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The Blood Moon of Winter

The Blood Moon of Winter

4.3 9
by Courtney Conant
As the land of Makayra deteriorates, its people seek the help of one that might save them. The only chance of survival is the return of the goddess of the land yet she is nowhere to be found in their world. Through magic and determination, the Prophecy of Resurgence will come to pass. Their search leads them to discover Lilyana, a shy, young woman hiding behind her


As the land of Makayra deteriorates, its people seek the help of one that might save them. The only chance of survival is the return of the goddess of the land yet she is nowhere to be found in their world. Through magic and determination, the Prophecy of Resurgence will come to pass. Their search leads them to discover Lilyana, a shy, young woman hiding behind her books to avoid the interactions of daily life. The Makayrans must transcend time and space, to bring forth the goddess hidden within Lily and find a way to return her to their world before it is too late.

Editorial Reviews

R. A. Evans
Conant creates a rich and fantastic world within her words. The story develops smoothly. Lily’s journey from the mundane to the fantastical is sure to strike a chord with readers.

Courtney Conant’s The Blood Moon of Winter is an imaginative tale that blends reality with fantasy, darkness with light, and the underlying need to follow one’s heart no matter where it leads. Do not miss out on the amazing title. Courtney Conant is definitely an author to watch!
Durinda O'Dell
The Blood Moon of Winter is an engaging story of a seemingly normal woman who wants nothing more in life than some quiet and a good book. Lilyana Makay soon discovers that she is destined for so much more and has little to no control over changes in her life that are coming, indefinitely. Simply put... a great story set in two different worlds, about a woman whose life is turned upside down and learns to deal with the changes that are thrust upon her.
Melanie Addy
Lilyana's everyday life unfolds like a good friend, filling you in after a month's separation. Her alter life welcomes you in with words that lull and swoop your breath away. Your heart will slow pace as you enter the enchanting world of Makayra. No wonder she is torn between the surreal and the ordinary; both are shared with the reader like an amazing, savory, secret family recipe. You will want to eat this book up!

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Courtney Conant
Publication date:
Land of Makayra , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Courtney began writing at a very young age and was very passionate about it. Since moving to Arizona at age 16, she took a long break from it as she seemed to have hit a very long period of writer's block. She began writing again in 2008, due to finding NaNoWriMo which is an amazing contest/challenge for anyone needing that extra motivation. Since then, she has completed her first novel and has started work on the sequel.

