Bond with Me

Bond with Me

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by Anne Marsh

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Fallen angels rule Moscow's seedy underworld, promising untold pleasure to the females who dare to mate them. That promise-and Brends Duranov's own raw sexual power-has hopefuls mobbing the velvet rope outside his elite club G2's.

But Mischka Baran has no intention of hooking up with one of the Fallen. Not even after Brends gives her an unforgettable taste of the

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Fallen angels rule Moscow's seedy underworld, promising untold pleasure to the females who dare to mate them. That promise-and Brends Duranov's own raw sexual power-has hopefuls mobbing the velvet rope outside his elite club G2's.

But Mischka Baran has no intention of hooking up with one of the Fallen. Not even after Brends gives her an unforgettable taste of the sin and seduction he can deliver with those wicked lips. She's after information, not a stint as some fallen angel's toy of the month. What she doesn't know is that with a sadistic killer carving up his brethren, Brends is playing for keeps, hunting the one woman whose bloodline can end the mayhem, whose bond can restore his lost wings.

Praise for The Fallen series

"The perfect alpha male- sexy as hell and demanding... The raw energy of the males in this story make for a tantalizingly, erotic read. Fans of fallen angels will eat this one up." -- Anna's Book Blog

"Bond With Me is a very dark erotic romance. Brends and Mischka's chemistry is titillating right from the moment they first meet and their romance is sweet, yet exciting even beyond their smoking hot sexual relationship." -- Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

"Dark and dangerous are the first 2 words that come to my mind when I read this book. Brends is the ultimate bad boy and makes no apologies for his nature or behavior." -- Bookaholics

A 2011 Reader's Crown finalist!

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Editorial Reviews

Anna's Book Blog
"The perfect alpha male- sexy as hell and demanding... The raw energy of the males in this story make for a tantalizingly, erotic read. Fans of fallen angels will eat this one up." Five Stars!
Book of Secrets
"Anne Marsh has created a darkly erotic world set in the near future for her fallen angels in Bond with Me... the love scenes scorched the pages throughout the book." Four Hearts!
Fiction Vixen Book Reviews - Fiction Vixen
"Bond With Me is a very dark erotic romance. Brends and Mischka's chemistry is titillating right from the moment they first meet and their romance is sweet, yet exciting even beyond their smoking hot sexual relationship."

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Bond with Me

By Anne Marsh

Dorchester Publishing

Copyright © 2010 Anne Marsh
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-505-52858-2

Chapter One

As far as the human residents of M City were concerned, G2's was one damn sexy club, the sort of place you visited when you were in the money and feeling very, very lucky. You put on your best dancing clothes, flashed whatever cash you had and got ready to bargain very, very hard. Because only the select few were ever invited inside.

Prowling past the queue of waiting humans, Brends Duranov scented hope, anticipation and outright desperation seeping from the waiting mob of would-be revelers. Cross that plush velvet line, take the first step inside the club, and who knew what could happen? Humans believed that his Goblin ability to make a wish come true was worth any price.

Brends knew better.

The hot interest, the even headier cocktail of their individual souls, teased his inner addict. What he wanted-what he needed-was lined up and waiting for him. All he had to do was stretch out a hand and choose. Pick a female and make her his dark offer: bond with him, swear to serve his every desire, and receive one favor. She could name anything at all and he'd deliver. All she had to do was serve him, in bed and out, letting him drink of her soul through their bond. He'd taste all the light and goodness she had stored inside her soul, until she was drained and lifeless-or insane.

The fantasy was that in serving him, they served themselves.

That's what those females standing on the other side of the paltry velvet rope were really waiting for. That was the chance for which they'd come, why they'd put on their four-inch heels and were staring at him with those needy eyes.

He scanned the crowd, looking for one human in particular. She'd stalked him at the club for the last three nights. Her honey-and-musk scent was just as much of a turn-on as the thought of her long, supple fingers stroking his cock. He could feel himself hardening even now.

But the woman was nowhere to be found. And suddenly he had no appetite for anyone else. He wasn't bonding with anyone. Not tonight.

