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Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

3.9 16
by Laurence Gardner

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From royal and suppressed archives comes documented proof of the heritage of Jesus in the West and the long awaited discovery of the Holy Grail. In fulfilling this time-honored quest, penetrating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, upheld in chivalry but forsaken by the Church in order to forge a male dominated


From royal and suppressed archives comes documented proof of the heritage of Jesus in the West and the long awaited discovery of the Holy Grail. In fulfilling this time-honored quest, penetrating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, upheld in chivalry but forsaken by the Church in order to forge a male dominated society.

This unique work offers revelatory insight concerning the descendant heirs of Jesus and his brother James while, in documenting a hidden legacy of the Messiah, it unveils hitherto guarded facts about characters such as Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. Tracing the sacred lineage through centuries of persecution and Inquisition, Bloodline of the Holy Grail reveals a systematic suppression of authentic records and a strategic manipulation of the New Testament Gospels.

Featuring all the charm and adventure of Arthurial romance, coupled with enthralling Rosicrucian and Templar disclosures, this extraordinary work has a cutting edge of intrigue that removes the established blanket of enigma to expose one of the greatest conspiracies ever told.

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One of the most important developments of the last 50 years in religious studies has been the emergence of suppressed and forgotten texts and lore. A flood of new archeological knowledge and newly discovered ancient texts sheds unexpected light on the traditions of Christian worship. Into this flood, Gardner, who holds the office of the Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart, would like to inject yet another revelation: the bloodline of Jesus Christ. According to Gardner, Jesus married Mary Magdalene, and she was pregnant with his child when he was crucified at Qumran, not Golgotha as it is usually thought. Mary delivered a male child before she and her son were spirited out of Palestine to France, where she died. This child became the scion of an amazing genealogy that terminatessurprisein the House of Stuart. Furthermore, that house did not expire but flourishes to this day. This book is an amazing patchwork of scholarly trappings and dizzy tomfoolery stitched together with myth and fable until it fabricates the amazing argument that indeed the Crown of England properly belongs to the Line of David through Jesus Christ himself. This is exhilarating fantasy worthy of a great romantic novel. (Oct.)

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Laurence Gardner, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, is a constitutional historian, international lecturer and broadcaster.