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Blood Moon of Winter 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
becx More than 1 year ago
I was offered the chance to review “The Blood Moon of Winter”. I liked the concept of the story and the characters. Lily is very likable and reminded me of myself. Her personality and lifestyle are very similar to my own. I liked Jason as well. He’s smart, charming, and sexy. He and Lily have a nice chemistry. Courtney is a very descriptive author which was both a positive and negative for this story. On the positive, her descriptiveness brought the land of Makayra to vivid life. On the negative, Courtney’s descriptions of Lily’s normal life were rather boring. The way she writes about every little thing was like watching a crime show and listening to a suspect recount their every move. I grew increasingly bored until the end. The language was formal and stiff. The use of more contractions and less redundancy in words would have made the story simpler and easier to read. I would’ve liked more history on Makayra as well. The last four chapters grabbed my attention and the ending makes me want to read the second book. I give “The Blood Moon of Winter” 3/5 stars; even though most of the story bored me the ending really saved the book and heightened my opinion.
AsianCocoa More than 1 year ago
The Blood Moon of Winter was very slow in the beginning. The prologue gave the reader a quick glimpse into a mystical world where everything was dying and they were in need of their Goddess to return to save their world. Lilyana Makay is leading a pretty ordinary life. She has no social life and spends her free time either babysitting her twin niece and nephew or curled up with a good book. Her sister Taynia tries to set her up with eligible bachelors but Lily is just not interested in the dating scene. A chance meeting with one of her favorite authors opens up new feelings of love and longing that Lily has never felt before. Meeting and falling in love with Jason Caurns has left her confused as to whether or not she can leave him and her human life behind to help save the land of Makayra. Lily's dream-like altered states take her back to Makayra where her only contact is with a white panther named Sarwanell. It's through him that she learns about the prophecy of the Flower Goddess and that she is the only one that can save the world of Makayra. Jason was the only human that Lily could confide in about her impending transition to the Goddess of Makayra. As crazy as the idea sounded to her it was through Jason's caring and understanding that she was able to come to terms with her fate and begin to grasp the idea that her life as she knew it would soon come to an end. Both James and Lily seemed content in spending what little time they had to get to know each other better. Their hope was that once she transformed into the Goddess she would either be able to go back in forth between Makayra and earth or bring Jason over to Makayra to live with her The book had a cliff-hanger ending. The author spent a lot of time in this book world building for this series. I am a little curious to see what happens in the next book with Lily and Jason and how Lily copes in her new role as Goddess. The Blood Moon of Winter gets 3 out of 5 stars.
Linsely More than 1 year ago
This book is good food for the imagination! I just love the adventure and love story combo. . Can't wait for the sequel because The Blood Moon of Winter definitely left you wanting more!!!
BookLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
The Blood Moon of Winter is an original story of a woman who has an unknown destiny in a world she believes is only in her dreams. At the same time she is experiencing what may be true love for the first time in her life. Lilyana is used to living by herself with the comforts of her morning coffee and her favorite books. But the possibility of being a Goddess of a strange unknown land turns her life upside down. The Blood Moon of Winter is an exceptionally unique paranormal story. An average, normal person waking one day to be a foretold savior of another world is such wildly different concept from the average book about vampires or werewolves. Courtney Conant has a very different writing style then I am used to. For me the non-vital parts could have had less description of every last thing the characters were thinking and doing. Or at least had more actions to fill the description. The heroine seems to spend an awful lot of time thinking about why coffee cups need rinsing and such. Conversely, I completely lost myself in the scenes where the heroine finds herself in the fantasyland. The action scenes are quick page turners. Also, the main characters seem to accept readily what normal people would assume is a crazy dream. The one person that Lilyana confides in accepts her story with very little convincing. This doesn't seem realistic to me unless, of course, this comes into play as part of a future story. For these two reasons, I gave The Blood Moon Of Winter 3 stars. Without them, it would easily have been 4 stars, possibly 5. This book does have a superb cliffhanger that I didn't see coming. With the promise of a sequel, it leaves you enthralled to find out what happens next. Conclusion: The Blood Moon of Winter is a fast read that is definitely worth checking out. With a suspenseful ending, I am eager to read more from this debut author.
MSCabrera More than 1 year ago
I found this book to have a different writing style then I am normally used to and found it to be refreshing. The ideas and elements put into the story line were new and original. This book will definitely have you turning pages to see what is happing next. The stories development through out the whole progression of the story, I found was as smooth as silk. Courtney Conant paints a gorgeous picture of a new land that I definitely would love to visit and a love interest that will have you falling in love with him. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel. I would suggest you give this new author a try. Check Out The Author Interveiw on my Blog - WereVampsRomance dot Blogspot Dot com
caylinn More than 1 year ago
Definitely recommend turning off the TV and taking a trip with this new author.
XchylerConn More than 1 year ago
I thought The Blood Moon of Winter was a fast paced easy read. I did not want to put my nook down; there was always something that had my attention. I never hit a dull or slow moment. Just as one intriguing moment ended another took its place. Before you know it you are near the end, you have so many questions in mind, and you are dying to turn the page. Then there are no more pages to turn, the book has ended leaving you looking for Beyond the Known Horizon. I would recommend The Blood Moon of Winter by Courtney Conant to everyone. With all that is going on in Lily's life there is sure to be something to catch your attention. XchylerConn
JRose10 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book and think you will too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago