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Bond with Your Baby Before Birth: How to Communicate with Your Unborn Child

Bond with Your Baby Before Birth: How to Communicate with Your Unborn Child

by Kim O'Neill

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The book you now hold in your hands can help you open a dialogue with the incredible soul who is destined to be your child.

Do you ever wonder what your unborn child will look like, be like, act like, or desire in life? In Bond with Your Baby Before Birth, psychic Kim O'Neill offers her guided channeling techniques to help moms-to-be


The book you now hold in your hands can help you open a dialogue with the incredible soul who is destined to be your child.

Do you ever wonder what your unborn child will look like, be like, act like, or desire in life? In Bond with Your Baby Before Birth, psychic Kim O'Neill offers her guided channeling techniques to help moms-to-be tap into the deep intuitive powers of pregnancy and meet their unborn child before birth.

Your connection to your unborn baby is growing faster than your waist line, and in this uniquely fascinating book, the mysteries of your baby's soul and life destiny can be revealed to you through Kim O'Neill's insights and philosophies. Filled with the author's own personal experience of channeling her own children in utero as well as poignant first-person accounts from those for whom she has channeled, this book introduces you to the phenomenon of communicating with your baby before birth.

The information and tips in this book will help you:

  • Receive messages from your unborn child
  • Discover your child's life purpose and destiny
  • Interpret pregnancy dreams . . . and much more

Bond with Your Baby Before Birth will enable you to tune in and connect with your child as early as conception and will allow you to enhance the bonding process through every stage of your baby's development and for the rest of your lives.

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How Bonding Begins

Chapter Profile: The spirit of your baby is nearby, eager to begin his new life with you. When you're pregnant, your psychic ability expands as quickly as your waistline! Chapter One introduces you to the process of speaking with the spirit of your future child. My fervent hope is that this book will allow you to become more sensitive to the presence of your unborn baby as he or she hovers around you. Think of me as a personal coach who can help you embark on a spiritual adventure unlike any you've ever known . . . on the path that leads directly toward the magical experience of bonding with the soul of your unborn baby.

When does the bonding process begin? There are probably as many opinions about that as there are . . . people!

Belin's Story

When I have tuned into my womb, and even deeper into the soul of my baby, I have felt a connection that transcends time and mind. It's a heart connection and a knowing. You just have to trust in that communication. The more practice you have communicating with your little baby in utero, the better able you will be able to connect when that little soul is born. When does the connection start? It starts when we allow it. I discovered that you don't even have to be pregnant to feel it.

My opinion resonates from a metaphysical viewpoint. Based upon my life's work as a channel and through my own experience giving birth, I believe that bonding begins when a soul first starts to hover around its chosen birth mother, even if she remains unaware of its presence, isn't pregnant yet—or has even yet to meet a Mr. Wonderful.

Dr. Schnider, a father and grandfather who has delivered more than seven thousand babies in his twenty-eight-year career as an obstetrician, has formed an opinion about mother/baby bonding stemming from a scientific viewpoint. 'I think women start bonding fairly early,' he told me. 'Once she sees the baby on ultrasound, when she sees the actual heartbeat, it makes a much bigger impact than just 'feeling.' And then another big step is when she feels movement . . . they're bonded.'

Your baby will be your greatest blessing. My fervent hope is that this book will allow you to become more sensitive to the presence of your unborn baby. The key to building a constructive relationship is to maintain faith that your baby is eager to connect, and to accept the fact that you already possess all of the skills necessary to build the two-way communication. By practicing the technique in the fifth chapter, you'll hone your ability to better hear the vital messages your unborn baby has been trying to convey—possibly even before you conceived. The bonding will become increasingly tangible—and therefore, more exciting!

I have worked as a psychic for over twenty-two years, delivering angelic messages for clients in private channeling sessions. I've channeled for people from all over the world and in very different walks of life. Through the years, clients have asked about their careers, life's work, soul mates, health, financial abundance, family members, as well as many other topics. My life's purpose is to help people gain valuable insight into who they are; what they are supposed to be doing with their lives; the specific, pragmatic steps they can take to reach their full potential; and how they can create the empowerment necessary to build a lovely quality of life.

How did I begin to communicate with the souls of unborn babies? It all began one miraculous day shortly after I became a professional psychic. I was conducting a private channeling session for a pregnant client, and she was asking her angels for information about her prenatal health. As I listened to the telepathic messages coming from her angels in answer to her question, I was surprised to hear another voice say, 'Hi, Mommy!' I was mystified. I asked if the voice was one of her angels, and I heard the message, 'No, I am the spirit of her daughter.' I repeated this surprising information to my client. She asked if the message was coming from the soul who was going to actually become her child. 'Yes!' responded the spirit. 'And I can't wait to be born!'

I quickly realized that the process of communicating with the souls of unborn babies is exactly the same as speaking with guardian angels, and simple to learn—with just a little practice. Throughout the years, I made another startling discovery: after conception, a woman's natural intuitiveness dramatically strengthens and deepens, allowing her to become far more psychically receptive to what is going on around her during her pregnancy.

In this book, I'm sharing information revealed in private channeling sessions conducted with expectant mothers from all over the world—true-life stories about parents who began the bonding process before their babies were conceived, or after they were in utero—as well as what I experienced throughout my own two pregnancies.

I have to admit that my story is a little unusual. Instead of meeting my husband, Britt, in a bookstore, through a friend, or even online, I met him for the first time when he came into my office asking me to channel the spirit of his recently deceased wife! Not exactly the romantic vision that I had always dreamed of. Plus, I was already forty years old at the time. In spite of—or, maybe because of—what brought us together, love blossomed and we were married three months later. Britt had a grown daughter and wanted more children, and I was keen to finally start a family. Although I did not realize it at the time, the spirit of my unborn son was already hovering around me . . . even before I conceived!

This is the true story of the very first time I communicated with my own unborn child:
I arrived at the doctor's office for my annual pap smear, was shown to an exam room, donned a blue paper gown, and sat waiting for my doctor. Dr. Schnider, my OB/GYN, entered the room and greeted me with a warm smile, as always. He apologized for keeping me waiting—explaining that he had delivered a baby that morning so he was running a little behind schedule. As he reviewed my chart, he asked how I was feeling and I told him that I had never felt better. Then it was time for the internal.

When he finished, I sat up on the exam table and told him that since my last visit, I had finally met my Mr. Wonderful and had gotten married. The doctor offered hearty congratulations. Then I told him that we were going to try to get pregnant. My dreams were all coming true, I giggled. Dr. Schnider's expression seemed to cloud for a brief moment. He asked me to meet him in his office once I had dressed. With a nod, he left the room.

I dressed and walked into the hallway where Janet, the nurse, was waiting for me. Janet told me that the doctor had to take an emergency call, so he would be a few minutes. She ushered me into a tiny waiting room directly outside his private office. ­Photographs of the babies Dr. Schnider had delivered lined all of the walls. In some, he was still in his scrubs, cheerfully holding infants that had just been born. I was immediately entranced by that wall of babies. My children would have their picture on that wall, too, I decided happily. I fantasized about what my children would be like in temperament and appearance, excited about the future of my personal life and all of its endless possibilities.

Lost in this train of blissful thought, I was startled when Janet touched my arm to get my attention. She led me to the doctor's private office and gestured for me to take a seat. He would be there momentarily, she said, leaving me alone in the room. Why was I there? Tapping my foot with impatience, I began to look around. Some large photos on his credenza were of smiling teenagers, and I guessed that they were his children. I wasn't surprised to see how good looking all of them were.

Dr. Schnider rushed into the office, this time with more apologies about keeping me waiting. He disclosed that one of his other patients was laboring in the Women's Hospital across the street and he was preparing to help her deliver that evening. The doctor explained that he had been rushing back and forth between the hospital and his office all morning. I felt guilty that I had been so impatient.

'I want to share something with you,' he said softly, opening a drawer of his credenza. He pulled out what appeared to be several graphs and placed them on the desk between us. I just stared dumbly, having no idea what he was trying to communicate. His expression was so somber that my heart started to pound.
Suddenly, I didn't want to see them. I just sat motionless. He kindly waited for a few moments and then picked them up himself. He sat forward in his chair so he could hold them up for me to see. They were charts depicting a woman's fertility levels at age twenty. Then I understood. The doctor intended to discuss my biological clock.

The chart pointed out that at the ripe old age of thirty-five a woman's fertility starts to sink like a lead balloon. I was already over forty. I looked at the chances of fertility for someone my age . . . and the line of fertility plummeted to ground zero. My heart sank.

But how could that be, I wondered? I had never tried to get pregnant before, but I just assumed that I still had plenty of eggs left. Dr. Schnider gently pointed out that because I had delayed pregnancy, it might be more difficult for me to conceive, that there was an increased possibility of genetic abnormalities, and that I had a higher risk of miscarriage. He told me that as his patient, he wanted me to be as informed as possible.

Instead of being grateful for his honesty, I felt as if I had been hit in the solar plexus. I had never considered any of these realities! The doctor, observing my distress, reassured me that, if necessary, there were fertility options open to me. But my mind was spinning and I was no longer listening to him.
In the past, my priority had been preventing pregnancy because I hadn't met Mr. Wonderful. Now that he had finally come into my life, it appeared as though my dreams of a family might be cruelly over before they could even take shape.

An immense wave of sadness and loss washed over me. A big lump began to form in my throat as my eyes welled up with tears. I dug in my purse for a handful of tissues. I told Dr. Schnider that I needed to think, and without another word, I fled past the nurse's desk and into the reception area, past all the pregnant patients waiting for their prenatal appointments, and out into the hallway.

I couldn't make it to the public bathroom down the corridor. I burst into a flood of tears, standing right there in the middle of the hallway. I had been completely unprepared for the dreadful sense of loss and the 'but why me?' disbelief that I might not be able to have the opportunity to have a child. I had always taken it for granted as my female prerogative; that someday, whenever I was ready, I would get pregnant and have a baby. It truly never occurred to me that my opportunity could expire prematurely before menopause. Like a lot of other women over thirty-five, I had chosen to relegate my fertility to the back of a figurative closet like a beautiful hat that didn't quite fit me yet, while telling myself that it would always be there when I needed it.

What was I going to do? Should I get a second opinion . . . in spite of the fact that Dr. Schnider was the chief of staff of Texas Woman's Hospital and had a reputation as the pre-eminent OB/GYN in Houston? I knew intuitively that he was the very best doctor for me; after all, my angels had directed me to him. Would I have to endure years of painful, expensive fertility treatments? Where would we get the money? What if they didn't work?

Still standing in the hallway, now propped up against the wall, I started to sob even harder. Maybe I shouldn't have waited until I met Mr. Wonderful. Had I made a huge mistake? I thought of the men I had dated over the dismal years when I was single—and clearly, none of them had ever been my idea of a good candidate for the father of my children. I had been married before, but my ex-husband made no secret of the fact that he had as much interest in having a child with me as he did climbing Mt. Everest without a canister of oxygen. Now that I did have a heart, mind, body, and soul relationship, my age was the saboteur. The tears were still streaming when I was soundly bumped from behind by a little boy who was quickly and quietly chastised by his mother, and I realized that I had to get out of the busy hallway.

I scurried to the ladies room, found an empty stall, squeezed inside, and sat on the toilet with my purse in my lap. I grabbed some tissue and loudly blew my nose. I morosely thought of my new husband. I was going to dash all of Britt's dreams about having a child with me. Maybe he should find a younger woman? Why hadn't he come into my life sooner? Why couldn't I have what so many other women have? Why was my personal life always so impossibly difficult? Why . . .
'Stop! Kim! You need to listen! You will have a child!' My guardian angel, John, was shouting telepathically; I could hear his words clearly inside my head.
'How is that possible?' I wailed aloud, not caring who could hear me. 'Dr. Schnider said—'

'There are other factors involved!' my angel insisted. 'Your destiny was to have your children later in life! We've talked about that!'
'But the doctor is an experienced fertility expert, and maybe—'
'Haven't we told you that first . . . you were destined to meet your Mr. Wonderful . . . and then you were going to start your family?'
'Yes,' I sniffed.

'And before you met Britt, how many times did you tell us that you didn't really believe you would ever meet a romantic soul mate?'
'A lot,' I conceded.

'And the soul mate came, and now you are happily married. Didn't that happen as we told you it would?'
'Yes, that's true,' I whined. 'But now—'

'Although what you thought was impossible has already come to pass, you now doubt that the next part of your destiny will materialize. How can someone who channels as a life's work have such an issue with faith?'

'I don't know,' I cried, shaking my head. 'I'm so depressed.'
'Why don't I introduce the new spirit hovering around you?'
'All right,' I replied, without enthusiasm, feeling very sorry for myself. 'I suppose I need all the angelic help I can get right now.'
'This spirit is planning on getting help from you.'
'Huh? How could I help a spirit?'
'Hi, Mom!' said a childlike, disembodied voice.
'Who is that?' I asked.
'I can't wait to be your son!' answered the voice.
'John . . . who is that speaking to me?'
'Your future offspring,' the angel told me.
'You mean, my baby?'
'Hi, Mom, I'm right here!'
'Oh, my God . . . then I can really have children?'
'Isn't that what we've always told you?' chided John.
'You're going to be a little boy?' I asked the spirit, now sobbing again.
'Yes—your little boy!' said the childlike voice. 'I'm coming first!'
'Does that mean I'm going to have a second child?'
'My sister is coming next . . . but I get to come first!'
'Really?' I asked. 'I'm going to have a son . . . and a daughter?'
'All kinds of rapturous things are continually happening behind the scenes that human beings are unaware of,' John reminded me.
'This is the best news I've ever had! Will I have any problems getting pregnant?'
'None at all,' John confirmed. 'But you have to be patient! Remember, each soul decides when he or she will be born. That is not your decision. However, you must do your part.'

'Can I talk to my baby any time I want?'
'Yes,' said John. 'All souls hover around their chosen birth mother to begin the bonding process before birth.'
'This spirit chose me as a mom?' I asked, incredulous. 'Why did he pick me?'
'Because you'll love me and support me and help me get into my life's work,' said my unborn child. 'And because I need your help with a big issue . . . patience. I'm not as patient as you are!'

My eyes widened. I heard John chuckle.
'May God help you both,' remarked the angel, clearly amused.
'I need to call Britt right away!' I said, my hands shaking as I fumbled inside my purse for the cell phone. My husband answered on the second ring.
'Sweetie!' I cried. 'It's me! Guess what?'
'Are you crying?' asked Britt.

'Don't worry!' I sniffed. 'Everything is going to be okay!'
'What did the doctor say?'

'Dr. Schnider warned me that we have some major hurdles to overcome.'
'Guess who's here with me?'

'Are you still in the doctor's office?' he inquired worriedly.
'No, I'm in the toilet.'
'My angel John is here! And I just talked to our baby! He's going to be a boy! And he told me that I'm going to help him develop patience! Isn't that funny?'

'I'll be there as soon as I can! We've got important work to do! I love you!' Without waiting for his response, I closed my cell phone, wiped the last of my tears, got up and strode out of the bathroom, with John and the spirit of my little boy in close pursuit. I was in a hurry. Britt and I were going to make a baby!
Fast forward to the time I was in my eighth month of pregnancy. It was then that I realized that I wouldn't know what to do once the baby arrived. Waves of fear gripped me. Although I was very nurturing and mature, I wasn't exactly Suzy Homemaker. I had nightmarish images of my child as an adult sitting in a therapist's office, sobbing, 'Do you know what it was like to grow up as the child of a professional psychic . . . who never cooked? All I ate was carry-out! My life is ruined!'

It's amusing to me now, but I was truly concerned that I wouldn't be able to do it. I had never even held a baby before. Thank God I already had years of experience channeling for other pregnant women. So, I simply put my expertise to work and began to speak with my unborn baby. When he told me that he wanted to come to me more than anything else in the world, it really helped quell some of my worst fears. The more the baby reassured me throughout the pregnancy—about his health, my health, and the future—the better I felt.

When conducting private channeling sessions for women who were trying to conceive, or for women who were already expecting, there were always many questions that the mother-to-be was keen to have answered by her angels, or the unborn baby himself: Will my pregnancy be okay? Will the baby be healthy? Will I be healthy? What will I experience during labor and delivery? What about the baby's name? What color should I paint the nursery? Should I breast-feed or give him formula? Is there anything in the house that will scare him . . . like the dog? How can I help him with his issues? What will my child choose as his profession when he grows up?

As an expectant mother, wouldn't you love to know the answers to these questions and countless others . . . before your little one arrives? You can, by developing a better understanding of how and when spiritual beings—such as your unborn child and guardian angels—communicate with you.
Every time I conduct a seminar or workshop, someone always raises their hand and declares, 'You're going to think I'm crazy, but . . .', and then they relay an amazing story about how they knew they had a supernatural encounter with their unborn child, one of their guardian angels, or even a deceased friend or family member. The audience listens with rapt attention until that individual once again takes her seat; then, suddenly, a flurry of hands shoot up as other people eagerly wish to share their own personal metaphysical experiences.

What I've learned as a professional psychic is that we all have spiritual beings hovering around us—whether we realize it or not. Do you know there is a very thin veil between the earthly plane, where human beings reside, and the heavenly plane that is home to spiritual beings? This means that we can freely communicate with beings that live in heaven, and they can convey messages to us, which they do on a regular basis. These messages can have a profound effect on the entire quality of your life. Spiritual beings are primarily made up of three distinct groups: the soul of your unborn baby, guardian angels, and the departed.

The Soul of Your Unborn Baby
The first group consists of your unborn babies who are happily and consistently present once they have chosen you as a mother.

©2009. Kim O'Neill. All rights reserved. Reprinted from Bond with Your Baby Before Birth. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publisher. Publisher: Health Communications, Inc., 3201 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Meet the Author

Kim O'Neill is the author of How to Talk with Your Angels and Discover Your Spiritual Destiny. She conducts private channeling sessions for an international list of clients that include physicians, judges, attorneys, entertainment professionals, politicians, college professors, foreign dignitaries, religious leaders, police departments, FBI agents, corporate executives, and newspaper and television reporters.

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