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Blue Moon (Immortals Series #2)

Blue Moon (Immortals Series #2)

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by Alyson Noël

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Alyson's Noël's bestselling Immortals series has been hailed as "addictive" "beautiful" "haunting" and "mesmerizing." In the second installment, Blue Moon, Ever can bring her family back from the dead—but only if she's willing to sacrifice the guy she loves more than life itself.

Just as Ever is learning everything she can about her new


Alyson's Noël's bestselling Immortals series has been hailed as "addictive" "beautiful" "haunting" and "mesmerizing." In the second installment, Blue Moon, Ever can bring her family back from the dead—but only if she's willing to sacrifice the guy she loves more than life itself.

Just as Ever is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an immortal, initiated into the dark, seductive world by her beloved Damen, something terrible is happening to him. As Ever's powers are increasing, Damen's are fading—stricken by a mysterious illness that threatens his memory, his identity, his life.

Desperate to save him, Ever travels to the mystical dimension of Summerland, uncovering not only the secrets of Damen's past—the brutal, tortured history he hoped to keep hidden—but also an ancient text revealing the workings of time. With the approaching blue moon heralding her only window for travel, Ever is forced to decide between turning back the clock and saving her family from the accident that claimed them—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows weaker each day...

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From the Publisher

“Alyson Noel surpassed all my expectations. Not only is Blue Moon an amazing sequel; it sets the bar for the rest of this series very, very high! When I reached the last page of this one, all I could say was ‘wow!'” —Teens Read Too

“It is the mark of a daring writer to defy expectations and Alyson Noel does that to the power of ten in Blue Moon. I guarantee you will have no idea what's coming in the second book of the series while Alyson Noel surprises you with a big, fat twist and leaves you wanting more, more, more.” —The Book Chick

“A mesmerizing tale of teenage angst, love and sacrifice with plenty of crossover appeal…The startling but satisfying ending shows that Noël knows how to keep her audience hooked. Ever's supernatural struggles are a captivating metaphor for teenage fears about love, relationships and growing up.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Blue Moon was incredible. If you thought Evermore was full of suspense and unknowns, just wait until you read Blue Moon. Noel surpassed all expectations…The plot was insane, and I mean that in a good way. Noel took this novel in a direction I was never expecting, resulting in an emotional roller coaster ride that I never wanted to end. It was so cleverly pieced, so intricately meshed, I never saw it coming. Fabulous.” —The Story Siren

“One of the best books I've read this year… With immortal lovers, trustworthy friends, betraying fortune tellers, and freaky identical twins, what more could you ask for? Blue Moon has me begging for Shadowland! I can't wait for the next in the series.” —The YA Book Blogger

“The Immortals Series is so unique; it's like a breath of fresh air…Noel knows how to pull you into her world with beautiful imagery and mesmerizing words. Blue Moon is a page turner that will keep you reading until the last page. Just when you think you have the plot figured out, Alyson throws in another twist making it impossible to put this book down.” —5 stars! Fantastic Book Reviews

“This heart-pounding sequel to Evermore is a must read!” —Mind Of A Bibliophile

“Teen angst and the paranormal make a combustible mix...Getting hooked on this new series, The Immortals, is guaranteed.” —Romantic Times Magazine on Evermore

Evermore will thrill many teen fantasy-suspense readers, especially fans of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series ... Noël creates a cast of recognizably diverse teens in a realistic high-school setting, along with just the right tension to make Ever's discovery of her own immortality--should she choose it--exciting and credible.” —Booklist on Evermore

“Beautiful main characters, tense budding romance, a dark secret, mysterious immortals—what more could you ask from this modern gothic romance?” —Justine Magazine on Evermore

“When I got a copy of Evermore, I sat down to read it, intending to only read a chapter or two. Instead, I blazed through the first hundred pages before I knew it...and then I didn't want to put the book down. Except I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. So I picked it up the next morning and finished it. Now I can't wait till July for the second book to see what happens next.” —Blog Critics Magazine on Evermore

“Get ready for a wild ride that is filled with twisting paths and mystery, love and fantasy. . . The writing style, story, and characters are a bit like Meyer and Marr's popular books, but written with a new twist and voice. And after reading the book, you too will probably want your own Damen, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.” —The Book Queen on Evermore

