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Body Language

Body Language

4.3 13
by Kylie Minogue

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After the Stateside success of 2002's Fever and the smash hit "Can't Get You Out of My Head," Aussie star Kylie Minogue uses her 2004 follow-up, Body Language, to further cement her status as an international dance-pop diva. To that end, the petite stunner ventures down the same electro-funk path traveled by Madonna circa


After the Stateside success of 2002's Fever and the smash hit "Can't Get You Out of My Head," Aussie star Kylie Minogue uses her 2004 follow-up, Body Language, to further cement her status as an international dance-pop diva. To that end, the petite stunner ventures down the same electro-funk path traveled by Madonna circa Erotica and Music, with a hint of vintage Prince thrown into the party-starting mix. That she pulls it off is no surprise, considering the impressive list of hitmakers recruited, including legendary '80s hip-hop producer Kurtis Mantronik, Madonna/Björk collaborator Marius Devries, and American Idol theme song scribe Cathy Dennis. Among the upbeat gems benefiting from Minogue's coo are the thumping "I Feel For You," featuring a prominent sample by U.K. speed garage outfit the Dream Team and "Secret (Take You Home)," an intriguing club track with a chorus lifted from the Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam classic. Minogue also shines on the Janet Jackson–worthy "Obsession" and the hip-shaking "Sweet Music." Drenched in sexy sonics and irresistible hooks, Minogue's Body Language comes through loud and clear.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Chris True
If Light Years was the comeback, and Fever the confirmation, then Body Language can best be described as Kylie's "big step forward." Sure it's still simple dance-pop, but this time she (and a team of producers and writers -- including Kurtis Mantronik -- it must be said) has put together an album that works as a piece. It's stylish without being smarmy, retro without being ironic, and its energy never gets annoying. In other words: a near perfect pop record. Instead of opting for more of the light dance- and disco-pop of the last two releases, Kylie has sought to expand her horizons. Adding elements of electroclash, '80s synth pop, bouncy club beats -- even a dash of Eminem-style raps! -- she's found the formula that not only makes her vocal shortcomings irrelevant but gives her the edge on the rest of the divas on their newfound quest: maturity. While Madonna, Xtina, and Britney have attempted to achieve maturity through trashiness and not really all that shocking behavior (i.e., that MTV Awards kiss), Kylie maintained a low profile, retained a sense of class, and put together what may well be the best album of her career. Simply, Body Language is what happens when a dance-pop diva takes the high road and focuses on what's important instead of trying to shock herself into continued relevance.
Rolling Stone - Rob Sheffield
Minogue definitely sounds like she has a few more tricks stored on her hard drive than Britney or Christina.
Entertainment Weekly - Chris Willman
The results are ludicrously enjoyable, and somewhere Nile Rodgers is smiling. You should be too. (B+)

Product Details

Release Date:
Emd Int'l


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kylie Minogue   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Cathy Dennis   Background Vocals
Chris Braide   Background Vocals
Green Gartside   Vocals
London Session Orchestra   Strings
Gavyn Wright   Lead
Simon Hale   Conductor
Emiliana Torrini   Group Member
Julian Gallagher   Keyboards
Anisha Thomas   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Dan Carey   Group Member
Dave Clews   Keyboards
Karen Ann Poole   Background Vocals
Alexis Strum   Background Vocals
Johnny Douglas   Vocals,Background Vocals
Miriam Grey   Background Vocals
Dave Billing   Background Vocals
Dave Morgan   Guitar,Keyboards
Richard "Biff" Stannard   Keyboards,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Kylie Minogue   Composer
Cathy Dennis   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Rez   Producer
Chris Braide   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Tommy D   Instrumentation
Marius de Vries   Instrumentation
Danton Supple   Engineer
Simon Hale   String Arrangements
Paul Anthony George   Composer
Kurtis Mantronik   Producer
Niall Acott   Engineer
Johnny Douglas   Instrumentation
Dave McCracken   Programming
Emiliana Torrini   Composer,Producer
Gerard Charles   Composer
Hugh Clarke   Composer
Julian Gallagher   Composer,Programming,Producer
Baby Bash   Producer,Vocal Producer
Dan Carey   Composer,Producer
Dave Clews   Programming,Vocal Engineer
Karen Ann Poole   Composer
Alvin Sweeney   Programming,Engineer
William Baker   Visual Direction
Electric J.   Producer
Alexis Strum   Composer
Reza Safinia   Composer
Johnny Douglas   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Sunnyroads   Producer
Tony Hung   Cover Design,Sleeve Director
Richard "Biff" Stannard   Composer,Producer

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Body Language 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first track alone, "Slow", is worth the price of the CD. It is the catchiest, most stick-in-your-head song I've heard this year, especially when played very loud. And the music video of Slow included on the CD is a real eye-opener! The rest of the album is a definite mixed-bag. There are further stand-outs - "Secret", "Red Blooded Woman", "I Feel For You", and "Cruise Control", which is more than you get on most albums. The rest, on first listen, are bland, but on subsequent listenings they get better and better. I agree with other reviewers who say that this album doesn't really grip on first listening. But the more you listen you more you appreciate it. Coming after the album "Fever" this CD is a disappointment, but only because "Fever" was so great. But the nice thing is - you can still listen to "Fever", this doesn't take away from it. I have a 3cd player and I have "Fever", her "Greatest Hits" and now "Body Language". What a great combination!
Guest More than 1 year ago
IF u are a big fan of the retro-80's sound you are gonna love this CD. Every track here is a winner especially the song After dark. IT's truly a pop guilty pleasure, the creamy vocal arrangement and production is absolultey sinful. My favorite song is Obsession right now but I honestly love every song on this album. GOOD JOB Kylie!!! The clubs are gonna love this joint!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie Minogue makes a smooth transition from Euro pop-dance diva to TransAtlantic popstar with this - her 9th studio album. Taking influences from the early 80s, the dancefloor and most of the current pop spectrum, Kylie offers up her most consistently enjoyable album to date. That said, it takes time to get into your head...There's no standout single like 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' but upon repeat listens you become one with the subtle groove of 'Chocolate' the unabashed pop-pleasures of 'Secret' and 'Sweet Music' and the brilliantly different 'Someday.' Those in the know, know that she "did it again!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
Simply, LOVE! Sexy, fun and all grown up! I think your onto something, Your taste it mirrors mine, So hot and in the moment, When you make sweet music
Guest More than 1 year ago
Prepare for "Hurricane Kylie"> Are we ready for the change? My 1st listen brought wonder and confusion, "Body Language" was "Light Years" away from "Fever" her previous effort. I liked it but something was tugging at "the corners of my mind" There was a "new dimension" to this music. After the 2nd trip I started to hear it, the superb use of breathy, whispery vocals and the incredibly catchy and clever manipulation of words. The 3rd spin sent a "sunbeam through my Mind" Oh yea-"Zoom in, catch my smile" I am listening to a brilliant, rhythmatic, rhymo-tractic, lyrical and musical masterpiece. "Body Language" is a perfect blend of R&B, Electro-funk, Smoldering ballads, and chic, pop dance grooves. Track 3, "Secret" is the supreme example of crisp rhythmic, rhyming lyrical genius. Track 7, "Chocolate" is the most hypnotic love song I've heard in years---purely delicious, scrumptious "Ear Candy". I love track 8, "Obsession" a classy, jazzy, absolutely dancable track about a possessive and controlling lover--Kylie dresses him down with "Moxie" The beauty of this CD is it's cohesiveness--no track stands out far above the rest but you have to give it more than one listen to realize how good it really is. I have a feeling there is a message in the song "Secret" This CD is starting out "Slow", churning and gathering momentum.When "Red Blooded Woman" takes hold it will start to move and pick up speed. If "Secret" is released it will "rush up on us, like a hurricane". Kylie will take the "pole position" and then "Chocolate" will cause a total "meltdown" So set your "Cruise Control" buy "Body Language" let your CD player "breathe it in" then sit on back and "enjoy the ride"
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lookin Back On my purchase of this Cd I believe it was the photos of Kylie and the low saLE PRICE. I must say It was Not as Lame as a Britney Spears Album would be,I found some tracks very uninspired and superficial. Which I would expect after all I did get it cause she's exceptionally sexy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie Minogue has proven to be an artist who transcends musical genres! While it is true that she has demonstrated proficiency primarily in pop, she has flexed her creative and artistic muscles for the incredible Body Language. It is refreshing to hear an artist using her voice instead of being used by her voice! As a true pop icon, Kylie has transcended the "pop princess" classification and gone on to become a true diva! Kylie has not only eclipsed Madonna, but is now on par with Cher (at half Cher's age)! Body Language finds Kylie taking the tempo of her art down a notch from the fever pitch of "Fever". Say it with me: "Slow can be very, very good". Just think about any of your favorite things you could do, only really nice and really slow! Kylie incorporates some R&B and even hip-hop flavors, borrowing samples from pop classics as diverse as 'Dead or Alive' and some of the best old-school flavors of Motown and Hi Records releases from the funkadelic 70s. What truly sets Body Language apart is Kylie's masterful fusion of her sound as well as many other diverse influences. 'Red Blooded Woman' is, perhaps, the most danceable track on the record: this track most resembles the more up-tempo Fever mood. 'Slow' is the kind of song that doesn't seem danceable at first; only once you find a nice, slow groove to enjoy it does this track's true brilliance emerge. The CD is rounded out nicely by a diverse variety of tracks that will keep you smoothly groovin'! Whether you're working-out, driving, or whatever, Body Language is the best companion you could choose! Delivering on the promise of all Kylie is, transcending the pure R&B mold, and serving up what Britney Spears meant to do with her "In the Zone" release; this is one truly satisfying CD! Cruise Control and You Make Me Feel are great bonuses for the US release as are the videos for Slow and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head live from the Money Can’t Buy concert. Be sure to check out the awesome new Chemical Brothers Remix of Slow featured on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy soundtrack too!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this album when it was released, and all I have to say is the 80's are back in ful force and I love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
