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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

4.6 5
by Rick Acker

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Attorney Ben Corbin travels to Norway to settle a dispute between Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen, feuding brothers on the verge of developing a revolutionary neural stimulant that could turn first responders into superheroes. But more than just the fate of their pharmaceutical empire is at stake.

What starts as a sibling rivalry takes a deadly turn as Gunnar flees with


Attorney Ben Corbin travels to Norway to settle a dispute between Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen, feuding brothers on the verge of developing a revolutionary neural stimulant that could turn first responders into superheroes. But more than just the fate of their pharmaceutical empire is at stake.

What starts as a sibling rivalry takes a deadly turn as Gunnar flees with the secret formula and Karl finds himself in the crosshairs of a bribery investigation. As Ben navigates a web of intrigue involving the Russian mob, embezzled funds, and black-market deals, he and his legal team are targeted for violent reprisals. Whoever is behind the attacks, it quickly becomes clear that no one and nothing—including the miracle drug itself—is as it seems.

Will lust for profit and unbridled ambition drive Cain to slay Abel—or will the intrepid lawyer trying to save them from destroying each other pay the ultimate price?

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In this sequel to Dead Man's Rule, Chicago attorney Ben Corbin's plans for early retirement are thwarted when the Food and Drug Administration approves dangerous human trials of a drug designed to make people think and react faster. Action-packed drama, embezzlement, and a bitter feud between siblings keep this legal and scientific thriller moving. Fans of James Scott Bell's Christian thrillers (see below) may enjoy.

—Tamara Butler

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Meet the Author

Bestselling author Rick Acker is supervising deputy attorney general in the California Department of Justice. Most recently, he and his team won a string of unprecedented recoveries against the Wall Street players who triggered the Great Recession. Acker has authored several legal thrillers, including When the Devil Whistles, which award-winning author Colleen Coble described as “a legal thriller you won’t want to miss.” He spends most of his free time with his wife and children.