“Readers who enjoy the works of PC Cast and Stephenie Meyer will love this outstanding paranormal teen-lit thriller.” —Midwest Book Review on Evermore

“I found myself unwilling to put the book down, even though I had to at some points, because I wanted to know what was going to happen…Ever was so real and her emotions were so believable that it was a little creepy. It's like Alyson Noël is actually a grieving, lovestruck teenager. She got Ever completely perfect. And by perfect, I mean delightfully flawed and deep.” —The Frenetic Reader on Evermore

Evermore is a wonderful book that I believe would be a lovely addition to any library . . .Definitely a book that fans of Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Marr should add to their collections. Definitely engaging and will catch your attention the minute you open to the first page!” —Mind of a Bibliophile on Evermore

“Alyson Noël creates a great picture of each and every character in the book. I am a fan of the Twlight series and I recommend this book to those who like the series as well. It is a very quick read, with all the interesting twist and turns.” —Flamingnet Book Reviews on Evermore

“I loved this book. It really keeps your attention though out the story, because the puzzle gets pieced together bit by bit, but you don't know exactly what happened until the end. The only thing that disappoints me is that the second book won't be published for a while. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.” —Portsmouth Teen Book Review on Evermore

“This is the first installment of The Immortals series. Ms. Noël pens a well-detailed story that makes it easy for the reader to visualize both the characters and the world around them. Evermore has a familiar theme that attracts readers, but inside this book you'll find that the author has added some unique details that sets it apart.” —Darque Reviews on Evermore

Evermore's suspense, eerie mystery, and strange magic were interestingly entertaining...I found Ever to be a character I could really respect...Recommended.” —The Bookworm on Evermore

Evermore was a great way to lighten my reading load this winter and provided me with a creative, magical story that I really enjoyed. This is the first in a series for Noël and I think she may have a hit on her hands . . . Evermore has good and evil, likable characters, vivid descriptions and a good story.” —Planet Books on Evermore

“I fell into it easily, and loved the world Noël created . . . The fact that Ever had psychic powers was truly interesting. They flowed neatly through the book and I felt Ever's pain. .trust me, this book was really good. I couldn't put it down. Alyson Noël created an amazing new world, and after this book I am so curious to see where it heads because honestly, I have no idea.” —Reading Keeps You Sane on Evermore

“Ever is an easy character to like. I really felt for her because of all she lost and what she struggled with daily...Evermore was a really fast, engaging read with some great characters. It is the first in a series, so I'm eager to see if we will learn more about Ever, Damen and friends in the next's sure to be a great read.” —Ninja Reviews on Evermore

“The writing here is clear, the story well-defined and narrator Ever has an engaging voice that teens should enjoy.” —January Magazine on Evermore

“Alyson Noël created a well-detailed story that makes it easy for the reader to visualize both the characters and the world around them. Evermore has a familiar theme that attracts readers, but inside this book you'll find that the author has added some unique details that sets it apart and will surprise you.” —The Ravenous Reader on Evermore

“This young adult novel ponders immortal love and the knowledge that "revenge weakens and love strengthens." Fans of the Twilight series should love it.” —Orange Coast Magazine on Evermore

“Noel writes an emotional, thoughtful book that made me cry in a couple of places. Evermore was an easy novel to get sucked into, and I wanted to get back to it as soon as possible. If you love Stephanie Meyer, you will LOVE this book.” —Night Owl Romance on Evermore

Evermore is a fresh and original work that...branches out and explores new ground. Definitely recommended.” —Cool Moms Rule! on Evermore

“I totally LOVE Alyson Noël's Evermore...Noël has delivered a deliciously fresh new series that will be the next new thing that has every teen and even adults everywhere hooked and waiting for more...This is a keeper and a book that you have to go out and buy right now because if you don't you will be missing out. People will be asking if you have been living under a rock if you don't give Evermore a try, and that is just not acceptable.” —Talk About My Favorite Authors on Evermore

