Book and Audio CD, Impact Grammar / Edition 1

Book and Audio CD, Impact Grammar / Edition 1

by Rod Ellis, Stephen Gaies, Michael Rost

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ISBN-10: 9620014286

ISBN-13: 9789620014284

Pub. Date: 10/01/1998

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL

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Pearson Education ESL
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Table of Contents


1. Pronouns: He, She, It.
2. There is/There are.
3. Be vs. Have.
4. Present Continuous and Simple Present Tenses.
5. Do/Does in Yes/No Questions.
6. Negatives: No vs. Not.
7. Plural Nouns.
8. Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns.
9. Determiners with Nouns.
10. Be in Yes/No Questions.
Level 1 Review Tests.


11. Stative Verbs.
12. Simple Past Tense.
13. Prepositions in Expressions of Time.
14. Prepositions of Location and Direction.
15. Adjectives vs. Adverbs.
16. Yes/No Questions in the Simple Past Tense.
17. Transitive vs. Intransitive Verbs.
18. Subject-Verb Agreement with Simple Present Tense.
19. Present Perfect for Indefinite Past.
20. Wh- Questions.
Level 2 Review Tests.


21. Adverb Position.
22. Few/A Few, Little/A Little.
23. Comparative and Superlative.
24. Like and As.
25. Comparative Expressions with Prepositions.
26. There is vs. It Is.
27. Modals of Possibility.
28. Modals of Obligation and Necessity.
29. Present Perfect with For and Since.
30. Simple Past and Past Continuous.
Level 3 Review Tests.


31. Unique Reference With and Without The.
32. The Indefinite Article A.
33. The Definite Article The.
34. Other, The Other, Another.
35. Verb Complements.
36. Let vs. Make.
37. Participial Adjectives.
38. Simple Present Tense for Future Time.
39. Possible vs. Hypothetical Conditionals.
40. Hypothetical vs. Unreal Conditionals.
Level 4 Review Tests.


41. Adjectives and Nouns Ending in -y.
42. Past Perfect with By and Already.
43. Passive Voice in the Simple Present Tense.
44. Process Verbs.
45. Pro-forms: Too, So, Either, Neither.
46. Too vs. Enough.
47. Embedded Questions.
48. Relative Clauses with Which and That.
49. Relative Clauses with Where and When.
50. Relative Clauses with Whose.
Level 5 Review Tests.

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