Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever
  • Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever
  • Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever

Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever

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by Kris Gethin


FROM KRIS GETHIN, editor in chief of the world’s leading online fitness site, comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program—supported by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. Body by Design is a plan that promotes health from the inside out,

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FROM KRIS GETHIN, editor in chief of the world’s leading online fitness site, comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program—supported by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. Body by Design is a plan that promotes health from the inside out, starting by breaking down the mental blocks that are holding you back, then by building up the muscles on your body, and finally by adding delicious, healthy food onto your plate.

Rather than subtracting things from your life— cutting out calories, losing weight, banishing your belly—here's how to add more of the right things: more muscle, more support, and more success. Motivation is the key factor that drives permanent change, and with Body by Design you can finally learn how to activate your inner motivation and with the proper balance of weight training, make fit happen forever. cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition—along with the motivational tools to stick with that program for the long term—even people who have struggled with fitness for their entire lives can achieve spectacular, lasting results. Join the “Transformation Nation” and create your own story that will inspire others—with Body by Design.

In Body by Design, you’ll learn the optimal balance of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition—along with the motivational tools to stick with your goals and achieve dramatic results. Rather than subtracting things from your life (cutting calories, losing weight, banishing your belly), here's how to more muscle, more support, and more success.

Based on the best practices found at (the world’s leading online fitness site), Body by Design shows that amazing things can happen when people get the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.



Identify your “Transformation Trigger” and create a system of radical accountability in your life—whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds of fat or gain 30 pounds of muscle.

EXERCISE FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS with a fully illustrated, 12-week workout. By changing your routine often, you will “shock” your body into doing more than you ever thought you could.

EAT CLEAN TO GET LEAN with simple, inexpensive, and delicious recipes. Supercharge your metabolism and keep hunger under control.


TIFFANY FORNI is a self-professed “fat girl turned fitness nerd” who turned her newfound passion for health into a career as a personal trainer.

ROCHELLE FORD came from a family of unhealthy eaters but eventually lost more than 100 pounds—and converted her family to her good habits in the process.

CLAUDIO RAMOS has more energy than ever after his 135-pound weight loss—“It’s like I’ve been reborn.”

RICKY HOWELL achieved a stronger body and a newfound sense of confidence after his divorce.

PLUS, YOU’LL READ AMAZING STORIES— and see remarkable before-and-after photos— from people just like you who have experienced dramatic, life-changing results.

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Kris Gethin is a lifetime, natural, drug-free athlete with a background in International Health and Sports Therapy. He is editor-at-large of His work has also appeared in Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Iron Man, Muscle Mag, Body Fitness, and other publications. Visit

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Body by Design 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews. More than 1 year ago
As the CEO of BodybuildingCom, I've been able to see tens of thousands of amazing body transformations in the last 12 years. What made successful people successful? What was different about them compared to the people that didn't transform? Studying this has been part of my life's work and passion. And everything I've learned is in this easy-to-read book, written by the amazing Kris Gethin. The truth is that everybody knows they need to exercise and eat right, but very few people actually do it consistently over time. The way you look is simply the external view of your daily habits and behaviors. Fitness is 90% psychological. So how do you get motivated and STAY motivated? This book shows you how, and you'll be surprised by how simple it really is once you have the tools to succeed. These "tricks" have not only helped me stay in shape, they've also motivated me to read one non-fiction book per week, get my pilot license, parent my kids with purpose, stay dedicated to my wife (my high school sweetheart) and create a $200 million business that's profitable... and still growing fast. Also included is a full 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION PLAN based on what really works. This isn't some fad diet or miracle workout plan that some random "expert" created (so he can sell it to you for only three payments of $19.99), this is a program based on what Kris has seen work for hundreds of thousands of people on BodySpace, a free social network for people that are into fitness. It's the first crowd-sourced plan. There is no question that it works. Stop making excuses. Stop depending on the mythical idea of "willpower". Body By Design will help make your goals a reality in record time and you'll only wish you had read it sooner!
therese66 More than 1 year ago
I honestly believe that Body by Design will become a movement and turn the world into the transformation nation. The studies, stratagies and simple applications that Kris Gethin has laid out has already helped over half a million people (before he even wrote this book). Every person that reads and follows Body by Design will become an evangalist to inspire others. The core of Body by Design is motivation, and Gethin shares powerful research showing that never has it been so important to connect the mind and body to provide a limitless surplus of motivation, and not allow it to become a fixed trait, or be seen as a seperate entitiy. Although Kris has gone through an amazing transformation himself, there are other profiles within the book that everyone can relate to. You can learn from every one of these profiles and understant what their "Transformation Trigger" was Featured are easy-to-use nutrition plans, recipes, workout and nutrition logs, and a training program that includes 3 phases. The final 3 weeks of the training program is called DTP (Dramatic Training Principle) which is a real challenge but forces the body to build muscle AND burn fat at the same time. The part I liked the most about this book, and what really makes it unique, are the Four Pillars of Power. Kris showes you how to take a social inventory, become transparent with your goals and become accountable to them. The foreword by Jamie Eason backs-up Kris' message - how Body by Design harnesses the power of the group to help one - you, the reader, so you can turn your fitness goals into reality. Time for my next meal - enjoy the this amazing book :)
Claudio-Juice-Ramos More than 1 year ago
Body By Design is truly an amazing book that will show you how, what, and when to do what you need to do in order to get into shape. I myself have gone through this entire book and just wish this was available when I first started to get in shape. It would have saved me a lot of trial and error. If you are truly ready to get your life back together in a fitness sense then this book is a must have. Dedication, Determination, and The Body By Design Book is what you need to take that first step to fitness success. I am truly honored and thankful to be a part of the Body By Design book.
John_Rowley More than 1 year ago
Kris Gethin in Body by Design has transcended the fitness arena by giving you a plan to not only transform your body but your life. The message is a positive one that adds to your life by adding resources, more muscle, more support, more success and more value! The four pillars of power are a treasure trove of nurturing ideas that demonstrate how you can embark on a meaningful journey to success. With the proper balance of a healthy lifestyle and focused mindset, one's dreams are attainable through persistence and careful planning. Don't just read this book but implement its principles into your life and see not only your body but your whole life transform. John M. Rowley Bestselling Author, Television Personality & "America's Lifestyle Strategist"
MelissaCoughlin More than 1 year ago
Body by Design is a wonderful resource for those who have been working out for years, and also for those first starting to make a positive change in their lifestyle. This book had great timing coming out right at the beginning of the year for all those whose new years resolution is to become healthier. Everything you need to know about fitness and nutrition is in this book, from workouts to meals, nothing is left out. After reading this book i really found the nutrition section to be very helpful. I absolutely love that there is a recipe section because sometimes I just don't know what I should eat, and what is or isn't healthy. But in this book there are quite a few recipes that sound really good, that aren't the flavorless foods I think some people think of when they think healthy food. Not only are these meals great tasting, but they are inexpensive as well. I really appreciated being able to hear peoples stories and how fitness and becoming a healthier and more active person changed their lives forever. As a mom to be, I know I will be coming back to this book after the pregnancy so that I can get back into shape for the summer time. I know with Body by Design I will be able to do that with everything mapped out for me! The workouts in the book are clearly shown, so literally anyone can do this. This is an everything you need to know about fitness and nutrition book, so no matter what your goal is, this book is for you!
PatrickW More than 1 year ago
I have worked out for years and I have researched dieting and exercise. I have managed to stay in good shape but I have yet to find something that really helped me push my fitness to the next level. Nutritionists and personal trainers are expensive. After reading this book I feel like I have both. I finally have the tools I need to reach that next level with this book. The diet is laid out for you in a simple and understandable way. The exercise program seems very effective and complete. There is a workout log so you can track your progress and inspirational stories about people who have reached their goals. I also loved how this book approached fitness and reaching goals. The book shows that it is important to set long term goals that you can continually work toward. This reinforces the importance of lifestyle changes. As a result you will reach the fitness goals that the book is designed to help you reach and you will also improve your overall well being. It has been a while since I have been genuinely excited about my fitness and I am very happy to say that I have that back. If you are serious about getting in shape, go out and get this book. Patrick Warren
AHay208 More than 1 year ago
Not only is this book a great read, but it includes so much useful information that really works! In this book Kris supplies you with the means of finding your own motivation to transform your body, helps define the problems that many of us run into on a daily basis in reaching our fitness goals, and shows examples of people from all walks of life who have bettered their lives through the world of fitness. Kris lays it out in Lehman's Terms and makes fitness easy to understand. Most of the things you'll find in his book are not new concepts or a magic theory on losing weight or building muscle, he just takes what most of us already know and makes it applicable to your everyday life. Implementing the things in Kris' book really will change your life, I've seen it first hand from working with people who have followed his diet and workout plans. Do yourself a favor and check out this book and join Kris' fitness movement!
CJS38 More than 1 year ago
Kris Gethin approaches the subject of fitness wonderfully in this book. He goes over the key aspects that are important for meaningful results: proper motivation, training, and nutrition. It isn't a run of the mill "just eat well and exercise dummy" book. It also isn't filled with outlandish and mad scientist schemes that are so convoluted and confusing that one would become crazy before becoming fit. It's perfect: a dedicated and clear-cut plan that anyone could read and understand. Plus, it falls outside of a boring and monotonous program - there's diversity in the training, nutrition, and motivation so you can keep on track and keep your fitness interesting! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has problems achieving the fitness level they desire. Whether overweight, underweight, training for a sport, doesn't matter. This book has something for you. After reading this book, you have all the tools you need, the rest is up to you - your excuses end here.
jenniferHillis More than 1 year ago
Wow! You looking for motivation? READ THIS! I didn't think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. The personal stories really made this a fast and easy read for me. Being in the fitness industry I see how the program could really work. I can't wait to start it next Monday! A struggle of mine has always been finding motivation. I always start with a lot of motivation but will lose it after two weeks and find myself in the same spot three months later. Reading the amazing stories showed me that everyone struggles. Really the only way to be successful is to change your life, not just your diet. Lifestyle changes were what allowed these people to be so triumphant and that is what I am going to focus on these next couple weeks. Not finding a diet but cleaning out my cupboards! I am also excited to try out the work out routines. I have been needing to switch it up and this plan is what I need! For sure read this if you're needing a wakeup call and something to GET YOU TO YOUR GOAL!
Gold_member More than 1 year ago
I am truly impressed by this book and and even more importantly pleased. I am the type of person to fall in and out of the health field, for example: when I become motivates I'm all in but when I loose steam it happens very quickly. I needed a book that would help my over my "hump" period, I needed a book that would keep me motivated. This is the book! Body by Design is a great book that all levels of fitness can relate to from individuals like me who need the occasional push, to individuals who have been working out for years this book is for all! For the new year this is book to own. I especially love the workouts that are demonstrated through step-by-step pictures (great for workout dummies like me), I also love the meal plan and workout/meal plan journal that is included in the book. If your looking for a new form of motivation this year or just beginning your new life this is the book to own... period!
CS1_CG1 More than 1 year ago
This is a great book. Everybody has seen the dizzying number of tips and tricks that promise to drop weight and get in shape, only to be replaced by some other infomercial gimmick promising to get quick results. Gethin gets down to business right away in this book by tackling the ovbious failures of most programs. From overcoming the mental and emotional issues that most experience to the actual diets and exercises he recommends to transform body and mind, it's all here. By coupling Body Design with the Bodyspace website, there is a virtual support group that provides an instant connection to other people in the same boat with the same hurdles, obstacles, and aspirations as you and I. Recommending this book to friends and family is something I have and will continue to do. Do yourself a favor - if you're ready!
MikeBieker More than 1 year ago
I have been working in this industry for 6+ years and have seen, read, and tried just about everything out there. They all promise you the same end result - A magic pill or exercise plan. It didn't take me long to figure it out on my one that there is NO such thing. Kris is the REAL DEAL and having him and Jamie Eason in your corner you know failure is NOT an option. This book is a great read with tons of true and powerful transformations that after you read, you know you can do just about anything if you want it bad enough. After reading this it has given me a whole new perspective on the way i live, eat and train. The motivational support you get from this and being on BodySpace is none other than the best support group you can find and will keep you pushing until you reach your goals and surpass them. I know this will truly help me in all of my endeavors and keep me focused to produce the best ME that i possibly can. GET IT, READ IT, LIVE IT!