In this installment of The Immortals, Ever's budding relationship with soul mate Damen, not to mention his life, are threatened by the mysterious loss of his powers. Desperate to save him, Ever journeys to the magical dimension of Summerland, where she learns of the daunting tasks before her. A linchpin volume in a favorite teen series.
Publishers Weekly
Noël's sequel to the bestselling Evermore is a mesmerizing tale of teenage angst, love and sacrifice with plenty of crossover appeal. Still learning to control her powers as an Immortal, teenage Ever Bloom is as in love with the Immortal Damen as he is with her—until he dumps her just before the long-awaited night when they plan to sleep together for the first time. Unable to get over the loss, Ever soon finds herself ostracized by friends and scorned by her beloved. Not only is Damen barely able to remember their relationship, but he is becoming weaker as well. Only the new guy in school, the mysterious Roman, seems intent on obtaining her trust. Ever knows something strange is to blame and that only she can save Damen. But in her quest for the cure, Ever is confronted with a choice to change the past or save Damen in the present. The startling but satisfying ending shows that Noël knows how to keep her audience hooked. Ever's supernatural struggles are a captivating metaphor for teenage fears about love, relationships and growing up. Ages 12–17. (July)
VOYA - Erin Wyatt
Picking up three weeks after the conclusion of Evermore (St. Martin's, 2009/VOYA February 2009), this second book in The Immortals series finds Ever trying to adjust to her new immortality and excited about spending eternity with the love of her life, Damen. When Damen mysteriously becomes ill, Ever has the sneaking suspicion that it is somehow related to the arrival of Roman, a handsome stranger who has a magnetism that attracts everyone in school. Ever is desperate to figure out what is happening and help save Damen. She travels to Summerland in search of answers and gets guidance along the way from a strange set of twins and psychic Ava for help in making an antidote and the red juice that the immortals are reliant upon for sustenance. Impulsive and repeatedly misplacing her trust, Ever seems to make each situation more complicated despite trying to make things better. The origins of the immortals is explained while Ever learns more about her encounters with Damen and her deaths over the years. Although several things are revealed toward the end of the book, there are many new twists, with resolutions that are left for future volumes. Readers who got hooked by the first book will be excited for this next series installment. Reviewer: Erin Wyatt

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St. Martin's Press
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Immortals Series, #2
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5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)
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12 - 17 Years

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Blue Moon

By Alyson Noël

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2009 Alyson Noël
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-8436-2


"Close your eyes and picture it. Can you see it?"

I nod, eyes closed.

"Imagine it right there before you. See its texture, shape, and color — got it?"

I smile, holding the image in my head.

"Good. Now reach out and touch it. Feel its contours with the tips of your fingers, cradle its weight in the palms of your hands, then combine all of your senses — sight, touch, smell, taste — can you taste it?"

I bite my lip and suppress a giggle.

"Perfect. Now combine that with feeling. Believe it exists right before you. Feel it, see it, touch it, taste it, accept it, manifest it!" he says.

So I do. I do all of those things. And when he groans, I open my eyes to see for myself.

"Ever." He shakes his head. "You were supposed to think of an orange. This isn't even close."

"Nope, nothing fruity about him." I laugh, smiling at each of my Damens — the replica I manifested before me, and the flesh and blood version beside me. Both of them equally tall, dark, and so devastatingly handsome they hardly seem real.

"What am I going to do with you?" the real Damen asks, attempting a disapproving gaze but failing miserably. His eyes always betray him, showing nothing but love.

"Hmmm ..." I glance between my two boyfriends — one real, one conjured. "I guess you could just go ahead and kiss me. Or, if you're too busy, I'll ask him to stand in, I don't think he'd mind." I motion toward manifest Damen, laughing when he smiles and winks at me even though his edges are fading and soon he'll be gone.

But the real Damen doesn't laugh. He just shakes his head and says, "Ever, please. You need to be serious. There's so much to teach you."

"What's the rush?" I fluff my pillow and pat the space right beside me, hoping he'll move away from my desk and come join me. "I thought we had nothing but time?" I smile. And when he looks at me, my whole body grows warm and my breath halts in my throat, and I can't help but wonder if I'll ever get used to his amazing beauty — his smooth olive skin, brown shiny hair, perfect face, and lean sculpted body — the perfect dark yin to my pale blond yang. "I think you'll find me a very eager student," I say, my eyes meeting his — two dark wells of unfathomable depths.