She didn't want him.

"My liege?" The bouncer closest to the door looked startled at the pause in Brends's long, sure prowl toward the front doors of G2's. He'd never stopped before. The women waiting in line pushed closer to the rope.

He growled something that must have passed for a greeting, because the bouncer held the door open so he could pass through it. He jabbed the elevator button almost hard enough to punch through the brass panel, cursing silently. It was just as well the unknown female had wised up and left his club the hell alone. He couldn't afford to make the same mistake twice.

When he stepped out of the private elevator, letting the doors glide smoothly shut at his back, the thumping beat of prog music hit him like a blast between the eyes. He quickly moved to the quieter VIP section and the corner table reserved solely for his use. Tonight someone was there waiting: the male who'd called him here. His sire.

Zer was a soldier first and foremost, a tall, broad-shouldered shadow whom humans gave a wide berth. No one crossed Zer. A band of black tattoos circled his thick wrists, and his jet-black hair was bound back in a long queue. Even at rest, he looked ready to pounce. Zer never let down his guard, never relaxed. He didn't believe in mercy. Probably had never received any himself, if the nicks and scars on his face were any indication. He nodded a curt greeting in Brends's direction. His movements held the lethal grace of a snake, a cobra poised to strike.

"You've seen the newspapers?" Zer tossed the question out casually, as if he and Brends had been parted for minutes rather than months. Rumor had it that Zer had been tracking down a rogue Goblin who didn't want to be sent to the Preserves.

Near-immortal, the longer a Goblin lived, the harder it became for him to ignore the raw hunger for emotions that constantly tormented him. The man survived by judiciously feeding that thirst by bonding with a willing human, but the beast locked away inside him was a predator who yearned to devour the very soul that sustained it. Sometimes, the beast overpowered the man, and other times, the man Changed for reasons of his own.

When Michael pushed them out of the Heavens and down into the human world, he'd taken the time to rub a little salt into those wounds. Not only had he ripped off their wings, leaving a psychic wound that no amount of time could heal, but he'd stripped them of their softer emotions as well. Since they'd acted like beasts, he'd said, they could live like beasts. They'd experience hunger, pain, fear, rage, the keen desire to hunt and track and tear. He'd condemned them to a lifetime as feral predators-but with an inescapable hunger to be more. And the only way to get that "more" was vicariously. Bond with a human, and the Goblin could feel everything that human felt. Or rather, the Goblin preyed on the human's emotions, drinking them down like a vampyr did blood. Sooner or later, the human had nothing left. Most of them went mad.

Now the human papers had been reporting savage Goblin kills along the eastern edge of the empire, and public sentiment was turning against them. Any rogue Goblin who couldn't control the Change and his thirst for human souls had to be dealt with. Quickly. No surprise their sire had taken on the job himself.

A dancer shimmied dangerously close, the sweet, powdery scent of her perfume teasing Brends's senses. She smelled good. Good enough to eat. Tonight's hunger was worse than yesterday's. The itch to drink deep from a human and savor the complex taste of a soul slowly changing from light to dark was almost impossible to ignore. Brends had spent centuries ignoring the thirst, however; he'd survive one more night.

Still, the hunger put him on edge, made him tenser, terser than usual, so he wasn't in the mood to exchange small talk with his sire.

His sire had called. Brends had come. Now he just wanted the damn bastard to get on with his business so he could return to his office and see if she had decided to come after all.

Hell, the plans he had to make her come. A small smile quirked the corner of his mouth. If she gave into her curiosity-and instinct told him she would-she wasn't leaving his club until he'd had a good, long taste of the secrets she was keeping from him. What he hadn't decided was where he would start. Would he tease her, tantalize her mouth, her neck, her breasts until she begged? Maybe he'd get straight to the point, spreading her creamy thighs and lapping at that juicy sex like she was dessert and he was a starving man.

Zer coughed. "When you said you would meet with me here, I thought your terms included listening."

