Bloodfate (Faerieground Series #3)

Bloodfate (Faerieground Series #3)

by Odessa Sawyer, Beth Bracken, Kay Fraser

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When Soli enters the faerie ground, she learns hard truths.


When Soli enters the faerie ground, she learns hard truths.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Kasey Giard
When Lucy kisses the boy her best friend Soledad likes, Soli wishes her friend away. Away to Faerieground. Now a prisoner in the dungeon of an evil queen, Lucy waits for Soli to come to her rescue. Soli will come. She will do anything to save her friend from this fate. But the queen also knows of Soli's journey and sends soldiers after her. Lucy must find a way to warn her friend and prevent her from sharing the same fate in the dark dungeon. Beautiful full-color illustrations bring the scenes and characters of this ethereal story to life. The text is large, with only a few lines per page, making it easy for a younger reader to enjoy. The more mature themes of friendship and loyalty will appeal to more experienced readers as well. The unexpected twists and turns the story takes will leave every reader clamoring for the next in this charming "Faerieground" series. Reviewer: Kasey Giard
VOYA - M. Espinola
In this Faerieground fantasy series, best friends Soli and Lucy have done everything together for as long as they can remember. Lucy is the more extroverted and social half of the BFF twosome, while Soli has the more introverted and quiet personality. Despite their differences, they are similar in many ways. From one day to the next, their friendship is tested by a boy they both equally fancy. After speaking to him on several occasions, Soli mentions her interest, and Lucy insists that she can inquire about his feelings for her. When the boy kisses Lucy, Soli runs away to the Willow Forest, where she wishes Lucy would disappear for her betrayal. Lucy finds herself in a world from which she cannot escape, and Soli is forced to follow her into the Willow Forest to save her. The series follows the individual girls as they each play a role in their fate. They encounter a dungeon, faeries, a queen who cannot be trusted, and a story older than they are. In their hands, they hold the fate of the faerie land, their friendship, and their lives. This enchanting and interesting story written in four parts by two authors includes a splash of the mysterious and enchanted with a helping of teenage angst in a world said not to exist. In their teenage world of school, boys, and best friends, what is a little faerie land to make life more interesting? The series addresses issues of friendship and trust and is appropriate for any reader who enjoys the mystical and magical worlds. As an added bonus, the text allows for easy readability for individuals learning English as a second language, reluctant readers, or those with dyslexia. The books are accompanied by vivid pictures throughout, adding to the pleasant layout. The story evolves simply and centers on two characters' rites of passage. This author duo packs a literary punch into the enchanted world of faeries. (Faerieground) Reviewer: M. Espinola

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Capstone Press
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Faerieground Series , #3
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5.20(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.40(d)
410L (what's this?)
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10 - 13 Years

Meet the Author

Odessa Sawyer is an illustrator from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She works mainly in digital mixed media, utilizing digital painting, photography, and traditional pen and ink. Odessa's work has graced book covers from many top publishing houses, and she has also done work for various film and television projects, posters, and album covers. Highly influenced by fantasy, fairy tales, fashion, and classic horror, Odessa's work celebrates a whimsical, dreamy and vibrant quality.

Beth Bracken's books have been translated into multiple languages, and her picture books have won the 2011 Creative Child Award; the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize; and the 2013 Mom's Choice Gold Award. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, Steve, and their children. When she's not reading, writing, or editing books, Beth spends most of her time knitting endlessly while watching reruns of old TV shows and drinking lots of tea.

Kay Fraser is from Buenos Aires. She left home at eighteen and moved to North Dakota—basically the exact opposite of Argentina. These days, she lives in Minneapolis, designs books, writes, makes tea for her husband, and drives her daughters to their dance lessons.

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