergren waged ?a classic battle of good and evil? (Publishers Weekly). Now, the war culminates in the most provocative chapter yet in the blessed and powerful mission of the Gifted. Thirteen in number,


?A glorious finish? (Midwest Book Review) to the acclaimed trilogy of the Gifted.

In The Begotten and The Betrayed, Lisa T. Bergren waged ?a classic battle of good and evil? (Publishers Weekly). Now, the war culminates in the most provocative chapter yet in the blessed and powerful mission of the Gifted. Thirteen in number, each of them possesses a divine purpose as catalysts in a war between light and dark. Among them are Sir Gianni de Capezzana and Daria d?Angelo, who must face the church and avoid being burned as heretics. Trailed by the enemy, and on the run in an unpredictable land, they're offered tenuous sanctuary where they find love? and unknown danger.

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Penguin Publishing Group
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Gifted Series , #3
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Penguin Group
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18 Years

Meet the Author

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the award-winning, bestselling author of Refuge, God Gave Us You, and The Captain's Bride. She is president and co-founder of Good Books&Company, which sells Christian books and gifts via home shows.

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Blessed 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
LiadanESM More than 1 year ago
Of the "Gifted Series," I love the 3rd book the best. The first 2 of the series definintely carry their stories as well as the whole, but "The Blessed" makes for a truly grand finale. Daria and the Gifted have escaped from Abramo the Sorcerer in #2. Now, they need to complete the destiny that God has granted to them: end the corruption of the Church. No small task in those days- they burned those people, or sent them to life in prison. So, facing both that very real possiblity, plus the Sorcerer hunting them, vowing revenge, Daria and her group have to face down darkness to restore light to the Church. They find help in another family of standing, a brother and sister, who give them much needed shelter and aid, and the brother in particular is a great character. You'll admire his selfless bravery in the scene where he faces down the Sorcerer. The whole of the book is well put together. The characters of Daria and the other Gifted are well rounded and convincing. You can picture them as real individuals. Daria and her knight finally marry in this book and you also see another set of grand miracles, daring battles, frightening encounters with Abramo and edge-of-your-seat escapes and feats in #3. This book does not bore nor disappoint. Another thing that I think is worth mentioning is the spiritual aspect of the book is well thought out. God is a real Presense in the bk, the Gifted know Him in a very close and intimate way. He's not a distant God somewhere in Heaven, He's there with them, even in the parts of the book where all looks lost- and there are some of those in this story. Also, the paths of the heroes and villains are well contrasted in this whole series. Things like loyalty, family, the place of money, sex, marriage are all delved into from both the good side and bad. You see how Daria's knight treats her with love and respect vs. how the Sorcerer treats her, as well as countless other women as objects to be used and exploited. You see the loyalty of the Gifted and the genuine love they all have for each other that goes beyond mere words, vs. the lip service of the Sorcerer and his followers that in the end is thrown away. The historical accuracy too, is well researched. Bergren is even kind enough in the back to tell where she is on the money and where it's made up, or slightly tweaked. A study guide in included too, so this could be used in classrooms/study groups/book cluds, though you could just read and enjoy, as I did. Do not miss out on this series. Non-Christians can enjoy it as well as believers can, please don't think this is a "Christians only" series, it's not. Also, the series is not preachy or trying to shove beliefs down peoples' throats, so that's great. Like Tolkein and Lewis, it's a woven aspect of the story, acting as a foundation, not shouting in your face. The miracle scenes are really beautiful, the battle scenes are thrilling, the romance parts are endearing. All of the people are very complex, and you get pulled into their journey and take it with them, and you're praying for them that they get through their stuggles and trials alive. It's a great snap shot of what life must have been like back then, and seeing what the Church was like, so divided against itself, is both interesting and heart wrenching. Sacrifices are made by the Gifted to succeed, and not everyone makes it to the end alive, some give their lives, so the others w
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Gifted are a group of thirteen men, women and children from all walks of life each endowed with a gift from God who sends them on a mission. According to a glass map they must travel to Avignon where the papacy is headquartered. They have a message to deliver to Pope Cornelius, but the evil men endowed with the Dark One¿s powers try to prevent them from reaching him. Vincenzo de Bruce and his mentor Abramo fail n their attempt to kill them.-------------- Daria D¿Angelo who was betrayed by her Uncle Vincenzo is a healer who when demonstrated God¿s powers she seems to convert most who observe her. The defection of her uncle hurts her badly and she hates Abramo who held her prisoner doing horrific things to her. She and the other Gifted know what awaits them in Avignon corruption of the Cardinals by their enemies and influencing the pope byf the Gifted who now have a loyal following from believers. A showdown is coming with the Gifted praying they are victorious.------------------ The third tale in the Gifted trilogy (see BETRAYED and BEGOTTEN) comes to a glorious finish. The de facto leader of the group is Daria, a strong independent woman who willingly suffers for God, but remains steadfast in her love and worship of Him. Besides wanting to clean out the depraved at the papal Court, the Gifted believe that the Word needs to be spoken in the native dialect and a worshipper do not a middle man priest to pray to God. This religious thriller is enthralling, filled with action and fascinating characters, and many messages, not all subtle, for the reader to ponder.------------------ Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An amazing conclusion to an amazing trilogy!  Don't miss out on this one---you won't be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago