Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers

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by Roze

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By day, twin brothers David and Jerry lead normal American lives. They've managed to escape their native land Haiti after robbing and brutally murdering the son of the infamous drug lord, Chico. They leave their family behind to chase the American dream.Major and King are the aliases that David and Jerry assume after forming the Body Snatchers. This group of Haitian


By day, twin brothers David and Jerry lead normal American lives. They've managed to escape their native land Haiti after robbing and brutally murdering the son of the infamous drug lord, Chico. They leave their family behind to chase the American dream.Major and King are the aliases that David and Jerry assume after forming the Body Snatchers. This group of Haitian men is dedicated to a life of crime and nothing is left off the table as they wreak havoc on the streets of New York. The first kidnapping is merely payback, but after realizing how lucrative this new occupation is, the team begins to formulate plans and set their sights on major targets including the son of the multimillionaire Governor of New York. Lead FBI agent, Camper decides to test the lengths of which the Body Snatchers will go, but soon learn that this ruthless team has no boundaries. The Body Snatchers only allegiance is to each other and as they plot and scheme, building an empire of untouchables. Life is good as they indulge in the lavish life of women, money, sex and drugs. Blinded by their success, they fail to realize that someone from their past is out to get them and will stop at nothing until the Body Snatchers are six feet under.

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Roze is a native New Yorker. Body Snatchers is Roze's first novel. Roze is presently working on a second novel, Love on the Rocks.