BB_C_E_AG More than 1 year ago
Body by Design is a treasure trove of information for anyone looking to better themselves physically and mentally. In it, Gethin discusses the Four Pillars of Power. Of those four, one really stuck out for me and that was the Power of Out-Lout Goals. I am not one who is easily motivated, normally, at least when it comes to my own personal well-being. I never really started taking my personal health seriously until there were people who depended on me to be around, namely my family. By creating some out-loud goals for myself, like eating healthier, going back to jogging, and getting more sleep, I've been able to stick to them better because I have my family backing me up and holding me accountable, which makes it something more than myself. The other pillars discuss burning bridges, or getting rid of vices that hold you back, getting radical or becoming enthralled in groups of support, and realizing "how" to change things while always anticipating "what" to change. In addition to great information, Body by Design contains a fantastic workout plan, an exceptional eating plan, an exercise database, and it's has many real-life success stories intended to further assist you in reaching your own goals! If that doesn't get you excited about improving your well being, you're absurd. Stop it. Get the book. NOW!
garzoni78 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. What a great concept for inspiring change! Some of the real-life stories featured in this book are truly inspiring. Ed Cook's and Errol Hannigan's transformations were unbelievable. Made me feel down right lazy for not taking better care of my body. What I found refreshing was that the book spends the first few chapters preparing the reader mentally for the long road to transforming their physique. Most books on dieting or working out that I have read focus primarily on the nuts and bolts of how to lose weight or gain muscle, but very few focus on the mental or social factors that influence change. After all, unless you injure yourself on the treadmill, the #1 factor causing people to abandon a healthy lifestyle change is their mental attitude two weeks into a new routine. Kris does a great job of instructing the reader on how to build a powerful state of mind and rely on a positive social network to hold the reader to their goals. The rest of the book does a great job of giving the reader all the necessary tools and knowledge to put together a solid workout plan. I loved the exercise database with easy to understand workouts with full color pictures. Helps when you walk into the gym and you don't want to look like an idiot trying to figure out an exercise or piece of gym equipment. It's also broken out by the muscle group you want to target which makes it super useful. I am looking forward to seeing what type of results come about from following the workouts and nutrition advice in this book. Plus, anytime I am feeling lazy I can read one of the transformation stories in this book for a little mental motivation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just in time for New Years! This is a great book. I have read many fitness articles and books in the past and this one is by far the best. It's well thought out and insightful. This book gives you a plan that you can follow without fear that you are doing too much or too little. The confidence that you build during your transformation will push you to meet and exceed your fitness goals! The success stories in the book are inspiring and motivational. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to: 1) lose weight 2) get in, or back in, shape 3) build the body you've always dreamed of 4) feel better physically and mentally
A_Coale More than 1 year ago
Back to the basics! I am so glad to FINALLY read a book that will give fitness to you straight. There is NO fitness secret, diet and exercise is the only way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Period! I absolutely LOVE that Kris Gethin embraces this in Body By Design. The book itself is an easy read which sets the tone for this work out plan. I started the workouts last Sunday and already feel empowered. I can tell I am challenging myself but without inconveniencing my regular lifestyle! The hardest part for me will be following the diet (especially after the holidays.) But this book outlines some of the best motivational tips I have ever read. What I find most interesting, is that Kris talks about making your goal known. He stresses the fact that you should make this goal fit with your life and make sure everyone knows it! Since I have started I have shared the knowledge from this book with my boyfriend and family. In turn, they support and congratulate me on keeping in stride with my goal. They have even changed their eating habits with me, making it so much easier to stick with it! Bottom line is I take this book with me everywhere now. The meals and snacks are great and I love how each exercise is outlined so I know exactly what I am doing and don't feel like a nerd in the gym. ;) If you are looking to achieve your fitness goal in an obtainable way and keep it that way. GET THIS BOOK!
tysonbean More than 1 year ago
For all you people out there that have a New Years Resolution to get in shape and stay in shape, this book is they ultimate key! You probably are like me and start off the year doing good and then fall off! I opened this book at ten at night and found myself going through it over and over until I realized it was 2 am! I couldn't put it down! Kris Gethin couldn't explain things any better then he does in this book! From all the eating plans to get you on the right path of healthy eating to were you don't have to starve yourself and can enjoy food, to the step by step workout plans and even shows you how to do some workouts. All the storys from real people you will find in this book are truly inspiring also!! It gives you the drive to tell yourself... hey if they can do it I can do it!! You've got to have limitless motivation not fixed motivation and it explains the difference between the 2 in this book. If you get that motivation you will not fail! So what are you waiting for sitting here still reading this review?! Order this book now, set your goals high and follow the plans Kris has set for you in this book! Change your life forever and transform your body... you will not regret it!!!!
chadlucas More than 1 year ago
Having already gone through a transformation at one point in my life at the age of 25 [the age when your metabolism starts to slow down (I was aware of this)]. I went from 335 lbs to 225 in 11 months on a 2500 calorie balanced diet and consistent 4-5 day workout plan. I had a general outline from a 3 part series in a magazine and went to town; disgusted with myself. I'll tell you what, losing weight and getting in shape is addicting once you get on board. It's like a drug that takes over your life but with great side effects. I think increased energy, decreased knee and back problems, and even reactions from others are all you need to keep going. Then at 27 I got injured (torn mcl). That was all it took to derail my all or nothing attitude. I've continued to lift and be active and get stronger slowly but have never reached my goal. My diet, my plan, my structure (which is what I thrive on) has been gone. I am now 32 I weigh 250 lbs and am a pretty strong guy; but my negative self image is still there. People comment on how good I look; but knowing what I can accomplish and what I was close to at one point in my life is the shadow that lingers over my happiness. As a customer of BBcom for 5-6 years as well as a BodySpace member for the last year; Kris Gethins' new book Body by Design is my new inspiration. Like I said I started my BodySpace but was never accountable by it. I had a login but never took the plunge, which this book now has me doing. What a great tool and for free. The transformation stories in the book will hit home with anyone that has ever been through any kind of struggle no matter what it is. There is always a way, a motivation, a struggle, and if you are true to yourself, light at the end of the tunnel. The motivation this program provides is truly second to none. For those of you who think that the gym rat and meathead club are a bunch of overzealous, arrogant, and self absorbed people are far from right. The healthy lifestyle 99% of the time brings for a more positive outlook and attitude. If anything these will be the people that will encourage and motivate you the most. Body by Design will teach you how to reset your thinking and set up short term and long term motivation; a lifestyle change; which in turn will make a happier and healthier you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
B-Ballin More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be highly informative, inspiring, and motivating! Although I have worked in the fitness industry for 3 years, Kris Gethin discussed topics throughout the book that I have never really thought too much about. The core topic discussed throughout Body by Design is how connecting to a motivating social network (BodySpace) with like minded people will drastically increase your health, fitness and appearance goals. Gethin states it happens by helping you set and keep goals while staying highly ispired, motivated, and accountable. What I really like is the fact Kris scientifically backs up his research. However the book definitely is not all scientific case studies. There are numerous examples throughout of real people just like you and me that have overcome tremendous adversity during their lives, and Gethin explains how through BodySpace they have connected to other people and found a community that has literally saved their lives while inspiring thousands of others at the same time. I have been a BodySpace member for 3 years, but after reading this book I plan on joining the Body by Design BodyGroup and getting alot more involved! The last part of the book goes into to detail regarding his amazing 12 week transformation. He takes you through the transformation week by week and includes everything you need to know in regards to to your diet and nutrition plan and also your weekly workout plan including a detailed workout log (pictures included). I personally know others that have had the privledge of going through Kris Gethin's 12 week transformation, and can say without a doubt it works! Regardless if you're a beginner or and advanced fitness junkie, this book is for everyone! I can't wait to get going on my 12 week transformation. Perfect timing for the New Year!
Gabriel-Meierhoff More than 1 year ago
I've read many books on fitness and have never found the motivation or help to actually do something about it. I'd usually get bored with the reading and the steps i had take which seemed next to impossible in which i almost always knew nothing about, what it even looked like or anybody who had ever done it. With this book, Body by Design by Kris Gethin, I have taken the necessary steps to quit wishing what i wanted to look like and finally take control of my life and DO something about it. There are many stories in this book that are so inspiring and motivating and that i have already begun with my 12 week plan to fitness. This is all that i need as a beginner and with the help of bodyspace i know that i do not have to do this alone.
Kerry-Ryan More than 1 year ago
This book gives you information on everything from motivation before and after transformations, a complete 12 week step by step plan for the person just starting out. It is simple and easy to understand. There is so much information out today on training and nutrition that it become confusing. This book will make it happen for you and me!
BrandonKitto More than 1 year ago
I just got done reading Kris Gethin's book, Body by Design. Such a great way to start a new year, reading an inspirational book about getting and staying fit. The best thing about this book is that it is truly meant for anyone who wants to make the change and proves it again and again by going through motivating stories about people who overcame obstacles much more difficult than mine, and are thriving where they would otherwise not be. In the past one of the most difficult things for me to do has been to understand how to get started correctly with a workout program. Because of the simple way Kris lays out the plan for reaching the goal, from motivation to nutrition to supplements to workouts, I know I can make it through without question. I am looking forward to making it through my first 12 weeks and to the benefits being fit and healthy will bring me, and my family.
Johnnyconner More than 1 year ago
I was recently given a copy of body by design and I have to admit I wasnt sure I would like it!! After reading the book I have changed my mind. body by design is a great book for people like me looking to get in shape. It explains work outs and shows how to do them. The book also talks about what to eat and how often. These are all things people like me need to learn to get motivated and stay healthy! I cant wait to see the results in 12 weeks.