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Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel

Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel

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by Robert Venditti, Melissa de la Cruz, Alina Urusov

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For this elite group of teenagers, New York is all about parties, fashion...AND BLOOD.

Schuyler Van Alen is a loner, and happy that way. But when she turns fifteen, her life dramatically changes. A mosaic of blue veins appears on her arms, and she begins to have memories of another time and place. When a classmate is found dead at a night club, the mystery


For this elite group of teenagers, New York is all about parties, fashion...AND BLOOD.

Schuyler Van Alen is a loner, and happy that way. But when she turns fifteen, her life dramatically changes. A mosaic of blue veins appears on her arms, and she begins to have memories of another time and place. When a classmate is found dead at a night club, the mystery deepens. Most surprising of all, Jack Force, the hottest boy in school, starts showing a sudden interest in her.

Schuyler wants answers, but is she prepared to learn the truth...especially when she discovers her part in it?

The sexy and secretive world of the Blue Bloods comes to life in this stunning graphic novel adaptation of Book One in Melissa de la Cruz's internationally best-selling series.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Toni Jourdan
Schuyler Van Alen is fifteen and from very old money, unfortunately she could really use some new money. Her ancestors are the very pilgrims that founded America. Their homesteads survival was a daily struggle. Many of the children came up missing and then Myles Standish returns telling tales of Roanoke settlements disappearance and the word Croatan scratcbed into a trees bark. Schuyler's mysterious past plays into her present. Her mother lies in a hospital room in a deep sleep coma and she doesn't know who's her father. She lives with her strict grandmother, Cordelia Van Alen. New York City is bustling for the rich and frivolous teens in Schuylar's circle. Club hopping, Rolls Royces, designer clothes and beautiful people. Then Aggie Carondolet is found dead and now for some reason the handsome and aloof Jack Force is starting to pay attention to Schuyler and even passes her a note saying that Aggie was murdered. Are the others in danger? What about the blue spidery lines that are surfacing on Schuylar's arms? The new hottie Dylan brings out the past in Bliss Llewellyn and Mimi Force seems to have some answers to Schuylers past, only she's such a B. So many questions and her grandmother is not very forthcoming with answers and why does she warn her that the darkness is coming? A sexy, gorgeously drawn adaptation of Cruz's first book of a best-selling series. Shadowy images of New York's elite helps to answer some questions but leaves many more for the following books. A graphically artistic introduction to the world of the Blue Bloods. What mysterious force is at work and has the Croatan found its way through the centuries to pick off the great-great-great-great-grandchildren of the pilgrims. Reviewer: Toni Jourdan
VOYA - Vikki Terrile
The long-awaited graphic novel adaptation of de la Cruz's first Blue Bloods book does not disappoint. Urusov's illustrations capture the drama and melodrama of the series with a full-color palette that changes with and complements each scene. The nightclub and New York City street scenes are especially vibrant, and the characters are as willowy, beautiful, and fashionably dressed as readers will expect. Dylan and Ollie can be difficult to distinguish from each other without clues in the text, and Schuyler's look changes noticeably throughout the book; by the end, she appears like an evil elf, with dramatically heavy eyebrows and piercings that make her ears look weirdly pointed in a number of scenes. Venditti's adaptation of the story is as pared down as it can be for this format; while retaining the beginnings of the series' complex historical plot, it loses some of the cleverness that made the first full novel so enjoyable. Teens unaccustomed to reading cursive may have some difficulty with the text in the prologue; the font is very small and some of the letters indistinct. Fans of the series will enjoy this interpretation, while those new to the Blue Bloods world will gain easy access to it through this stylized, visual version. Reviewer: Vikki Terrile
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—The first volume in this popular vampire series is now available in graphic format. The story begins with a flashback to a handwritten 1620 diary, chronicling the arrival of vampires with Myles Standish and the early Mayflower colonists. It quickly segues to a contemporary club scene in New York City. Readers meet 15-year-old Schuyler and her classmates from an elite prep school, as well as Bliss, newly arrived from Texas. The girls begin to experience unusual symptoms, including blue veins that form intricate patterns just below the surface of the skin. Schuyler discovers that she and her glamorous young friends are Blue Bloods, a form of fallen angels or vampires. She learns that something is hunting them, even killing some of them, and she is determined to stop their annihilation, even if she must contend with the vampire hierarchy. Graphic devices help readers keep track of the frequently changing scenes and multiple characters. Small black boxes with white lettering provide introductions to the numerous characters, and boxes shaded in pale blue give time and location information. Occasionally the artist uses changes in color palette to signal scene changes. The numerous abrupt changes create a reading experience that is often disjointed, constantly fluctuating among the various characters' story lines. Realistic art highlights the glamorous lifestyle of these upper-class young "immortals," and the graphic images of blue-blood veins are particularly effective.—Barbara M. Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY

Product Details

Disney Press
Publication date:
Blue Bloods Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
14 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Melissa de la Cruz (www.melissa-delacruz.com) is the author of many best-selling novels, including all the books in the Blue Bloods series: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, The Van Alen Legacy, Keys to the Repository, Misguided Angel, Bloody Valentine, and Lost in Time. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter. Follow her on Twitter (@MelissadelaCruz).

Robert Venditti (www.robertvenditti.com) is the author of the New York Times best-selling graphic novels The Homeland Directive, The Surrogates and its prequel, The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone. He also adapted Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief into a graphic novel. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow him on Twitter (@RobertVenditti).

Alina Urusov (www.alinaurusov.com) work has appeared in issues of Marvel's X-Force andYoung Avengers Presents. She has also contributed covers for Marvel, DC Comics, and Top Cow Publications. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

Fiona Staples (www.fstaples.blogspot.com) was one of the illustrators of Trick 'r Treat and provided the art for The Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor by Mike Costa. Her new series Saga (with writer Brian K. Vaughan) launches in 2012. She lives in Alberta, Canada.

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Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
The art was really good in some moments and good in others. So basically I like the art style. And this one was interesting. I been contemplating whether to read the books or not and thought, huh, didn't know there was a graphic novel and wanted to start with that. After reading, I think I might finally get around to reading the books. Might. Heard the series is like Gossip Girl with vampires, in a way or something.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the art and how the characters look like!!!! Hope they make a Masquerade graphic novel!!!!
VampiresRock924 More than 1 year ago
Loved it, but needed more pages!  **I do highly recommend anyone new to the series to read the original first.**  [Schuyler Van Alen is confused about what is happening to her.  Her veins are starting to turn blue, and she’s starting to crave raw meat.  Soon, her world is thrust into an intricate maze of secret societies and bitter intrigue.  Schuyler has never been a part of the trendy crowd at her prestigious New York private school.  Now, all of a sudden, Jack Force, the most popular guy in school, is showing an interest in her.  And when one of the popular girls is found dead, Schuyler and Jack are determined to get to the bottom of it.]  The series overall is awesome, I couldn't put the books down and The illustrations are great but I did feel the story was a bit rushed.  I expected there to be a lot more pages so when I received it in the mail, I was quite surprised at how thin it was.  At only 112 pages, I had expected double that, hence the 4 star rating.  The Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 1 is double the size of this book so I don't see how they could justify cutting out a lot chapters. ----Bottom line---  It wasn't as long as I had hoped, but none the less this book is a great addition to my Blue Bloods collection and I highly recommend it to fans of the series.