"You're insatiable," he whispers, shaking his head and moving beside me, as drawn to me as I am to him.

"Just trying to make up for lost time," I murmur, always so eager for these moments, the times when it's just us, and I don't have to share him with anyone else. Even knowing we have all of eternity laid out before us doesn't make me any less greedy.

He leans in to kiss me, forgoing our lesson. All thoughts of manifesting, remote viewing, telepathy — all of that psychic business replaced by something far more immediate, as he pushes me back against a pile of pillows and covers my body with his, the two of us merging like crumbled vines seeking the sun.

His fingers snake under my top, sliding along my stomach to the edge of my bra as I close my eyes and whisper, "I love you." Words I once kept to myself. But after saying it the first time, I've barely said anything else.

Hearing his soft muffled groan as he releases the clasp on my bra, so effortlessly, so perfectly, nothing awkward or fumbling about it.

Every move he makes is so graceful, so perfect, so —

Maybe too perfect.

"What's wrong?" he asks, as I push him away. His breath coming in short shallow gasps as his eyes seek mine, their surrounding skin tense and constricted in the way I've grown used to.

"Nothing's wrong." I turn my back and adjust my top, glad I completed the lesson on shielding my thoughts since it's the only thing that allows me to lie.

He sighs and moves away, denying me the tingle of his touch and the heat of his gaze as he paces before me. And when he finally stops and faces me, I press my lips together, knowing what's next. We've been here before.

"Ever, I'm not trying to rush you or anything. Really, I'm not," he says, his face creased with concern. "But at some point you're going to have to get over this and accept who I am. I can manifest anything you desire, send telepathic thoughts and images whenever we're apart, whisk you away to Summerland at a moment's notice. But the one thing I can't ever do is change the past. It just is."

I stare at the floor, feeling small, needy, and completely ashamed. Hating that I'm so incapable of hiding my jealousies and insecurities, hating that they're so transparent and clearly displayed. Because no matter what sort of psychic shield I create, it's no use. He's had six hundred years to study human behavior (to study my behavior), versus my sixteen.

"Just — just give me a little more time to get used to all this," I say, picking at a frayed seam on my pillowcase. "It's only been a few weeks." I shrug, remembering how I killed his ex-wife, told him I loved him, and sealed my immortal fate, less than three weeks ago.

He looks at me, his lips pressed together, his eyes tinged with doubt. And even though we're merely a few feet apart, the space that divides us is so heavy and fraught — it feels like an ocean.

"I'm referring to this lifetime," I say, my voice quickening, rising, hoping to fill up the void and lighten the mood. "And since I can't recall any of the others, it's all I have. I just need a little more time, okay?" I smile nervously, my lips feeling clumsy and loose as I hold them in place, exhaling in relief when he sits down beside me, lifts his fingers to my forehead, and seeks the space where my scar used to be.

"Well, that's one thing we'll never run out of." He sighs, trailing his fingers along the curve of my jaw as he leans in to kiss me, his lips making a series of stops from my forehead, to my nose, to my mouth.

And just when I think he's about to kiss me again, he squeezes my hand and moves away. Heading straight for the door and leaving a beautiful red tulip behind in his place.


Even though Damen can sense the exact moment my aunt Sabine turns onto our street and approaches the drive, that's not why he left.

He left because of me.

Because of the simple fact that he's been after me for hundreds of years, seeking me out in all of my incarnations, just so we could be together.

Only we never got together.

Which means it never happened.

Apparently every time we were about to take the next step and consummate our love, his ex-wife Drina managed to show up and kill me.

But now that I've killed her, eliminated her with one well-placed though admittedly feeble swipe to her rather compromised heart chakra, there's absolutely nothing or no one blocking our way.

Except me.

Because even though I love Damen with all of my being, and definitely want to take the next step — I can't stop thinking about those last six hundred years.

And how he chose to live them. (Outlandishly, according to him.)

And whom he chose to live them with. (Besides his ex-wife Drina, many others have been alluded to.)

And, well, as much as I hate to admit it, knowing all of that makes me feel a little insecure.

Okay, maybe a lot insecure. I mean, it's not like my pathetically meager list of guys I've kissed could ever compare to his six centuries' worth of conquests.

And even though I know it's ridiculous, even though I know Damen has loved me for centuries, the fact is, the heart and mind aren't always friendly.

And in my case, they're barely speaking.

Yet still, every time Damen comes over for my lesson, I always manage to turn it into a prolonged make-out session, each time starting out thinking: This is it! It's really going to happen this time!

Only to push him away like the worst kind of tease.

And the truth is, it's exactly like he said. He can't change his past, it just is. Once something is done it can't be undone. There's no rewind. No going back.

The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward.

And that's exactly what I need to do.

Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back.

Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.

I just wish it were really that easy.

"Ever?" Sabine makes her way up the stairs as I run frantically around my room, trying to straighten it up before plopping in front of my desk and scrambling to look like I'm busy. "You still up?" she asks, poking her head inside. And even though her suit is wrinkled, her hair limp, and her eyes a little red and tired, her aura's hanging in there, beaming a nice shade of green.

"I was just finishing up some homework," I say, pushing my laptop away as though I'd been using it.

"Did you eat?" She leans against the doorjamb, her eyes narrowed and suspicious, as her aura reaches right toward me — the portable lie detector she unknowingly carries wherever she goes.

"Of course," I tell her. Nodding and smiling and doing my best to appear sincere, but the truth is, it feels false on my face.

I hate having to lie. Especially to her. After all that she's done for me, taking me in after the accident when my whole family died. I mean, it's not like she had to do that. Just because she's my only living relative didn't mean she couldn't say no. And believe me, half the time she probably wishes she had. Her life was way less complicated before I arrived.

"I meant something besides that red drink." She nods, motioning toward the bottle on my desk, the opalescent red liquid with the strange bitter taste I don't hate nearly as much as I used to. Which is good since, according to Damen, I'll be sipping it for the rest of eternity. Though it's not like I can't eat real food, it's just that I no longer want to. My immortal juice provides all of the nutrients I could ever need. And no matter how much or how little I drink, I always feel sated.

But still, I know what she's thinking. And not only because I can read all of her thoughts, but because I used to think the same things about Damen. I used to get really annoyed watching him push his food around and only pretend to eat. Until I found out his secret, that is.

"I, um, I grabbed something earlier," I finally say, trying not to press my lips together, avert my gaze, or cringe — all of my usual dead giveaways. "With Miles and Haven," I add, hoping it will explain the lack of dirty dishes, even though I know that providing too many details is bad, like a flashing red light signaling LIAR STRAIGHT AHEAD! Not to mention that Sabine being a lawyer, one of her firm's top litigators, makes her incredibly good at spotting a phony. Though she pretty much saves that particular gift for her professional life. In her private life, she chooses to believe.

Except for today. Today she's not buying a word of it. Instead, she just looks at me and says, "I'm worried about you."

I swivel around so I'm facing her, hoping to appear as though I'm open, ready to address her concerns, even though I'm pretty much freaked. "I'm fine," I tell her, nodding and smiling so that she'll believe it. "Really. My grades are good, I'm getting along with my friends, Damen and I are —" I pause, realizing I've never really talked to her about my relationship before, haven't really defined it, and have pretty much kept it to myself. And the truth is, now that I've started, I'm not sure how to finish.

I mean, referring to ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend sounds so mundane and inadequate once our pasts, presents, and futures are taken into account, because clearly all of our shared history makes us so much more than that. But still, it's not like I'm going to publicly proclaim us as eternal partners or soul mates either — the ick factor on that is just way too high. And the truth is, I'd really rather not define it at all. At the moment, I'm confused enough as it is. Besides, what would I even tell her? That we've loved each other for centuries but still haven't made it past second base?

"Well, Damen and I are — doing really good," I finally say, gulping when I realize I said good instead of great, which may be the first real truth I've spoken all day.

"So he was here." She sets her brown leather briefcase onto the floor and looks at me, both of us fully aware of how easily I fell into her professional litigator's trap.

I nod, mentally kicking myself for insisting we hang out here, as opposed to his place like he originally wanted.

"I thought I saw his car whiz past." She shifts her gaze to my rumpled bed with the haphazard pillows and disheveled duvet, and when she turns back to face me, I can't help but cringe, especially when I sense what's about to be said.

"Ever." She sighs. "I'm sorry I'm not around all that much and that we're unable to spend more time together. And even though it feels like we're still sort of finding our way with each other, I want you to know that I'm here for you. If you ever need to talk to someone — I'll listen."

I press my lips together and nod, knowing she's not finished, but hoping that by staying quiet and complacent, it'll be over with soon.

"Because even though you probably think I'm too old to understand what you're going through, I do remember what it was like at your age. How overwhelming it can be with the constant pressure to measure up to models and actresses and other impossible images you see on TV."

I swallow hard and avoid her gaze, cautioning myself to not overreact, to not go all overboard with defending myself since it's much better for her to believe this than to suspect the real truth.

Ever since I got expelled, Sabine's been watching me closer than ever, and when she recently loaded up on a stack of self-help books, everything from: How to Raise a Sane Teen in Insane Times Like These, to: Your Teen and the Media (And What You Can Do About it!), it's gotten a gazillion times worse. With her underlining and highlighting all of the most disturbing adolescent behaviors, and then scrutinizing me, checking for symptoms.

"But I want you to know that you're a beautiful girl, far more beautiful than I ever was at your age, and that starving yourself to compete with all of those skinny celebrities who spend half their lives checking in and out of rehab is not only a completely unreasonable and unattainable goal, but will only end up making you sick." She gives me a pointed look, desperately wanting to get through to me, hoping her words will penetrate. "I want you to know that you're perfect just as you are, and it pains me to see you going through this. And if this is about Damen, well then, all I have to say about that is —"

"I'm not anorexic."

She looks at me.

"I'm not bulimic, I'm not on some crazy fad diet, I'm not starving myself, I'm not striving to be a size zero, and I'm not trying to look like an Olsen twin. Seriously, Sabine, do I look like I'm wasting away?" I stand, allowing for an unobstructed view of me in all of my tight-jeaned glory, because if anything, I feel like the opposite of wasting away. I seem to be bulking up at a pretty good pace.

She looks me over. And I mean really looks me over. Starting from the top of my head and going all the way down to my toes, her eyes coming to rest on my pale exposed ankles I had no choice but to display when I discovered that my favorite jeans are too short and rolled them up to compensate.

"I just thought ..." She shrugs, unsure of what to say now that the evidence presented before her so clearly points to a not guilty verdict. "Because I never see you eating anymore — and you're always sipping that red —"

"So you just assumed I'd gone from adolescent binge drinker to anorexic food avoider?" I laugh so she'll know I'm not mad — a little annoyed maybe, though more with myself than with her. I should've faked it better. I should've at least pretended to eat. "You have nothing to worry about." I smile. "Really. And just so we're clear, I have no intention of taking and/or dealing drugs, experimenting with body modification, cutting, branding, scarification, extreme piercing, or whatever else makes this week's Top Ten Mal-adjusted Behaviors to Look for in Your Teen list. And for the record, my sipping that red drink has nothing to do with trying to be celebrity skinny or trying to please Damen. I just happen to like it, that's all. Besides, I happen to know for a fact that Damen loves me and accepts me exactly as I —" I stop, knowing I've just started a whole other topic I'm unwilling to explore. And before she can even get to the words now formulating in her head, I just hold up my hand and say, "And no, that's not what I meant. Damen and I are —" Hooking up, dating, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends with benefits, eternally bound. "Well, we're together. You know, committed, like a couple. But we aren't sleeping together."


Excerpted from Blue Moon by Alyson Noël. Copyright © 2009 Alyson Noël. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Alyson Noël is the #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of Faking 19, Art Geeks and Prom Queens, Laguna Cove, Fly Me to the Moon, Kiss & Blog, Saving Zoë, Cruel Summer, and the Immortals series including Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame, and Night Star, as well as the Immortals spin-off series beginning with Radiance. With over 2 million copies in print in the US alone, her books have been published in 35 countries and have won awards including the National Reader's Choice Award, NYLA Book of Winter Award, NYPL Stuff for the Teenage, TeenReads Best Books of 2007, and Reviewer's Choice 2007 Top Ten, and have been chosen for the CBS Early Show's "Give the Gift of Reading" segment, and selected for Seventeen Magazine's "Hot List" and Beach Book Club Pick. She lives in Laguna Beach, California.

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