Blood of My Brother (Large Print 16pt)

Blood of My Brother (Large Print 16pt)

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by James LePore

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When Jay Cassio's best friend is murdered in a job clearly done by professionals, the walls that he has built to protect himself from the world of others begin to shatter. Dan Del Colliano had been his confidante and protector since the men were children on the savage streets of Newark, New Jersey. When Dan supports and revives Jay after Jay's parents die in a plane…  See more details below


When Jay Cassio's best friend is murdered in a job clearly done by professionals, the walls that he has built to protect himself from the world of others begin to shatter. Dan Del Colliano had been his confidante and protector since the men were children on the savage streets of Newark, New Jersey. When Dan supports and revives Jay after Jay's parents die in a plane crash, their bond deepens to something beyond brotherhood, beyond blood. Now Jay, a successful lawyer, must find out why Dan died and find a way to seek justice for his murder. Isabel Perez has lived a life both tainted and charmed since she was a teenager in Mexico. She holds powerful sway over men and has even more powerful alliances with people no one should ever try to cross. She desperately wants her freedom from the chains these people have placed on her. When Jay catapults into her world, their connection is electric, their alliance is lethal, and their future is anything but certain. Once again, James LePore has given us a novel of passions, intense moral complexities, and irresistible thrills. Filled with characters you will embrace and characters you will fear, Blood of My Brother is a story about a quest for revenge and redemption you won't soon forget.

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Blood of My Brother (Large Print 16pt) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
cromwell5 More than 1 year ago
Poorly done.
grateful65 More than 1 year ago
Fast-paced murder mystery. A good read. A little graphic at times.
SparkyRed More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good book but in my opinion there were too many characters to keep up with.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
Jay Casio's childhood friend Dan Del Colliano is murdered execution style. Since Dan is Jay's best friend he vows vengeance. In another part of the world, Isabel Perez is trained to be a prostitute for Mexico's' elite. Somehow these two chacaters are connected and as we read the story we found out why. Told in flashbacks and present tense, we learn about the individuals and what makes them who there are. This suspenseful novel has corruption, some action and some character development; a little slow at first but picks up.
MRShemery More than 1 year ago
Cover I've been trying to figure out if the picture on the cover is a depiction of a lady in the throes of passion, which would represent Isabel, or if it is a depiction of a person murdered, which would represent any number of people. Plot This book is definitely engaging and was one I did not want to put down once I started it. The relationship between Jay and Dan was realistic and, in the end, sad. There was some back-and-forth, at the beginning of book, between present day and the past, but that ended once you got the necessary background information to help you understand the story. Main Characters Jay - A deeply rooted Italian-American lawyer who cannot follow in his grandfather's and father's footsteps ... So, he decides to become a lawyer and, when we meet the adult version, has his own practice. He has become emotionally closed off ever since the death of his parents. Dan - Jay's best friend since pre-K. He is a private investigator and enjoys the attentions of ladies. He has a self-destructive side which, ultimately, causes him to meet an untimely death. Isabel - Raised an orphan not knowing who her parents were. She gets adopted by "Uncle" Herman who turns her into a prostitute for his own gain. She is resourceful, strong-willed and determined to escape from Herman any way possible. Overall This was a well-written story with enough twist and turns to keep a reader guessing and wanting to know more. This is the third James LePore book that I have read and he has become one of my "must-read" authors. His work has been consistent and is an author that I recommend to all suspense lovers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this, the only thing i didnt like was too many characters that were never really needed in the first place, but i plan to read his next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book by James Lepore. It was well written, as was his first, "A World I Never Made". The only downside for me was the number of characters that were woven in and out of the story. I thought that was a weakness in his book, but an excellent read nevertheless. MGH
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
LePore says it best in regards to his novel as it "explore[s] many things: the child shaping the man, the loss of loved ones, human cruelty, and the forces that compel us to either live or die in the face of despair." This is a wonderful read with many different twists and turns. I highly enjoyed the parallel stories entwined within the novel. LePore has a gift for bringing together two seemingly unrelated stories, and I love reading about two separate instances and contemplating their connection. The characters in this novel are very strong, and LePore does a wonderful job fleshing them out, starting from their early childhood to the present. I'll admit that it took a few pages for me to get into the story, as I wasn't sure where the background information was going (Jay as a five year old). However, the story quickly picked up and I saw the connection, which helps solidify the relationships between the characters within the novel-so, if you're anything like me, don't let the first few pages deter you. LePore is an exceptional writer, and his novel will have you on the edge of your seat before long! Blood of My Brother is another testament to LePore's refined writing ability; he is a wonderful suspense novelist. I've read all of his novels, and I've greatly enjoyed every one of them; they have character. His style is a cross between John Grisham and Harlan Coben, two of my favorite authors, and LePore has quickly endeared himself to me; I love his writing! Four stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Jay Cassio and Dan Del Colliano have been best friends since childhood, years consisting of having to be tougher than the brutal neighbors surrounding them in their Newark, New Jersey home. After Jay's parents die in a plane crash, it is Danny who inspires him to rise above despair and enjoy life as it is. Jay immerses himself in law and Danny becomes a private investigator. Danny, however, is always living on the edge, constantly just staying afloat of huge debt and wheeling and dealing with unsavory characters that put him in the path of threats to his life and well-being. Then Jay represents a woman in a divorce case who is found beheaded and her husband is killed as well. It's a pretty high profile case and all of a sudden Jay is supposed to stay out of it because the FBI is handling the investigation. Jay, however, is at first curious why this is important to the government and then determined to get to the root of it all when Danny is found murdered in Florida. Isabel Perez is an orphan who is suddenly adopted by an "Uncle" who immediately turns her world into one where every order, including those involving satisfying other men's sexual needs, must be obeyed. After years of assisting in money laundering for drug dealers and others involved in financial schemes, Isabel is beginning to realize her own value and asking herself questions about such a dire future. Only with a sudden liaison and its consequent deaths does she realize that she is next for the elimination list, not so much for betrayal as simply for knowing too much. Meanwhile, anyone connected to the murders is winding up either dead or proclaiming absolute silence, but that doesn't stop Danny from going to Florida and getting closer and closer to not only the top man behind the crimes but also an even larger criminal and political element. Isabel's discovery of her real father's identity comes after her electric collision with Danny. The ending is more than a surprise about revenge and how even the worst of possible circumstances can have a somewhat satisfactory ending. Blood of My Brothers is a fast-paced thriller with twists and turns that defy reason. James LePore has again written a novel of suspense showing his maturing style is in even better form. A best seller for sure for those who love thrillers and a good mystery!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1967 at the St. Lucy's School in Newark, New Jersey, five year old Jay Cassio and Danny Del Collinao met while each were watching the nearby street riots. They became best friends being there for one another although their personalities were opposites with Jay being cautious and Danny a risk taker. Helping each other survive the mean streets, Jay became a lawyer while Danny ended up as a private investigator. In 2004, Danny tells Jay that Donna Kelly hired him to deliver 500,000 dollars to her in Miami. Apparently the now deceased Bryce Powers, husband to Jay's late client Kate, gave it to her to hold for one month. With both Powers dead from what the cops insist was a murder-suicide, Donna wants the loot. However, not long afterward, Dan is found tortured and dead in the South Miami Beach Motor Hotel. Out of character for the conservative Jay, he needs to know why. The Florida and New Jersey roads lead to Isabel Perez in Mexico where Bryce lived for five years. Moving back and forth between 2004 and the past, fans obtain a taste of the two best buddies who have each other's back. Thus when his friend his murdered, Jay, seemingly out of character, but in search of closure must know who killed Danny and why. Fans will accompany Jay who for the first time takes a major dangerous risk without Danny coaxing him. The aptly titled Blood of My Brother is a tense thriller as the hero will learn whether the truth shall set him free or kill him. Harriet Klausner