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Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its sad that these people hide the truth. Then they make pun at everyone that tries to figure out the truth. That is pathetic and as psychotic as they all are for having overt personality disorder. They are exactly what types of people who I despise.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read most of this book cause when reading the bible and conventional history, this and books like the Da vinci code are the icing on the cake (entirely unprovable, but neat nonetheless). This is the third of four books by this author I've read. I dunno what to tell you. Other scholars I've read make do with what's in front of them. This guy covers a lot of ground somewhat unrealistically and with quite a lot of speculation. I guess I was disappointed. After the Genesis and Ark of the Covenant book, this seemed a little more tedious. And if you have read enough history I just am not sold on how a giant conspiracy like this could be sold for 2000 years. I'm not a dupe or a co-conspirator, but according to the author I 'look backwards past the veil of the dawn of consciousness'. Sorry. I'm Catholic, but I don't attack people for a different read on history. I don't repress women, I won't hate you for liking his books. But take another stance, how feasible is a 2000 year old conspiracy of this nature? The Soviet Union didn't last a century with their ideology and in their feifdom they were absolute, or darn close. The Catholic church was far from absolute when it was being formed over 300 years or so. And even then was far from homogeneous after that. Another example, read a lot of Chomsky when I was younger, he could always tell you what wrongs were done and the like, but could never give a coherent overarching cause as to why things went that way and what should have been. I used to be really radical, til I realized I'll never know it all and sometimes you need to focus on the world around you. You need to realize with this book, the author portrays his truth as THE TRUTH, and in this regard, he's no different than some of the sad little men my own church has churned out over the years.... Read this book with the thought in mind, that these stories, jibe just a little too well and the author can't tell you what should have been. His other books were better, but again, they leave out large segments of other cultures. If Jesus, descended from the Anunnaki was the last big boy of a messianic line, where did that leave the pre-columbian indians or chinese cultures? Why does he generalize so much on the formation of the catholic church and its own history of persecution (not saying its own hands were clean or anything). If Jesus or Mary Magdala had lead the church, would the world be different today? And all church history is dismissable in the face of his alternative version? Just too simple, the world doesn't work that way....
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is just filled with lied trying to let people think otherwise. They're just trying oppose the Christian Church!!! If you ask me its disgusting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
By virtue of the fact it will be dealt with soon on a more major scale than what it has already been dealt with by various groups, it should be required reading. One point that makes it a controversy though, for example, is the fact that this author downplays the importance of the heretical views of the Cathars that angered the Roman Catholic Church enough to exterminate them. He stated that what they were really after was a priceless Christian material symbol but needed an excuse to move in & take it from them. (Much like gov't with their wars, past & present -- they abuse people's values when they really have more personal vice aims.) However, what Summers says in his classic reprint entitled 'The Werewolf in Lore & Legend' is that the Cathars weren't so mildly heretical, in effect, on some minor point of accepted Christian belief, they were actually Satanists before it existed as a religious institution, because of their Manicheeism that stipulates evil is equal to good in power & authority, so there for one can gravitate towards the evil & do evil in the face of good without fear of losing or repercussions.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The politics at the time of Christ seem all too human. Christ himself as a man seems wonderfully human. Gardner seems to have solid credentials. All this makes the book a little more plausible than virgin births and dead men coming to life. The union between Christ and Mary Magdalene is plausible both in human behavior and the culture of the time in which they lived. It's comforting to think that Christ was not a sexist like Peter and Paul who corrupted the teachings of Christ when they ignored his pregeny and switched the historical line of Christ to the succession of Popes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Too often, controversial theories are given schrift for their own sake, and this is a prime example. The book's premise is interesting, but its writing style is sometimes dull and its conclusions are not at all compelling. The book is poorly documented, as many of its sources are, themselves, dubious at best; unprovenanced mythology and the baseless oral traditions of secret societies fail to satisfy the bar of scholarly research. The Magdalene/Jesus theories are in fashion right now, and it wouldn't hurt to read a little about them, but take it all with a grain of salt. While it's good to have an open mind, you still shouldn't believe everything you hear and read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If the truth about the Holy Grail were real, then it may put to question everything that we've been taught in Bible Class since we were young --- beyond that it also may put Roman Catholicism on the stand. I just read 'The Da Vinci Code' and after, happened to go to mass. In there, I couldn't help but wonder how much truth there is to all the sacraments and religious holidays that I've been living with; or how much truth there is yet to be discovered; do I need to capitalize a pronoun when referring to the big 'JC'? If the humanity of Jesus Christ were indeed suppressed (versus highlighting his divinity), then there is still a lot we might have known about how he lived as a man: marriage, fatherhood, parenthood etc. etc. etc. My questioning was over when I realized one thing in all these revelations. There is only one truth common to all these -- whether it be in the Bible or in the truths of the Holy Grail -- faith. To believe or not to believe is not what is asked. Jesus is a man blessed with virtues not of this world --- almost divine ---or divine-like. Great men such as Gandhi, Luther King et. al. were of the same mold. In this case, it is not the TRUTH that will set us free. Because in this case, the truth is the biggest issue that can stagnate the goodness of mankind's soul -- if he dwells in debate and argument over it. In this case it is FAITH THAT WILL SET US FREE --- from the lies and truths, the fabrications and the alterations about the greatest story ever told. Belief in true and real goodness --- will not depend on who the 'messenger' is or was. We need to believe in true and real goodness because that is what makes man a different animal. That is what makes his soul fly! Go ahead read -- we owe it to know the truth -- and you'll know how far your faith in goodness goes too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bloodline of the Holy Grail, along with it's companion Genesis of the Grail Kings, are the most important books of the last 2000 years. Finally the lies and forgery of the so called Bible are revealed for all to see! Exceptionally well researched and intelligently presented.