Book of Nathan

Book of Nathan

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by Curt Weeden, Richard Marek

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Rick Bullock takes the road less traveled when he quits his job as an advertising executive to become director of a homeless shelter. Trading in a six-figure salary for paltry pay and even less respect? Costly. But helping one man get back on his feet? Priceless. When Zeus, a mentally challenged gentle giant and longtime shelter resident, is arrested for murdering…  See more details below


Rick Bullock takes the road less traveled when he quits his job as an advertising executive to become director of a homeless shelter. Trading in a six-figure salary for paltry pay and even less respect? Costly. But helping one man get back on his feet? Priceless. When Zeus, a mentally challenged gentle giant and longtime shelter resident, is arrested for murdering evangelist Benjamin Kurios, Rick wants answers. Convinced Zeus is incapable of such a horrific act, Rick, along with a colorful cadre of characters,sets off on a journey to keep an innocent man off death row. The trip takes a disturbing detour when the bizarre group stumbles upon a transcript of the Book of Nathan and the discovery attracts the sinister attentions of a Jersey mobster, pro-life and pro-choice groups, and a billionaire used to getting his way. Rick knows how to save a life, but this time, his life may be the one at stake.

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Rick Bullock, who runs a homeless shelter, gets more than he bargained for in this plot-twisting mystery. When down-and-out Zeus is charged with the murder of a famous televangelist in Florida, Bullock refuses to believe that this gentle man could have committed such a heinous crime and goes to Florida to see what he can find out. But when he reaches his destination, he realizes that his journey has only just begun. Discovering that a lost book of the Bible holds not only the answer to one of life's most troubling questions but also the key to exonerating Zeus, Bullock must work quickly to save his friend's life--and his own--before it's too late. This collaborative effort by former corporate exec Weeden and publishing veteran Marek is a wild ride, but the stilted dialogue, stock characters, and outlandish plot make the novel more kitschy than classy. Nevertheless, mystery fans who crave fast-paced narratives and surprises at every turn will most likely get a kick out of this ambitious collaboration. (Aug.)
With wonderfully quirky characters, well-paced action, and a thought-provoking premise, readers who like mysteries with intelligence and heart will enjoy this edge-of-your-seat read until the very satisfying end.
This is a very funny mystery with a clever story. The authors have a nice handle on dialogue and narrative description, and the story is convoluted enough to allow for plenty of funny scenes but without being too convoluted to follow. Lighthearted and snappy, it's sure to be a hit with comedy-mystery fans.
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James R. Clifford
Book of Nathan spices up one of the best whodunits in years with a zesty mix of madcap characters and outrageous events. This is a book that sizzles to the last page. (James R. Clifford, author of Double Daggers)
Roxanne Black
Dan Brown meets Janet Evanovich in this incredibly intriguing and often hilarious mystery that wraps itself around one of the most bitterly debated issues of the day. (Roxanne Black, author of Unexpected Blessings: Stories of Hope and Healing)
Peggy Ehrhart
New Jersey's got it—as the state slogan used to say. And Curt Weeden and Richard Marek have put it all in Book of Nathan. A mobster and a stripper, the super-rich and unscrupulous fund-raisers, eccentric lawyers, petty crooks, and street people with surprising histories collide in a lively caper set against backdrops that range from gritty corners of New Brunswick to the hideaways of the wealthy and bastions of the corporate world. Heartbreaking and hilarious. (Peggy Ehrhart, author of Sweet Man Is Gone and soon to be released Got No Friend Anyhow (Five Star/Gale/Cengage))

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Book of Nathan 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Book of Nathan Curt Weeden and Richard Marek Oceanview, Aug 2 2010, $25.95 ISBN: 9781933515915 Former advertising executive Rick Bullock runs a homeless shelter in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His late wife who succumbed to cancer had a passion to help the homeless and now he does. He is taken aback when the police arrest someone he knows former East Jersey State prisoner and a frequent guest of Rick's facility, Zeus for the murder of a famous televangelist in Florida. Bullock refuses to believe that Zeus who would not hurt a fly killed anyone especially this gruesome homicide. Bullock heads to Florida to determine what he can do. He is taken aback further when his amateur inquiry leads to a lost book of the Bible that contains a definitive answer to a disturbing question and the evidence that his friend is innocent. However, someone does not want the out of state person intruding on a slam dunk case and that unknown adversary is willing to kill to achieve Zeus' conviction. Filled with numerous surprising spins, the Book of Nathan is an enjoyable incredibly fast-paced mystery as Rick's discovery of a manuscript has the mob, pro-lifers, pro-choicers and others demanding he hand over his find or else. Over the top of High Point, readers who appreciate a twisting story line faster than a speeding bullet and will want to join Rick on his odyssey. Harriet Klausner
HBryen More than 1 year ago
When high-profile evangelist Benjamin Kuros is murdered, it is a child-like homeless man named Zeus who is charged and thrown into a Florida jail cell. All too quickly the public turns on Zeus and bays for blood in a familiar snapshot of society today, one that all too quickly condemns the mentally disabled as dangerous and violent. And if Zeus is a thumbnail sketch of the forgotten homeless, then Rick Bullock (ex Madison Avenue advertising man turned homeless shelter Director) represents those who work silently to support these people. The extent of Rick's support is limited by the nature of his work, minimum wages, lip-service support from philanthropists and his own internal battle following the death of his wife. None-the-less, Rick undertakes to go to Florida, confident of Zeus's innocence and ready to prove it with the assistance of two of his centre's residents in tow. The trip is only made possible through the begrudging assistance of old friend and professional fund-raiser Doug Kool, born into money and privilege and doing all he can to make sure it stays that way. Doug fixes Rick up with plane tickets and accommodation to get him and his cohorts to Florida, but of course there is a catch. The means for the trip will only be provided if Rick also escorts local mobster Manny Maglio's niece, Twyla Tharp - dancer and prostitute, to an interview at Universal Studios. It is this tight group of travellers who take us through the book, with Twyla providing most of the comic relief. At the centre of this story, and the reason for the death of Benjamin Kuros, is a newly discovered Bible text, the titular Book of Nathan. Purporting to disclose the moment when a foetus obtains a soul it is set to escalate the debate over abortion; unfortunately the book went missing from Kuros's murder site. Understandably the pro-life and pro-choice factions are equally keen to get their hands on it and there are people who believe that Rick is the key to finding the book. The Book of Nathan is set up as a comedy/mystery and it stumbles slightly but doesn't fail in this aim. The plot is well developed, the main characters likeable and certainly worth cheering for, some of the dialogue could have been tightened and in some cases shortened for sharper effect. But at the end of the day this was an enjoyable read with enough twists to keep any mystery fan interested.
misterreereeder More than 1 year ago
Interesting mystery combines the talents and experiences of the two authors. When an extreme evangelist is found murdered, the person arrested for the murder is "Zeus" a huge mentally challenged person. Rick Bullock who manages the shelter frequently used by Zeus does not believe he is guilty and sets out to investigate the murder - to prove Zeus is innocent. He puts together an interesting team to help him with his investigation and he gets some support from some interesting people. The support on the other hand is not always motivated in the same way Rick is motivated. A mob boss wants Ricks help to get his niece out of shady business and into a more respectable job - at Disney. A wealthy businessman is more interested in finding the lost Book of Nathan - the likely reason the evangelist was murdered. Rick finds there is a lot of interest in this lost book and in order to find the real killer, he must find this book. There is lots of humor in this book - from characters to situations. A must check it out.