Hell. He forced his attention back to the male sprawled across from him, nodding his head in curt apology. A knowing glint appeared in his sire's eyes. Zer knew how long Brends had held out, refusing to take a new bonded. Had to know just how hot and demanding the thirst riding him was.

The bastard was enjoying every minute of it.

"We've had a situation on our hands for months now. We've been losing human females, but now we're losing brothers-and not just to the thirst, either. They're going out to fight, and they're not coming back. Someone has finally got his shit down and he's killing our kind." Zer steepled his fingers over his broad chest, trying and failing to look like the chance to kick some serious ass didn't delight him. Shit, none of them liked losing their brothers-and Brends knew that they would exact every bit of revenge for their deaths that they could-but you didn't survive by mourning your dead and hiding in the past. What you did was fight back. Hard.

The pleasure faded from Zer's face. "There was another death just this week. We've got a rogue with a taste for blood on our hands here. He keeps killing, and we won't be able to keep it quiet."

"If the killer's one of ours who's gone rogue, we'll take care of it. We always have. MVD knows that." Not to mention that MVD, the human policing unit, wouldn't be equipped to deal with a rogue. Last time they'd tried, there'd been a sudden number of openings in the unit. And not due to a rash of retirements, either. While Brends didn't particularly care one way or another if the human population declined, this kind of mess had a bad habit of biting one on the ass if left unchecked.

So he'd clean it up. Big deal. He'd tracked hundreds of rogues; this one wouldn't be any different. It was bad policy to interfere with MVD investigations until you were damn sure of your facts. There was always fallout from stepping on MVD toes, even though Brends would have been perfectly content to settle matters by slitting a few throats. The solutions that had worked two thousand years ago were too brutal by today's standards, so he'd give diplomacy a whirl first. See what he could dig up.

"It could be another paranormal," Zer suggested. The Goblins weren't M City's only paranormal residents-just the most visible. There were vampyrs, banshees and any number of other dark creatures.

"But you don't think so."

"This one's killing for the pleasure of it." Zer drummed his fingers on the table. "There's a pattern here, but we're not seeing it."

"So let's review," Brends suggested. "His first kill was a tourist. We always figured wrong place, wrong time, just another human who stuck her nose where it didn't belong."

"Old M City family, that second one," Zer observed. He traced a pattern around his fingers with the blade. One wrong move and he'd be missing a digit, but Zer never made a wrong move. A good male to have at your back, and that was why so many of them had followed him all those thousands of years ago. Why they still did. When you looked into Zer's eyes, you believed. You had to.

"She knew M City. She had a human husband."

"Stocks and bonds." Zer nodded. He already knew this information. They both did, but some patterns weren't obvious at first glance. Talking it through helped. "Loaded even by most standards. If she wasn't tucked up in their town house, she was ferried around by limousine. Private planes."

Not bad protection for a human. Nowhere near as good as what Brends provided, but it should have been adequate. "And yet they found her three miles away from her bodyguards. In a negligee."

The press had had a field day with that one. The red negligee had been very expensive, very scanty and very bloody. Someone had ripped the socialite open from sternum to pelvis. Unfortunately, humans had been first to the scene for that one and the pictures had leaked before the Goblins could do anything.

"Then two more."

"That we know about."

Brends turned the facts over in his head as he scrolled through the collection of gory crime-scene video playing on the slim silver vid-player Zer tossed him.

"They're all human."

Zer shot him a look. "Obviously."

"And all female."

"Yeah. Ages?" Zer had clearly been down this avenue himself. More than once.

"Nothing too close-all within a ten- to twelve-year range of each other. No similarity in their appearance, either. Blondes, brunettes, hell, the bastard even threw a redhead in there."

The only obvious similarity was in the coroner's report: the same blade had been used to gut the women. The coroner had noted the distinctive edge.

"What about the weapon? Can we trace that?"

They could try, but M City was ass deep in illegal contraband. Finding one knife would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. More important was the kind of strength it had taken to pull an edge like that-hell, any edge-through a human body. The murderer had split those bodies clean open like a hunter gutting his kill. He'd severed bones. Then repeatedly stabbed the chest cavity.

