Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold

by K. J. Parker

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
Parker (Purple and Black) opens this darkly comic novella with a grandiose proclamation from its flawed narrator. Saloninus claims to have mastered the art of turning base metal into gold and confesses to poisoning Eudoxia, his wife and the sister of his patron, Prince Phocas of Paraprosdocia. A talented alchemist, criminal, and admitted serial confabulator, the cheerfully amoral Saloninus relates his life history and efforts to escape Paraprosdocia and justice, hampered by his lack of resources and a broad array of enemies. In contrast to Parker's other protagonists, whose obsessive adherence to ostensible virtues leads them to commit atrocities, Saloninus is generally unburdened by laudable goals, though his focus on his own interests has similarly bloody results. The charms of this lovable rogue keep the story moving right up to the final punch line. (Jan.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
As a philosopher and alchemist, Saloninus enjoys the friendship of Phocas, the prince of Paraprosdocia, and the privileges that come with it, until the day he murders his wife, who is also Phocas's sister. The deed was an accident connected to Saloninus's search for an elixir of eternal youth, but he finds himself on the run from the City Watch and Phocas's soldiers. Ultimately, both alchemist and philosopher give way to the true Saloninus, who is much more than the sum of his many parts. The author of "The Engineer Trilogy" has written a mesmerizing short novel that combines fictional autobiography with political intrigue and the art of the confidence man. VERDICT History rewrites itself at every turn in this tale of an alchemist whose own base metal becomes, at last, pure gold. Despite its price, this novella is suitable for large libraries.

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