Bluegrass 1970-1979

Bluegrass 1970-1979

by Bill Monroe

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Bluegrass (1970-1979) is a four-disc box set containing all of Monroe's '70s recordings for Decca, including several unreleased cuts and a live album featuring Jim & Jesse, James Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Lester Flatt, and See more details below


Bluegrass (1970-1979) is a four-disc box set containing all of Monroe's '70s recordings for Decca, including several unreleased cuts and a live album featuring Jim & Jesse, James Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Lester Flatt, and Carl Jackson. By the time he made these recordings, Monroe was no longer making any innovations with his music. Instead, he just demonstrated his skill and artistry -- the music on Bluegrass (1970-1979) is for afficianados, the kind of listener that can discern subtle differences between supporting bands and solos. Overall, the material on the box isn't as strong as the previous two box sets, but any Monroe completist will not be disappointed by the set.

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Disc 1

  1. McKinley's March  - Bill Monroe
  2. Texas Gallop  - Bill Monroe
  3. Road of Life  - Bill Monroe
  4. It's Me Again Lord  - Bill Monroe
  5. Beyond the Gate  - Bill Monroe
  6. I Will Sing for the Glory of God  - Bill Monroe
  7. Kentucky Waltz  - Bill Monroe
  8. The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band  - Bill Monroe
  9. Lonesome Moonlight Waltz  - Bill Monroe
  10. Tallahassee  - Bill Monroe
  11. Get Up John  - Bill Monroe
  12. Summertime Is Past and Gone  - Bill Monroe
  13. Rocky Road Blues  - Bill Monroe
  14. Mule Skinner Blues  - Bill Monroe
  15. Poor White Folks  - Bill Monroe
  16. The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing Out of the Wilderness  - Bill Monroe
  17. Kiss Me Waltz  - Bill Monroe
  18. Jenny Lynn  - Bill Monroe
  19. Heel and Toe Polka  - Bill Monroe
  20. Milenburg Joy  - Bill Monroe
  21. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong  - Bill Monroe
  22. Banks of the Ohio  - Bill Monroe
  23. Tall Pines  - Bill Monroe
  24. Mother's Only Sleeping  - Bill Monroe
  25. Foggy Mountain Top  - Bill Monroe
  26. Love Please Come Home  - Bill Monroe
  27. What Would You Give in Exchange  - Bill Monroe
  28. When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall  - Bill Monroe
  29. Walls of Time  - Bill Monroe
  30. My Old Kentucky and You  - Bill Monroe

Disc 2

  1. Hit Parade of Love  - Jimmy Martin
  2. Mary Ann  - Jimmy Martin
  3. Sunny Side of the Mountain
  4. Freeborn Man  - Jimmy Martin
  5. Tennessee  - Jimmy Martin
  6. Love Please Come Home  - James Monroe
  7. Train '45  - James Monroe
  8. Bonny  - James Monroe
  9. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again  - James Monroe
  10. Ole Slewfoot
  11. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes  -  Jim & Jesse
  12. Please Be My Love  -  Jim & Jesse
  13. I Wish You Knew  -  Jim & Jesse
  14. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms  - Lester Flatt
  15. Feudin' Banjos  - Lester Flatt
  16. Ballad of Jed Clampett  - Lester Flatt
  17. Mule Skinner Blues  - Bill Monroe
  18. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way  - Bill Monroe
  19. Uncle Pen  - Bill Monroe
  20. Blue Moon of Kentucky  - Bill Monroe
  21. Roll on Buddy, Roll On  - James Monroe
  22. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight  - Bill Monroe
  23. Orange Blossom Special  - Carl Jackson
  24. Down Yonder  - Carl Jackson
  25. Soldier's Joy  - Carl Jackson
  26. Grey Eagle  - Carl Jackson
  27. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  - Carl Jackson

Disc 3

  1. Clinging to a Saving Hand  - Bill Monroe
  2. Show Me the Way  - Bill Monroe
  3. Jerusalem Ridge  - Bill Monroe
  4. Ashland Breakdown  - Bill Monroe
  5. Mary Jane, Won't You Be Mine  - Bill Monroe
  6. Old, Old House  - Bill Monroe
  7. Watson Blues  - Bill Monroe
  8. Thank God for Kentucky  - Bill Monroe
  9. Reasons Why  - Bill Monroe
  10. Weary Traveler  - Bill Monroe
  11. My Cabin in Caroline  - Bill Monroe
  12. No Place to Pillow My Head  - Bill Monroe
  13. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'  - Bill Monroe
  14. Monroe's Blues  - Bill Monroe
  15. The First Whippoorwill  - Bill Monroe
  16. Lucky Lady  - Bill Monroe
  17. My Louisiana Love  - Bill Monroe
  18. Christmas Time's A-Coming  - Bill Monroe
  19. Texas Blue Bonnet  - Bill Monroe
  20. The Sunset Trail  - Bill Monroe
  21. My Sweet Memory  - Bill Monroe
  22. She's Young and I'm Growing Old  - Bill Monroe
  23. Blue Goose  - Bill Monroe