"Sick bastard."

"Yeah." Brends poured amber-colored liquid into a glass. "So he's probably one of ours. He's got the blade. He's got the strength. I'll take care of it."


Excerpted from Bond with Me by Anne Marsh Copyright © 2010 by Anne Marsh. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

A professional technical writer, Anne discovered that getting laid off was actually A Very Good Thing. While looking for her next writing gig, she picked up her pen (well, okay, she used her writing as an excuse to buy a new Apple laptop) and started writing. She soon discovered that writing was uncomfortably similar to sit-ups: add a few more crunches each day, wake up sore, but, by God, you will fit into that bikini. Or finish the book (she's still working on the bikini). Now she cranks out software manuals during the daylight hours- and writes about alpha shapeshifters the rest of the time.

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Bond With Me 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1403 reviews.
Gladtobehere More than 1 year ago
If I could have given no stars for this book, I would have. What looks like an interesting fantasy concept for a book ends up being just poorly written porn. To be honest, after reading the first couple of pages, and scanning the last few, I knew this was a total waste of my time. Thank goodness it did not cost anything. Having been burned this way just a few too many times with BN free books, I am no longer going to take advantage of their offers unless it is for a classic book with which I am already familiar. It looks like BN (and I'm sure other places will follow suit) places more importance on pushing self-publishing authors on it's customers than truly well-written offerings.
Sorka-Spellbound More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure because of some of the reviews I had read, but now I am looking forward to more. The storyline has great potential for a couple of sequels. The idea of Heaven being taken over by a dark angel and true love and acceptance of differences being the only way to save Heaven AND Earth speaks volumes about what can be accomplished by looking beyond prejudices and seeing individuals for who they are. The eroticism is NOT overdone in my opinion (I have seen just as much in some best sellers) and it adds a little spice without being overly pornographic. Anne Marsh will be on my "watch for" list. Don't let the naysayers scare you off.The plot is well thought out and nicely developed! I am glad I found this one!!!!!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Three thousand years ago, the Dominion angel guardians of Heaven's throne were murdering their brethren rather than protecting them. With proof, Archangel Michael punishes the rebels by removing their wings and souls, and exiling them as half man and half beast goblins with little hope of return unless they are redeemed by their soul mate who must teach these fallen to love. Three millennia later by 2090 none have redeemed their souls. At the exclusive G2 club in M City, Mischka Baron searches for her cousin Pelinor "Pell" Arden who she fears has bonded with a fallen angel, which she knows means they suck at your soul. Club owner Brends Duranov wants her from the moment he senses her, but to his shock, Mischka rejects him. Right before her refusal, Brends learned from his sire Zer that a rogue Goblin Changed and was killing human and the Fallen. Brends vows to find the serial killer, but soon has a stronger motive when Mischka becomes the target; as he believes she is the one for him. Bond With Me is a superb romantic urban fantasy with a strong enchanting world and a solid cast. The story line is a fast-paced suspense thriller as the serial killer and Brends target Mischka for totally opposite reasons. Action-packed, the key element that makes Marsh's land seen genuine is the goblins as these are soulless predatory beasts; of whom, for the most part, are unsympathetic. Harriet Klausner
swan480 More than 1 year ago
I'm no prude, but the amount of sex talk in the beginning of the book turned me off, not on. I've read a lot of romance, so when I read the reviews I didn't think much of the ones that were complaining about the amount of sex. But when the word "p*ssy" was used 3 or 4 times in the first 30 pages, along with quite a few instances of "creamy," "creaming," etc., I decided this wasn't for me. I've archived my copy and maybe one day I'll try it again, but I have enough worthwhile things to read at the moment that I don't care to waste my time on erotica masquerading as romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So-so story drenched in soft porn
luvgr8books More than 1 year ago
