Bob & Tom Gone Wild

Bob & Tom Gone Wild

by Bob & Tom

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Disc 1

  1. Real Girls on Video
  2. Bob & Tom: The Musical
  3. My Doctor
  4. Casket Carnival
  5. Tires
  6. Dog for Sales
  7. Excremints
  8. Jeopardy for Sluts
  9. I Wanna Be Bob
  10. Dickin' Around at Work
  11. Sheetos
  12. Nobody Speaks English, Anymore
  13. Larry & War Emblem
  14. Internet Porn
  15. Anustat 7
  16. The Stork, Etc.
  17. Adult Toys
  18. What Would Jesus Eat?
  19. Rimshot on a Belt
  20. Kaye
  21. Deck Suckers
  22. Harry & Barbra
  23. Super Heroes & Monsters
  24. My Baby's a Nudist
  25. Baseball Memories
  26. Heaven vs. Hell Baseball Game
  27. Blow Me a Kiss

Disc 2

  1. Ménage À Trois
  2. Super White Stuff
  3. Star Wars Geeks
  4. All I Really Want to Do
  5. The Can
  6. The Legend of John Fox
  7. The Parrot
  8. Candy Hearts Wisdom
  9. Back Rubs, Etc.
  10. Doggie Style
  11. Doggie Style Beer
  12. Cartoon Art
  13. Fruit Fly
  14. Larry King's People, News & Views
  15. Bass Talk
  16. Vanilla Guy
  17. At the Coffee House
  18. Marge & Siegfried & Roy
  19. Taboos
  20. Beer Factor
  21. Munchies
  22. I Was a Cop
  23. Mr. Obvious & The Big City
  24. My Little Tax Buddy
  25. Dear Santa
  26. Cash, Cash, Cash

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob & Tom   Primary Artist
Bobcat Goldthwait   Vocals
Royce Campbell   Guitar
Bobby Wood   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Duke Tumatoe   Vocals
Michael Clark   Acoustic Guitar,Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar
Steve Allee   Piano,Accordion,Keyboards
Richard Bowden   Guitar,Vocals
Dane Clark   Drums
Jim Farrelly   Saxophone,Woodwind
John D. Fox   Vocals
Randy Melson   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Phillip Palermo   Violin
Mark Patrick   Vocals
Mark Christopher Rohrman   Bass,Vocals
Rick Rydell   Vocals
Angela Smith   Vocals
Roman Broadus   Vocals
Mark Allison   Vocals
Pat Godwin   Vocals
Doug Benge   Vocals
Frank Glover   Saxophone,Woodwind
Jay Young   Saxophone,Woodwind
Kathleen Madigan   Vocals
Heywood Banks   Vocals
Tom Griswold   Vocals
Dick Sisto   Vibes
Cozette Myers   Vocals
Tom Meyer   Saxophone,Woodwind
Mark Buselli   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
P.J. Yinger   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
David Dugan   Vocals
Chris Pyle   Drums
Becky Martin   Vocals
Da Vinci's Notebook   Vocals
Joey Tartell   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Michael Loftus   Vocals
Kristina Lee   Vocals
Matt Roush   Vocals
Drew Carey   Track Performer
Nancy Agres   Viola
Rob Haney   Vocals
Stan Hillis   Flute,Saxophone,Woodwind
Dan Holmes   Drums
Greg Dicostanzo   Vocals
Richard Hsu   Vocals
Dave Crowe   Vocals
Mike Armstrong   Vocals
Frank Caliendo   Vocals
Steve Salge   Vocals
Jeff Conrad   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Charles Allen Smith   Guitar
Teresa Giless   Vocals
Lisa C. Brooks   Violin
Mark Adams   Vocals
Marty Bender   Track Performer
Pat Carlini   Vocals
Stephanie Collins   Vocals
Connie Danforth   Vocals
Costaki Economopoulos   Vocals
Laura Steele   Vocals
Scott Fenstermaker   Vocals
Shannon Forsell   Vocals
Josh Gonia   Vocals
Laura Gonzo   Vocals
Whit Grayson   Vocals
Charlie Griswold   Vocals
Willie Griswold   Vocals
Dave Gunn   Vocals
Anne McCafferty   Cello
Geechy Guy   Vocals
Chick McGee   Vocals
Drew Hastings   Vocals
Dean Metcalf   Guitar,Vocals
Summer Hinkle   Vocals
Jason Hoffsetz   Vocals
Kevin Kaiser   Percussion
Chooch Kennedy   Vocals
Bob Kevoian   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Griswold   Vocals
DáRon Washington   Vocals
Dan St. Paul   Vocals
Sandy Williams   Guitar
Dan Cummins   Vocals

Technical Credits

Bobcat Goldthwait   Writer
Duke Tumatoe   Composer
Michael Clark   Producer
Steve Allee   Composer,Producer,Music Direction
Richard Bowden   Composer
John D. Fox   Writer
Gary Mielke   Engineer
Mark Patrick   Writer
Mark Christopher Rohrman   Writer
Rick Rydell   Producer
Alan Johnson   Producer,Engineer
Mark Allison   Producer,Writer
Pat Godwin   Composer
Heywood Banks   Writer
Tom Griswold   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Anne Calvert   Cover Illustration
P.J. Yinger   Art Direction
David Dugan   Writer
Da Vinci's Notebook   Writer
Ric Kirk   Writer
Michael Loftus   Writer
Kristina Lee   Writer
Rob Haney   Writer
Dan Mettler   Engineer
Bernie Muller-Thym   Composer
Dave Crowe   Writer
Mike Armstrong   Writer
Frank Caliendo   Writer
Jimmy Matis   Writer
Steve Salge   Writer
Charles Allen Smith   Producer
Kevin Arnold   Writer
Marty Bender   Writer,Program Director
Doug Boodt   Engineer
Kevin VanWyk   Engineer
Costaki Economopoulos   Writer
Scott Fenstermaker   Engineer,Writer
Chris Geison   Producer
Jack Magiera   Writer
Whit Grayson   Composer
Geechy Guy   Writer
Chick McGee   Writer
Drew Hastings   Writer
Dean Metcalf   Producer,Writer
Stuart Mitchell   Composer
Jason Hoffsetz   Producer,Writer
Bob Kevoian   Composer,Producer
Eddie Hazel   Engineer
Ross Bergman   Writer
Tim Cavanagh   Composer
Roger Naylor   Composer
Jim "Jimbo" Thomas   Producer
Dan St. Paul   Writer
Dan Cummins   Writer

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