The Book of Jokes

The Book of Jokes

by Momus
The uproarious first novel from cult songwriter Momus, hailed by Mojo as the most underrated man in pop!


The uproarious first novel from cult songwriter Momus, hailed by Mojo as the most underrated man in pop!

Editorial Reviews

Michael Schaub - Bookslut
“The book is gleefully postmodern, and only a novel in the most technical sense: it's meta-jest, a long joke about jokes, and it is, by turns, funny and horrifying.”
The Los Angeles Times
“Momus' book is funny—sometimes laugh-out loud, sometimes wincingly—and the humor is delivered in Joycean puns, dry British parody and spoof...”
Publishers Weekly

Known primarily for his avant-garde music, Momus (aka Nick Currie) proves that he is no slouch as fiction writer either, easily translating his iconoclastic vision to prose. The novel is a phantasmagorical ride through dirty jokes that, in Momus's twisted alternate reality, dictate the lives of a very unfortunate family. It's all here: bestiality, incest, rape, murder and combinations thereof, as if related in the locker room of a junior high. There is no clear narrative structure; the action meanders through anecdotes told by the narrator-sometimes a young boy, and sometimes his hugely endowed father-who lives in a glass house and is sometimes imprisoned with a pair known only as the Murderer and the Molester. The humor is dark and absurd and genuinely funny (though not for everyone), and the style is reminiscent of Naked Lunch, with puns and coarse jokes instead of caterpillars and otherworldly creatures. This strong and short novel, despite its uncompromising structure and style, is delightfully crude and never ever dull. (Sept.)

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Rolling Stone
Momus delights in wordplay like few others in contemporary pop, using wit as a formidable weapon against the tyranny of everyday banality.
The New Yorker
He lists Rabelais and Martial among his songwriting influences (with a side of Matthew Barney and Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"), and his music-from Brecht to Beck on Moog and simulated harpsichord-is suitably challenging . . . His songs, by the way, are quite dirty, as might be expected of someone who goes in for the Decameron too.
Melody Maker
One of the UK's greatest and most underrated songwriters . . . ambivalent, challenging, confusing, disturbing.

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Dalkey Archive Press
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British Literature Series
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5.40(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)
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18 Years

Meet the Author

Momus (aka Nick Currie) was born in Scotland in 1960. The son of a linguist, he began a career as a singer-songwriter in London in the mid-’80s, and has since released twenty albums of songs in styles ranging from chamber pop to exuberant folktronica, as well as working as an artist, and a journalist for Wired, The New York Times, and many other publications.

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