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Body Snatchers 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Rhea-Alexis More than 1 year ago
Body Snatchers by Rozé is more than a great read, this is an experience!! Few times I have found myself rooting for the bad guys. This was an engagingly exciting read that was fast paced and enthralling. Body Snatchers is a based on the saga of twin brothers that left poverty ridden Haiti at the urging of their mother and the expectancy of a better life. These two came to America in the way we have seen so many travels, via boat, into Florida and having to scramble to land amid threat of death or capture and return. However, they left a dangerous tedious situation back in Haiti that would haunt them in later days. Once in America and situated in New York, they fell into the street life style quickly. Their chosen path soon changes for a more treacherous, devious and dangerous one that results in terrorizing this entire city. They did this with the aid of other Haitians that they met alone the way but primarily at school. We witness the destruction that lay wait in the path that they travel and the involvement of countless others. Rozé crafted a novel that consistently put the readers on the edge as they anticipate what’s going to happen next. I am fully anticipating more work from this author.
TheScribeLS More than 1 year ago
Roze's action packed, colorful and descriptive debut novel, Body Snatchers, tells the story of twin brothers David and Jerry on their journey from Haiti to New York. Growing up poor and losing their father at a young age, the men make their way to the Big Apple to get away from poverty with the hopes of making enough money to send for the rest of their family to live the American Dream. But the dark past they left behind to get to NY will soon follow and they'll find themselves fighting to hide their past and keep their lives. This book is a treat for lovers of action, suspense, and scandal but is for a mature audience as it does contain some adult language. The book is fast paced and written in short chapters to keep your attention and gets the reader emotionally involved. Between chapters I often found myself in suspense wondering what would happen next. Some chapters made me gasp while others made me laugh out loud. I read this book on the train, on my lunch break, in the park, anywhere I could. I finished it in less than a week and would have probably finished it in two days if I had a block of time to sit down. Talk about a page turner! I finished the book thinking, "Wow, what a story! I didn't know Roze' had all of that in her." I'd recommend this book to readers who like suspense and sometimes want to see the "bad guys" win. Body Snatchers was well written with a clear beginning, middle and end. I will definitely check out the next book by Roze'. Two thumbs up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books that you can put down. It's like your watching a movie. Can't wait for part 2.
Boston-bookie More than 1 year ago
Haitian Pride all the way! Jerry and David leave Haiti on a mission to a better life in America. But before leaving Haiti they make a fatal mistake. Now they are in America making and formed an organization called Body Snatchers. They end up kidnapping the son of the governor amongst other people. Now the entire city of New York is on a manhunt for the Body Snatchers including someone from their past. I really enjoyed reading this book. You felt like you knew the characters personally. What an imagination, this is not like your typical urban novel (if that's what you want to call it). It is filled with twist and turns that you wouldn't expect from this genre of writing. I was wary at first because I never heard of this author but now I will definitely look for her other work. Can't wait for part 2.
ebonypeach1 More than 1 year ago
David and Jerry are identical twins who live in their native land of Haiti with their mother, older brother and younger sister. The twin’s Aunt Kathy lives in New York City but is willing to take them both in but they have a dilemma; they don’t have enough money to obtain their Visa’s and to get there. Determined that they are going to the United States, they rob a couple of cops. Then they make one last heist before leaving. Little do they know that this last heist just happens to be Chico, the local drug Kingpin. Having gotten away, they board a ship for the states the following morning. After reaching the states, David and Jerry quickly adjust and try to blend in with their surroundings by going to school. They plan on bringing the rest of the family over also. Meanwhile, they are readily building a reputation in the streets. Although the street game is good, it’s not for long. The Body Snatchers are organized by the twins from a group of Haitians and are causing chaos all over the city. David and Jerry are now known as Major and King. The Body Snatchers are successful at what they do but will it last? Will their pass catch up with them and if so, when and by whom? The Body Snatchers is my first read by Roze and also her debut novel. I must commend her first and foremost for the great editing job. The narration changed back and forth and became confusing at times. I had a hard time with the lapse of time. Seems like some things happened on the same day when it was really later. Some of the events were a little farfetched but all in all a good read. I look forward to her next book.
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
At the behest of their mother, teenage twins David and Jerry leave Haiti headed to New York to live with their mother’s sister. It’s their plan to make enough money to send for the rest of their family. The boys quickly adjust, making names for themselves in the streets. Together, with fellow Haitians, they form the Body Snatchers, a ruthless gang of kidnappers. While they are looking for victims, little do they know someone is waiting to add them to their list of victims. I really liked the storyline of Roze’s “Body Snatchers,” its premise and even the characters; its execution – not so much. What started off as an intriguing, tightly-woven story unraveled as the story progressed starting with its narration. Initially the story was told in first-person narration through the eyes of the twins, allowing for readers to get better acquainted with the characters. However, by the sixth chapter, the book switched gears to third-person. After three chapters it again switched back to first-person. This would become a pattern with the story losing its power with the multiple changes, some within the same chapter. Had the author chosen one form of narration it would have made for a much smoother, less convoluted flow. The timeline was shaky as there were some points where I could not tell how much time passed. Add to that, with the flips in narration, an event would be covered in a chapter and the next chapter would be at a different frame of time or recover the same event from another viewpoint, which proved confusing. I liked these characters. I liked the plot. I liked the Haitian pride displayed by both the characters and the author. I just wish the execution had been better, that the author had taken a little more time to play out the boys’ transformation, and had stayed focused on the boys (narration) as they were the charm of this book. I also wish that the author had given one complete story brought to an end instead of leaving an opening for the dreaded S word. While “Body Snatchers” is not a perfect book, no book is, it’s obvious that care and attention was given to editing. That’s a rarity in an industry saturated with poorly edited books and this reader appreciated it. Newcomer Roze has a unique voice and I look forward to more from her. Reviewed by: Toni 3.5
Latisha_Patterson More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. Twins David and Jerry are from Haiti and have dreams of going to the states to make enough money to send for their mother and younger sister. Their older brother loves living in Haiti and has no desire to leave. Living a life with a single mother that is poor trying to support them makes them hungry and eager to help. David is dating the niece of a Haitian drug lord and learns the hiding place to his stash. The night before they are scheduled to leave for New York to live with their aunt the twins decide to rob David¿s girlfriend uncle Chico. The twins are identical and decide to switch places to pull off the heist. Things don¿t go exactly as planned and Jerry ends up sleeping with his brother¿s girlfriend and killing her cousin Mario. Mario is Chico¿s only son. When Chico returns he finds his son dead and his safe empty. He reviews the security camera¿s to find out who killed his son and robbed him. The twins make a clean get away to the States but his family pays the repercussions. When the twins move to New York they fit in quickly and make a name for themselves as the body snatchers. This was a great action packed read. I read this book in one day because I could not put it down.