On this album Kylie shines like never before. Body Language is the most intelligent album that Kylie Minogue has ever released. A unique hybrid of Euro-pop, R&B, Hip Hop and IDM this album proves the woman knows what she's doing. Making a drastic departure from her pure disco roots, Body Language is probally the best Pop album that has been put out in years. If you bought Fever and found it a bit weak in spots, or you are new to Kylie's work then go out and buy Body Language...you wont be disappointed
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie's new album Body Language shows us that a REAL artist doesn't need to shock us into buying their record (Madonna, Britney, Xtina kiss), they just needs to produce exceptional music. And produce exceptional music is EXACTLY what Kylie has done with this album. Unlike her past two albums, Light Years and Fever, which were impressive to say the least, Body Language introduces a new, more vampy Kylie. In the songs "Slow" and "Chocolate", you can almost feel her cooing softly into your ear with such lyrics as "skip a beat and move with my body, yeah, slow" and "hold me and control me and then melt me slowly down like chocolate." In the songs "Still Standing" and "Sweet Music", Prince's long lost twin sister makes a surprise appearance as Kylie transitions into the more seductive songstress that this album seems to personify. All in all, each song compliments the next perfectly. And for all of you who have already dismissed Kylie as a mere pop-tart, this IS the perfect pop/r&b album. Frankly, I am tired of planned "shocking" spectacles (Janet Jackson's Super Bowl fiasco) that now not only make me not want to buy an album, but makes an artist loose all credibility in my book. If you want an album from a vixen/Brigitte Bardot lookalike, who can not only sing well but also has more class than any of the other divas have in their little fingers, then this is the one for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Moving away from the camp sound of the brilliant sugarpop confection that was "Fever", Kylie Minogue has created an album that successfully furthers her artistic evolution without alienating fans of her prior releases. Everything old is new again on 'Body Language' as Minogue successfully pays homage to 80s dance pop in name and spirit. Making mention of everything from INXS' "New Sensation" to Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle", this tribute to your favorite rollerskating jams harkens back to a time when you really could hear the fun in the music. Minimalist opener "Slow" while interesting and effective with its electro blips and Kylie's purring vocals is hardly evocative of the rest of the album. Track two gets the party started as the Prince meets Paula Abdul "Still Standing" has Minogue rejoicing over recent successes and her return to the collective consciousness. Complete with handclaps and a melting disco beat, this funk confection will make you a believer. Immediately following is the imminent single "Secret", a Miss Dynamite-penned gem that successfully uses driving fast as a euphemism for sexual conquest and has one of the most memorable lines with Kylie reminding you, "Don't confuse emotions with the pleasure principle." Janet would be proud. "Promises", one of two Mantronix tracks on the album, while not unlikeable, is not terribly memorable. All is made up for with track five "Sweet Music", Kylie's energetic ode to the recording process. Or are we being euphemistic again? Hmmm... This one will be left up to the listener. Miss Minogue forays into modern R and B with track six's "Red Blooded Woman", a sort of modern redux of OIivia Newton-John's "Physical" layered over Destiny's Child-esque beats. Not only does it work, it's genius. Referencing Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round" and producing one of the album's best lines in "You'll never get to Heaven if you're scared of getting high", it's easy to see why this has been designated the second single from the album: It's fire. Mission accomplished. As magnificent as track six is, no Kylie track in recent memory holds a candle to the slinky, sultry track seven "Chocolate", quite possibly the best work Minogue has ever created. Atmospheric and evocative, "Chocolate" will put even the hardest of hearts in the mood for love. Truly sounding as though she's melting while singing the catchiest chorus since the ubiquitous "Can't Get You out of My Head", Chocolate would instantaneously give Kylie cred in the R and B world. If you get the album for no other track, it's worth it for "Chocolate". Track eight "Obsession" is a brilliantly-penned, single-worthy cautionary tale of a lover's vanity. This is the second of the Mantronix tracks on the album, and it certainly carries his touch. Brilliantly hooky and featuring a smoky, huskier vocal by Kylie, "Obsession" easily ranks amongst the top tracks on this album. Track nine "I Feel For You" brings the funk back, and sounds as though it should be placed behind "Still Standing" for continuity. This track could just as easily appeared on Paula Abdul's 'Vibeology'. Track ten "Someday" is innocuous enough, but not memorable and seems to slow the pace of the album for track eleven. Track eleven "Loving Days", the only song on the album written exclusively by Minogue, is a lush ballad replete with string arrangements and soaring vocals. Written after a holiday with her French boyfriend actor Olivier Martinez, a usually private Minogue shouts to the rooftops that she's fallen deeply in love, proclaiming "You're the world I'm living in." Track twelve "After Dark", is a Cathy Dennis midtempo jam whose vocal arrangement borrows from the highly underrat
Guest More than 1 year ago
Now I'm a straight male who loves Kylie, and I think that this is one of her best albums. Highlights for me included 'Slow' 'Still Standing' 'Secret (Take You Home)' 'Promises' 'Red Blooded Woman' 'Chocolate' 'Loving Days' and 'After Dark' BUY THIS ALBUM, YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago