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Blood of the Covenant: A Novel of the Vampiric

Blood of the Covenant: A Novel of the Vampiric

by Brent Monahan

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This sequel to The Book of Common Dread pits a vicious vampire hunting ancient scrolls against two librarians. (June)
Library Journal
Ancient scrolls that describe the very nature of evil and warn of imminent disaster for mankind have been stolen from Princeton University by librarians Simon and Frederika. Our heroes are aided by a Roman Catholic Priest (with the knowledge and support of the Pope) and a Princeton police detective. All must outrun and outwit an especially vicious monster known only as the Vampire. The Vampire is more than 2000 years old and revels in the evil deeds his satanic masters command. This book is a sequel to The Book of Common Dread (St. Martin's, 1993), which first introduced Simon and Frederika as well as an interesting, complex vampire named DeVilbiss. The adventure and intrigue here are well done and fast paced, although the supernatural elements at time strain credulity. For larger fiction collections.-Patricia Altner, Information Seekers, Bowie, Md.
Roland Green
The sequel to "The Book of Common Dread" (1993) stands well enough on its own. Bereft of DeVilbiss, "The Book"'s bibliophilic vampire protagonist, his cronies are still trying to recover the scrolls of Ahriman. They send an ancient and particularly vicious vampire (he instructed Vlad the Impaler in the art of torture) in pursuit of "The Book"'s hero, Simon Penn, and Frederika Vanderveen, who currently possess the scrolls. Meanwhile, a Catholic scholar is trying to persuade the Vatican that evil is about to be unleashed upon the world. Monahan gives us an excellent chase from Princeton University to Florence, Italy, by way of Switzerland, and in general, he succeeds admirably at producing an intelligent page-turner and a vampire yarn with as much originality as you may reasonably expect at this point in the history of the subgenre.
Journal Library
Monahan breathes new life into the vampire theme... clever, thrilling and above all, entertaining.
Fiction Chronicle Science
Compulsive reading with a gripping plot, nicely crafted prose, and some fascinating villainy.

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