Body, Heart and Soul [Kiersen's Legacy1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Body, Heart and Soul [Kiersen's Legacy1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

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by Samantha Lucas
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Devlin Kiersen lives his life in fear of being exactly like his father—at the same time doing everything he can to prove it's true. In his spectacular bid for self-destruction, he never contemplates meeting a woman who would make him long to spend eternity in the comfort of her arms. Kira Nestor trusts there's


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Devlin Kiersen lives his life in fear of being exactly like his father—at the same time doing everything he can to prove it's true. In his spectacular bid for self-destruction, he never contemplates meeting a woman who would make him long to spend eternity in the comfort of her arms. Kira Nestor trusts there's more to Dev than the sexy, intense man who awakens her sexuality, introducing her to a whole new world of seduction and desire, but she's out of her depth when it comes to reaching behind his walls and convincing him his heart is safe with her. When they come together, everything will change. But will Kira be able to convince Dev that his heart still exists and that true love has the power to change everything, or will he continue to live in the barren hell he believes his due and already knows so well? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Dev was crazed with passion, had never felt so out of control in all his life. He'd come around that bend and knew instantly that it was Kira, but it took him a few minutes to figure out what she was doing.

At one point, she'd shifted her position and the moonlight had made her veil-thin gown completely transparent. He'd nearly cum right there. Gazing at the definition of her legs, he pictured her standing completely naked for his perusal. Her breasts rising and falling with her need for him, her nipples hard, her pussy dripping wet.

He wondered if she shaved it. Would he find nothing? A small strip, a tidy V or maybe she'd be all natural. God, he couldn't wait to burry his face in it. Suck and lick her until she screamed for him.

It was at that point the woman in the bushes screamed, bringing Dev back to reality and the reality was Kira wasn't the little innocent she pretended flawlessly to be, she was a voyeur and who knew what else, so why the hell had he been waiting? That was when he grabbed her and pulled her away, knowing he had to get her someplace private before he exploded and simply rammed his throbbing cock into her right there on one of the paths.

He pulled away again, looked down into her passion-dark eyes, filled with that damn innocence that she was so good at feigning. He ran his thumb over her cheek, wanting to slow down before it was all over before it began. He'd never wanted a woman this badly, or for so long before he had her. He would enjoy Kira, thoroughly.

"I'm going to fuck you, Kira."

He smiled when she shivered.

"Fuck you every way a man can fuck a woman. Then I'm going to take you upstairs and fuck you again."

Shelost her breath on a whimper. He didn't know if he wanted her to stop the damn act or not. He had to admit it turned him on, making him so damn hard he couldn't see straight, but part of him wanted to fuck her with no games, no role-playing. Those could come later. Right now he just wanted Kira--the real Kira.

He fisted his hands in her long hair that hung loosely in curls and sparkled with glitter, bringing his face to within an inch of hers.

"Drop the fucking virgin act."

He spoke slowly, low and clear and saw something flicker in those incredibly passionate eyes. Her tongue came out to lick her bottom lip and for a second he thought she was going to argue with him, so he added, "If I wanted a fucking virgin, I'd go find one. What I want is you, Kira."

She didn't speak, only looked up at him a little like a deer in the headlights.

"Do you understand me?"

She nodded, licked her lips again and said, "No virgins."

He smiled, slowly and wickedly, and kissed her again, then swept an arm under her knees, pulling her off the ground and against his chest, taking her to the soft ground near the waterfall before tearing the wings off her costume.

He wanted to go slowly and treasure every moment of this first time, wanted to explore every square inch of satiny skin, wanted to taste every part of her, but his dick kept telling him it couldn't wait. He shoved her skirt up over her thighs and tore the panties from her, then stared with excruciating need at her wet pussy.

Her startled gasp registered somewhere inside his head. Somewhere, he knew he wasn't being fair. This wasn't just about his pleasure, he had to take care of her also, and he would, after. It was the best he could do at the moment.

"Beautiful, I swear I'll make this first time up to you."

His gaze moved from her wet, hot, swollen pussy to her face, only to find her eyes closed her lower lip seriously being chewed on and her hands clasped together over her breasts.

"God damn, Kira! Can't you stop playing even for a second? Is this part so deeply ingrained that it's all you know how to do?" He shoved two fingers inside her, felt her flinch, then tighten around him.

"Is this what you like?"

He held back on his temper, his voice now coming out as a smooth caress as her pussy gripped his fingers, dripping all over him. Her scent thrust through him as a shot of white heat, he was nearly blind and deaf with need, but he did hear the voices heading their way. He waited, hoping they'd go right by, because he didn't think he could stop himself now, but didn't want Kira embarrassed, unless ... He turned his eyes back on her.

"You like to be watched when you fuck, Kira?"

"I ... I..." she drew a sharp breath. "I don't know."

He unbuckled the shorts he wore under the tunic, relishing in the freedom as he pulled his cock out. He stroked it once, just to relieve some pressure. Several drops formed on the tip, he looked back down at Kira, "Take me in your mouth."

He backed off her so she could sit up, she moved up on her elbows looking positively frightened. His brain started to short-circuit, trying to align all the opposing thoughts, feelings and needs shooting through him. His blood pounded in his ears with the need to take her, his conscience still screamed to protect her, his common sense told him he had missed some important piece of this puzzle, but his cock instructed him to charge, and quite frankly that was the only one he was really interested in listening to and the one that was hardest to ignore.

* * * *

Kira looked from Dev's face--the pain, lust and need in his eyes--to his ... she swallowed. It was so big that she was sure he'd break her if he tried to fit that thing inside her, and he wanted her to put it in her mouth?

This all seemed too fast. She did want this, but was slower too much to ask? At the same time, she felt terrible for lying to him. She knew he didn't expect a virgin, but what was she supposed to do about that now? If she told him, he'd walk away and that level of mortification didn't even bear contemplating.

Tentatively, she reached for him, barely grazing him with her fingertips when he groaned and moved a little closer. With his eyes closed, she took the moment to study him. Big and red and hard, it had clear liquid spilling from the tip and running down the back, she caught a drip with her finger and put it in her mouth. When she looked back at Dev, he was watching her and she was sure her lungs stopped working.

"Your tongue, Kira. Fuck me with your mouth."

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