Despite some of negative reviews and ridiculous comparisons to other authors, I found this to be a definate great read. Anne Marsh did a wonderful job creating all the aspects of a paranormal action/mystery/sexy-romance story that we all love to read. If don't like books with (explicit) sex scenes, any adult paranormal book is probably not for you, unless you stay within the youth books (Twilight). This was a great book from beginning to end. I liked the fact that the author ended the story with the assumption that this will be a series, which means.......more to come. I just love series!!! And thanks Anne Marsh for the free read, I will definately check out your other books!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Captivating. And great for a free book.
JOwen More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining hope there is more to come.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
What price would you pay to save someone you love? Would it be too much to ask for your soul? This is the dilemma Mischka Baran finds herself in when her cousin, Pelinor, goes missing. Before she can find Pell, Brends Duranov, resident club owner and fallen angel, convinces her she must accept his mate bond to ensure her safety from a rogue angel. My first thought when I read the blurb for Bond With Me was "Wow, this sounds darkly seductive". Let me tell you, I was right on the money! Dark and seductive only begin to describe this powerful and creative journey into the Russian underworld. Ms. Marsh had me riveted from the very beginning. Her characters exude strength in personality as well as spirit. I felt like the setting of an inhospitable war torn city and neglected countryside in the year 2090 is representative of the fallen angels or Dominions. After they were accused of heinous crimes, they were judged and sentenced to be separated from their families in Heaven, forced to suffer a lifetime on Earth until one among them finds his bond mate, and feed their internal beast that craves human souls. The differences in Brends attitude from the beginning of the story to the conclusion is like walking out of darkness into a brightly lit room. Brends character is filled with a soul consuming combination of self denial of his inner Beast, anger at the one he holds at fault for the lives of the fallen and a longing to return to Heaven. His one chance at redemption shows up his club needing help. Mischka is the consummate caretaker in her family. She feels it's her duty to always "do the right thing" when secretly she wants to be more carefree like her cousin, Pelinor. Brends brings out the bad girl in Mischka and she in turn reminds him that doing good has its own rewards. While Pell and Dathan are secondary characters in this novel their story is beautiful, poignant and pivotal to the plot. There is a rogue Fallen that does the dirty work and then there is the evil "puppet master" that manipulates the Fallen as well as circumstances to put himself into a position of power. This is a very typical bad guy plan that isn't quite completed by the end of this story. That was just fine by me because that means that hopefully Ms. Marsh is planning a follow-up book that will allow us to revisit Brend, Mischka, Pell, Dathan and the rest of the Fallen to see if they find the redemption they were promised. Originally posted at Whipped Cream Reviews
Anonymous 8 months ago
Yes this book had a lot of sex, prudes beware! But for all that it had good storytelling and I was intrigued by the following storyline going thru this book and up coming ones.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Had me hooked, couldn't put down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Brends Duranov is Fallen Angel called Dominions turned Goblin by Michael for his part in rebellion. Michael offers redemption in the form a soul mate to regain all that is lost in the Fall from Heaven. Brends stop believing in soul mates over millennia ago. Zer tells Brends that there is a rogue killing women much like Michael did and that they need to find this rogue fast. Pellinor (Pell) Arden is seeking protection from a stalker and only Dathan can provide it. Dathan wants Pell to bond with him in return for his protection. Mischka Baran is searching for her cousin Pell in G2's despite her disgust with paranormals. Mischka made a promise and she intends to keep it. Mischka is suppose to meet with Brends but ends up discovering murder soul mates instead. Mischka is horrified by the deaths which remind her of her parents deaths as child. Mischka is straitlaced person that she shows everyone but secretly wants to be wild child instead. Brends knows Mischka's secret desire and intends to show her how good it can be. The rogue is Eilor. Will the killings be stopped? Can Mischka submit to Brends? Are soul mates real? Your answers await you in Bond With Me. This a very unique take on Fallen Angels. I adore Mischka for her wanting to be wild child. I also love the protective streak Brends has for Mischka. I want to claw Eilor's eyes out along with his boss. The best part of this book that is it's setting in Russia something that doesn't happen very often in books with the exception of classics like Anna Karenina. I will definitely read more of this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago