Body of Lies

Body of Lies

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by David Ignatius, Dick Hill

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A tale of counterterrorism from an author who "ranks with Graham Greene in his knowledge of espionage and the human heart" (Publishers Weekly).See more details below


A tale of counterterrorism from an author who "ranks with Graham Greene in his knowledge of espionage and the human heart" (Publishers Weekly).

Editorial Reviews

Adrian McKinty
The book works extremely well, and its imagery and characters linger in the memory. We need gifted and intelligent thriller writers like David Ignatius. One hopes that he has another book in the planning stage and is already filling in form DS-4085, requesting yet more visa pages for his well-worn passport.— The Washington Post
Publishers Weekly

Displaying his trademark expertise and writing skill, Washington Postcolumnist Ignatius (Agents of Innocence) has crafted one of the best post-9/11 spy thrillers yet. Subtly framing a highly elaborate plot, Ignatius tells the story of idealistic CIA agent Roger Ferris, newly stationed in Jordan after being wounded in Iraq. After a failed initiative to flush out a terrorist mastermind known as Suleiman, Ferris, who's dedicated to forestalling further al-Qaeda attacks, develops an intricate scheme modeled after a British plan used successfully against the Nazis. Ferris's plot to turn the terrorists against each other by sowing seeds of suspicion that their leaders are collaborating with the Americans puts his personal life in turmoil and threatens his professional relationship with the head of Jordanian intelligence. Few readers will anticipate the jaw-dropping conclusion, and the pairing of first-rate espionage suspense with fully developed characters should propel this onto the bestseller lists and possibly attract Hollywood interest. Author tour. (Apr.)

Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information
Library Journal
Having covered the Middle East and the CIA for more than 25 years, prize-winning Washington Post columnist Ignatius turns to crafting the story of an injured CIA agent intent on bringing down a master terrorist called -Suleiman. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
From Washington Post columnist Ignatius (The Sun King, 1999, etc.), one of the new breed of post-9/11 thrillers, involving Middle East foreign policy, political intrigue, convoluted intelligence operations and the ubiquitous CIA. Former Time magazine reporter Roger Ferris has joined the CIA, and after a terrorist bombing in Berlin develops an obsessive desire to take down "Suleiman," a key al-Qaeda operative whose true identity is unknown. With the help of his boss, crusty Near East Division Chief Ed Hoffman, Ferris begins a journey of deception in which he tries to play an innocent middle-eastern architect to flush out and reveal Suleiman and ultimately take down his whole terrorist operation. But what of the motives of Hani Salaam, the smooth and unruffled chief of the General Intelligence Department in Jordan? He desperately wants to be a part of the operation-but is he a victim of manipulation, or himself a master of the game? The action takes place in Washington and Jordan, where "hypocrisy was mother's milk." Lies, deception, manipulation and hypocrisy pervade the atmosphere like thick, acrid smoke from a Turkish cigarette. Ferris is caught not only between competing policies (mainly illicit) but also between competing women-his wife, Gretchen, herself a master manipulator on the domestic front, and Alice Melville, who aids Palestinians in refugee camps and who views lies, rather than truth, as dangerous. In contrast, Ferris works under the cynical yet pragmatic assumption that "this was a business where any action was sanctioned, so long as it worked." Ironically, however, Ferris develops his own brand of idealism-after all, he's dedicated to his mission to take down the "badguys," and there are, in fact, dangerous people out there. Ferris chillingly counts on undermining truth with doubt, "the great destroyer," and ultimately uncovers secrets about his own past as well. A fast-paced novel with all the ingredients for a bestseller.
From the Publisher
"Ignatius has crafted one of the best post-9/11 spy thrillers yet." —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

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From the Publisher
"Ignatius has crafted one of the best post-9/11 spy thrillers yet." —-Publishers Weekly Starred Review

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