Disc 4

  1. That's Christmas Time to Me  - Bill Monroe
  2. Pinewood Valley  - Bill Monroe
  3. My Florida Sunshine  - Bill Monroe
  4. Wabash Cannonball  - Bill Monroe
  5. Hard Times Have Been Here (But They've Gone)  - Bill Monroe
  6. Six Feet Under the Ground  - Bill Monroe
  7. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet  - Bill Monroe
  8. Jake Satterfield  - Bill Monroe
  9. Muddy Waters  - Bill Monroe
  10. Corrina, Corrina  - Bill Monroe
  11. Have a Feast Here Tonight  - Bill Monroe
  12. Golden River  - Bill Monroe
  13. I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky  - Bill Monroe
  14. Those Memories of You  - Bill Monroe
  15. Intro (Watermelon Hangin' on the Vine)  - Bill Monroe
  16. Rocky Road Blues  - Bill Monroe
  17. The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake  - Bill Monroe
  18. In Despair  - Bill Monroe
  19. Molly and Tenbrooks Medley: Little Maggie/Train 45/Blue Moon of ...  - Bill Monroe
  20. John Henry  - Bill Monroe
  21. Dog House Blues  - Bill Monroe
  22. The Old Mountaineer  - Bill Monroe
  23. Little Cabin Home on the Hill
  24. Orange Blossom Special  - Bill Monroe
  25. Y'all Come  - Bill Monroe

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Monroe   Primary Artist,Mandolin,Leader,Tenor (Vocal)
James Bryan   Fiddle
Lester Flatt   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Marty Stuart   Mandolin
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Kenny Baker   Fiddle
Howard Johnson   Bass
Jim Brock   Fiddle
Blaine Sprouse   Fiddle
Jesse McReynolds   Mandolin,Vocals
Gordon Terry   Fiddle,Guitar
Curley Ray Cline   Fiddle
Walter Haynes   Bells
Hicks   Baritone (Vocal)
Jack Hicks   Banjo
Carl Jackson   Banjo
Jordan   Baritone (Vocal)
Tex Logan   Fiddle
J.D. Martin   Vocals
Jimmy Martin   Guitar,Leader
Jim McReynolds   Guitar,Leader,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
James Monroe   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Alan O'Bryant   Banjo
Marc Pruett   Banjo
Curly Seckler   Guitar
Joe Stuart   Bass,Fiddle,Guitar
Clarence "Tater" Tate   Bass,Fiddle
Joe Zinkan   String Bass
Joe Hayes   Fiddle
Earl Snead   Banjo
Joe Meadows   Fiddle
Monroe Fields   Bass
Culley Holt   Bass (Vocal)
Guy Stevenson   Bass
Randall Collins   Fiddle
Bill Holden   Banjo
Paul Mullins   Fiddle
Kenny Ingram   Banjo,Baritone (Vocal)
Martin   Bass (Vocal)
Lewis   Vocals
Tommy Williams   Fiddle
Haskel McCormick   Baritone
Robert Wilson Black   Banjo
Stephen Randy Davis   Bass
Wayne Lewis   Guitar
Fowler   Vocals
Davis   Baritone (Vocal)
Robert "Bob" Fowler   Guitar
Hubert Duane "Hoot" Hester   Fiddle
Victor H. Jordan   Banjo
Ray W. Martin   Electric Bass
Haskell D. McCormick   Banjo
Charles M. "Charlie" Nixon   Dobro

Technical Credits

Lester Flatt   Composer
Bill Monroe   Composer
Peter Rowan   Composer
George Jones   Composer
Jimmie Rodgers   Composer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Charlie Monroe   Composer
Cliff Carlisle   Composer
A.P. Carter   Composer
Ron Chancey   Producer
Jay Farrar   Arranger,Adaptation
Mel Foree   Composer
Walter Haynes   Producer
Bob Jones   Mastering
Ervin T. Rouse   Composer
Harry Silverstein   Producer
Charles K. Wolfe   Liner Notes,Biographical Information
J.L. Frank   Composer
Doyle Wilburn   Composer
Teddy Wilburn   Composer
Jerry Strobel   Illustrations
Leverett   Illustrations
Snuffy Miller   Producer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Sylke Holtrop   Artwork
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Hal Bynum   Composer
Joe Ahr   Composer
George Vaughn   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Howard Hausey   Composer
Randy Aronson   Tape Research

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