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Blood Brothers 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Fast paced action, courtroom drama, and surprise plot twists are the key elements in Rick Ackers novels. "Blood Brothers" features, attorney, Ben Corbin matches wits with a successful but sometimes shady attorney, Bert Siwell, in a courtroom legal struggle between feuding brothers, Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen, founders of the Bjornsen Pharmaceutical Empire. The Bjornsen Company is on the verge of introducing a revolutionary neural stimulant which increases brain intensity and astuteness. The legal ramification of the case centered on the Illinois Trade Secrets Act. The setting begins in Chicago, moves to Norway, and becomes international in intrigue and action. Ackers moved the story line forward while he developed his characters and through the use of stimulating dialog. He carefully incorporates characters from his previous novel "Dead Man's Rule." Sergi, Elena, and Ben's wife Noelle again become his investigative support team. He also uses a distinctive pattern of including low key characters which play an important part in carrying out his complex plot and the building suspense. Embezzlement, internet drug crimes, black market pacts, arson, and aggression are all infused into the intense drama as the story unfolds. Rick frequently focuses on the importance of core values and the character traits of honesty, justice, and the worth of the individual. His character development is thorough. He includes a thread of spiritual interaction woven throughout the story as he contrasts greed and avarice with selfless fidelity. Rick inspires hope and faith in the providence God both to the characters within the novel and in his reader. "Blood Brothers" is predictably another award winning novel for Rick Acker. Rick is articulate, gifted with a creative imagination and as a wordsmith. His biotech and medical research added to his legal training and experience give him a writing edge which appeals to avid readers from diverse interests and preference. Another faced paced biotechnological thriller filled with legal twists and courtroom drama.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book because a friend sent it to me, even though I don¿t much care for legal thrillers, and I loved it. The author is a litigator and people who have more clue than I do about what happens in a courtroom have said that Rick's courtroom scenes are believable - what I like about them is they're not obscure. There's not so much verbiage that I can't figure out what's going on, and there's a lot of the protagonist (Ben Corbin's) internal dialog as well, so we know not only what he's saying, but what he's thinking, and we see, sometimes rather entertainingly, the difference between his internal and external dialog. As I am perpetually curious about how other people live and what their jobs are like, I loved that. I looked forward to the courtroom scenes. The plot is intricate and yet accessible. There are at least three separate physical locations, all with their own people, and then a few PI's who Know All thrown in, but they were remarkably easy to keep track of. I was curious to see what made this book a Christian legal thriller, as opposed to a legal thriller. I got to the end of the plot, all threads tied up neatly, and there will still several pages left. Why? You'll need to read it for yourself, but those few final pages are what lifted this book for me, out of the legal thriller genre in the arena of Christian thriller. Instead of walking away feeling like I'd been peeking into the seamy underbelly of the world we live in, I walked away thinking about the way God changes lives and hearts.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Review: Reading this fast legal suspense story, ¿Blood Brothers¿ was like being buckled into an intense thrill ride. You know the kind. The extremely amazing roller coaster ride with all its surprises, twists, turns, ups and downs. I just couldn¿t put this book down. I kept reminding myself ¿This is just Fiction¿ (breathe)! What was so unnerving to me was the story line about the pharmaceutical companies and how they rule the world! (or would like to). It was fascinating and scary all at the same time when Rick Acker describes the internal workings of a large pharmaceutical company and how they interact with the FDA. All the court room drama in the story was just as powerful. It reminded me of the TV show Law and Order ¿Criminal Intent¿ on steroids, very vivid and deep. Two brothers start a pharmaceutical company so both could use their talents and work together to build something they could be proud of. The company becomes more successful than either of them could imagine. The struggle for power and control of the money begins when they both think they have discovered the wonder drug of the century. The results of the animal testing is almost done, what do they have to show and tell the FDA to start human testing? The Bjornsen brothers start to see the billions that could be made if this drug was FDA approved. I¿ll leave you with a quote from Blood Brothers ¿Love does call, you know. He calls us to do what we cannot do alone. He asks us to give without counting the cost, to walk through the furnace, to love the unlovable. He asks everything of us, and He has the right to expect it¿Because He gave everything for us!¿ Rick Acker unveils an example of this thru the story that will knock your socks off. This is one riveting story you won¿t soon forget. Nora St.Laurent
Guest More than 1 year ago
Blood Brothers is Rick Acker¿s sequel to Deadman¿s Rule where attorney Ben Corbin finds himself in the middle of a high stakes battle between brothers Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen. Once partners in Bjornsen Pharmaceuticals, the brothers have split, leaving Karl in charge of the company with Gunnar desiring to reclaim the helm. As Blood Brother¿s opens, the company is ending animal trials and seeking FDA approval of a revolutionary new drug, a neural stimulant that increases strength and intelligence. A drug that could change the very face of the world, especially if it were to end up in the wrong hands. The brother¿s fight for the company and rights to the drug results in lawsuits and a very believable legal battle where Gunnar is represented by Ben Corbin. Blood Brothers plot is larger than life with many twists and turns to keep the story moving. This story is filled with secrets, cover ups, accounting irregularities, and murder. This action is coupled with personal struggles of the large cast of characters and the story spans the globe as it unravels. The plot of Blood Brothers is large and ambitious. The story moves along rapidly and realistically introduces the reader to the very interesting world of pharmaceuticals. Though I found the scenes with the test animals gruesome, they helped to bring to light the practices of drug testing. Acker does a fine job of making his characters not only face huge challenges in the business world, but he gives each of them genuine interpersonal struggles as well. The legal jargon and courtroom scenes were well written, drawing the reader into the trial and giving them a front row seat to cheer for a positive outcome.
harstan More than 1 year ago
They are twenty-first century versions of Cain and Abel as brothers Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen have worked together for years building up Bjornsen Pharmaceutical the former is the CEO and the latter is president. In a shocking move, Karl manages to have his sibling voted out as a company officer. The only setback with this betrayal is that Gunnar is the only person who knows how to create Neurostim, a miracle drug that makes people smarter, quicker, and stronger. --- Karl sues his brother to force him to reveal how to produce the miracle elixir, but Gunnar counters by hiring lawyer Ben Corbin to make the case that criminal acts by his sibling makes him unfit to run the firm. Side effects show up during the test trials, but Karl keeps that concealed while Ben, his wife and his co-worker go to Norway to visit a Bjornsen subsidiary. They interview a scientist who has proof that Karl committed felonies to remove Gunnar from the company. However, an arsonist burns the building that contained the evidence destroying the documents in the inferno. Having also made a deal with the government, Karl seems indestructible as everything goes his way. --- Part crime caper and part legal thriller with a supporting medical thriller foundation, BLOOD BROTHERS is an exciting thriller that demonstrates the talent of Rick Acker to keep fan interest throughout the plot. There is a lot of action in the exhilarating story line, but it is the characters that grip the readers especially fascinating is the good vs. evil fratricide war. Ben is determined as he fights for his client who he fully believes in.The war heats up as his wife gets shot while applying forensic skills to financial documents, and likable Gunnar who knows his brother is a ruthless dirty adversary, but tries to remain on the moral high road in spite potholes, detours, and obstructions. --- Harriet Klausner