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like many others, I too could never make any sense of the gospels; every aspect of it seemed too fanciful to me even at the age of 5. After 35 years of looking for what I consider reasonable explanations for what had not been explained before, I feel I've finally found it. 'Bloodline...' is a marvelous piece of work. I flipped through a copy while my wife was shopping and took a look at the geneological charts in the back and was hooked. I bought the book and read it in a couple of days... it's as if I've been working on a jigsaw puzzle for years now, but only just now saw the picture on the box. Since a lot of his conclusions are drawn from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Gnostic scrolls, I picked up a couple of translations of each to cross-reference, and so far I can't dispute his findings (particularly in regard to the social structure and naming of the Essenes). This is the ONLY book that has ever offered a plausible explanation for the story of Moses, which literally blew me away. Nobody can say if he is ultimately correct in his conclusions, but I can say without any hesitation that his explanations are vastly more plausible than those offered by the clergy... there's no 'straining for some explaining', as Ned Flanders would say. If you are consider yourself religious, and are comfortable with your beliefs, I do not recommend you read this book; but if you are even a little bit uncomfortable about what you've been told that you should believe, then you NEED to read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've always thought that the origins of Jesus as explained to me when I was little were not convincing enough. As I grew older I realized that wonderful books such as this one were the light at the end of the tunnel. I love Jesus's teachings because he was an ordinary man with extraordinary courage and mercy for those surrounding him. Jesus was a real, true and genuine and beloved King and I am glad that his ancestors managed to survive the ordeal perpetrated by the ancient Catholic church. I feel relieved because now I know for sure I was not a bad person for not believing the bunch of lies I was told when I was little. Finally, I want to express my admiration to Prince Michael of Albany and to the living and existing members of Priuré of Sion whose legacy is that of Jesus who in return are building since the 1950's a political and economic system where the spiritual being of each of us can be exposed without being afraid of feeling out of place.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For over forty years I've searched for the truth. I'd pick up a piece here and a piece there and continued to read everything I could get my hands on. Since the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi scrolls were translated the truth has slowly come out. The pieces of the puzzle, the Knights Templars, the reason for the extermination of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe by the Catholic Church, the true reason for countless wars in Europe has finally been told in one document. This is the story of the greatest conspiracy ever perpetuated by man, to not only control the population but to reduce the importance of womankind. It rewrites history in a way that gives real meaning to events that were very diffucult to understand. It in no way reduces the truths spoken by Jesus, it clarifies them in a way that gives them a meaning of much more importance than any church ever could. Nearly a million people, men, women and children died in Europe alone, to protect an institution that did not want this story to reach those outside the church. It may shatter your faith at first but by the end you will know the real meaning of this man's words.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read the book a few months ago, really an esplendid researching job, very well documented. But can anyone knows the truth? Are those the real facts about Christianity? Can 2.000 years of knowledge be put down just for what this book tells? Certainly is something that we really never will know. And that is the truth!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
You want the truth? You think you can handle the truth? Ever since I can remember, when I was old enouth to think, I have always felt very uneasy with Christianity. I never knew why. It just seemed so odd, so strange, so absurd. This book has done more to make me see the world in a brighter, clearer light than ANYTHING I have ever read before and since. I have a huge private library, three generations of inheritance. I am proud to have read literally thousands of books (it is my only real hobby) and this is the BEST book in my collection (other than books based on dollar rarity value). Read this, but warning. If you are a Christian, and think you are open minded (really?), you are about to have an out-of-body gut wrenching experience with all that you believe in. Can you handle it? Can you handle the concept that Christianity and the Jewish Faith (the old testament is the basis of Christian prophecy, etc.)just may be the worlds biggest frauds? Can you? Read on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This work should accompany the works of Dr. Glenn Kimball (The Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus, The Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion) on any serious theological bookshelf. One need only visit the Somerset, England, village of Glastonbury to see first hand the facts that surround the Holy Grail and experience as I have, the spirituality of what is mentioned in it. Further evidence of the facts shown in this book are also found in The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh; and St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, by L.S. Lewis. It can be only a matter of time before the world will soon be closing down traditional Christianity as we have been taught it over the past 2000 years.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For terminology and general writing astuteness, this book challenges many other recent scholarly books on the historical Jesus. But as with most books on the market today which boast the 'truth' about Jesus Christ, this book interestingly, but incorrectly, portrays the 'lineage' of Christ, assumed as yet another cover-up of the Christian church - and these findings premise themselves upon extra-biblical material. People throughout the history of the world concoct stories to distort the truth about a person, place, or thing. Why do modern scholars assume that every bit of information they discover on Christ, as long as the information contradicts biblical proclamations, is necessarily true?
Guest More than 1 year ago
I came from the background of Borne Again Christain and religious intolerance. This book and others make me realize that we may be inthe information age but the days of suppression of information are not that far behind us. With historical data such as this,,,, we may be able to start emerging out of hatred and into an age of spirit. When we realize that we can't make up a belief. We have to seek out spirit and make it personal. This book has more than I can describe.